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Warthog Golf. =] Map by: Tenac1ous T
Team Slayer on Foundry, Saturday January 19, 2008 00:20:38
2 sticks
I stopped the terroist from blowing up our base!
Multi Flag BRs on Valhalla, Saturday October 18, 2008 23:39:...
12 kill Frenzy with Warthog Gauss turret. Big Team Slayer on...
Slayer BRs on Guardian, Wednesday December 3, 2008 18:08:51
I ns a kid on top mid.
Big Team Slayer on Sandtrap, Monday December 22, 2008 15:52:...
Out of BR ammo so I just no scope a kid.
The scope was broken
Put the entire enemy team to shame with an Over-Exterm not e...
He might have been, but we'll never know.
Couldve got a killtastrophe
extermination and killtaular on SWATAssembly
shottie exterm :/
360 No-Scope on invis guy while in mid-air!
Multi Flag BRs on Avalanche, Saturday May 3, 2008 02:58:09
I got a splatter with my own body!!??
Innovative way 2 get a sniper
Kiltac Exterm in Doubles