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Online Stats

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Team Slayer on Standoff, Monday February 4, 2008 17:22:27
Team BRs on Construct, Thursday February 14, 2008 21:48:58
Slayer BRs on The Pit, Tuesday February 26, 2008 21:58:59
Team BRs on High Ground, Monday March 3, 2008 18:08:31
Team BRs on Construct, Saturday February 16, 2008 09:46:04
Team Slayer on Guardian, Tuesday October 30, 2007 19:21:30
Team BRs on Last Resort, Sunday March 16, 2008 22:46:24
thunderstryk92's perfection during Team SWAT on SWAT Constru...
Me (immortal eNeME), FFA Tweety (sD Tweety), and OMGBBQ Barb...
18~0 on Shotty Snipers
Team Slayer on The Pit, Wednesday November 28, 2007 20:44:45
Team Slayer on HC Snowbound, Friday April 11, 2008 19:11:39
Slayer on Construct, Sunday April 13, 2008 18:53:25
My Perfection on Big Team Slayer on Standoff, thanks to Mr T...
My 1st perfection and its ranked
the joy of a ranked perfection.......**priceless**
Team SWAT on The Pit, Saturday April 26, 2008