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stick from across the map
This was pure luck
Slayer BRs on Guardian, Saturday April 18, 2009 19:56:27
He scoooores!
Team SWAT on The Pit, Friday December 12, 2008 00:23:07
Team BRs on Last Resort, Thursday April 30, 2009 09:47:32
Slayer on The Pit, Monday May 18, 2009 18:48:22
When your BR sucks... use a sticky instead!
Team SWAT on The Pit, Thursday June 25, 2009 16:17:31
Amazing Stick
Just your average rampage, perfection, with some sick snipin...
Slayer on Construct
I didnt mean to betray him but its a funny obstacle sticky!
Team BRs on Orbital, Wednesday August 5, 2009 11:49:34
Miracle stick
Big Team Slayer on Valhalla, Sunday August 9, 2009 22:42:36
God has blessed me with a one in a million throw.
i throw back a grenade
my lucky grenade bounces off wall and sticks blue guy on the...
Team Slayer on Last Resort, Sunday September 20, 2009 14:24:...