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Online Stats

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Team Slayer on Blackout, Thursday February 12, 2009 16:43:04
Team Slayer on Construct, Sunday January 25, 2009 22:34:13
Team Slayer on Epitaph, Saturday January 24, 2009 20:51:06
After a bad start, i came back, found a Scorpion, and got to...
Brawl Slayer on Sandbox, Sunday October 4, 2009 23:38:16
Team BRs on Boundless, Wednesday October 8, 2008 16:06:18
I was on such a rush that I couldn't tell friend from foe. T...
Shotty Snipers on Valhalla, Friday October 10, 2008 19:50:05
Swords on Epitaph, Saturday October 11, 2008 22:29:04
sniper spree killing frenzy
2 Flag Heavy on Avalanche, Tuesday September 30, 2008 16:10:...
I got a legit killionaire and a 19 kill spree in GrifBall
Best way to end my birthbay!
Richard wXXXXs an achievement.
frenzy all nice kills
killing frenzy achievement and slice n dice
Great sounding medal chain