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Online Stats

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Neutral Assault on Valhalla, Friday October 12, 2007 22:26:0...
11 Kills!
One Bomb on Valhalla, Saturday February 9, 2008 17:33:07
Part two of long shot where after spawning I leap in a Ghost...
Team SWAT on SWAT Ground, Sunday March 30, 2008 15:42:27
Slayer BRs on The Pit, Monday August 25, 2008 22:04:15
I don`t need my team to explode your base.
Team Slayer on Pit Stop, Saturday September 27, 2008 02:10:5...
My team abandons me, guess who wins?
Grifball on Foundry, Friday October 17, 2008 19:23:31
Team BRs on Guardian, Friday August 1, 2008 13:55:04
7 Kills in 30 seconds... 6 with a sword. This lil rampage in...
Extermination with only 3 enemies
Sometimes you have to do the job yourself.
Save One Bullet on Last Resort, Tuesday June 23, 2009 23:01:...
Team Snipers on Ghost Town, Monday May 4, 2009 16:12:19