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Team BRs on Snowbound, Sunday January 4, 2009 16:55:21
ranked extermination with br no reload
Team Snipers on Guardian, Friday May 8, 2009 00:08:53
Team Snipers on Snowbound, Saturday May 16, 2009 01:30:05
In a Ranked Game, some things just should not happen.
My second extermination, with a rocket in MLG Team King on C...
In this BIG labyrinthe you can't find a way to escape the mi...
Slayer on Blackout, Wednesday September 24, 2008 22:46:09
Overkill with the flag. J4ck D4niels + flag = Overkill.
Team SWAT on Cold Storage, Tuesday February 3, 2009 23:50:35
Overkill with flag.
MLG Team Ball on Guardian, Sunday February 15, 2009 21:50:29
Team BRs on Standoff, Saturday April 25, 2009 14:07:52
Big Team Slayer on Avalanche, Sunday October 26, 2008 21:53:...
An Extermination using ONLY the flag. A must see.
overkill extermination wth style
A few BRz and Nadez on The Pit.
Intense 1-on-1 deathmatch with observation deck. Use with C...
MLG Team King on Construct, Monday May 25, 2009 21:42:48