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Team Swords 6 in a row killing all 3 opposing teams.
Team Slayer on Narrows, Wednesday December 12, 2007 22:35:00
killtroity snipe
Funniest Killtrocity Ever
A magical killtrocity by Onyx Noir. McToker approved!
Team Slayer on Narrows, Monday December 24, 2007 22:02:09
killtrocity withswords
Killtrocity with a beam rifle while clearing out a flag retu...
Swords on snowbound where things start to get interesting.
Team SWAT on Guardian, Saturday April 26, 2008 22:51:08
Fiestanaut on Epitaph, Friday May 2, 2008 00:06:10
Team SWAT on Construct, Saturday May 10, 2008 00:18:49