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If you can beat this mongoose course YOU DESERVE A MEDAL
Good win. Team BRs on Assembly, Monday June 15, 2009 22:38:5...
This endless wasteland still holds many secrets. Some of the...
Who said elites can't get an untouchable medal on b day
164medals 6exterm 2killpoc
I clean up my own kills after spawn.
GrifballUpThere on Sandbox, Saturday September 5, 2009 00:01...
A great match with lots of medals.
Win. Slayer on Snowbound, Saturday July 18, 2009 16:38:52
Don't try to Skyjack ME
Invinsible and Perfection!
Big Team Slayer on Avalanche, Wednesday October 15, 2008 20:...
Great sounding medal chain
12 kill Frenzy with Warthog Gauss turret. Big Team Slayer on...
Triple Kill, Killing Spree. Hammerzeit on Foundry, Thursday ...
Slayer BRs on Narrows, Thursday September 25, 2008 18:37:38