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I shot him 5 times in a row with a Tank!!!
Camper, camper, camper... =3
stick from across the map
Team Slayer on Avalanche, Saturday March 14, 2009 08:05:10
Killtacular almost at beggining of the game. *Check 2nd kill...
Error on Camera 4...
Double Kill, Triple Kill, Overkill, Extermination, Killing S...
From Space To Behind Valhalla
Double kill with two sticking plasmas best ever!
The bodies err chips all fall into place. *shrugs*
if you liked chase 1 and 2 u will luv this thanx actors 4 yo...
Just a few ones are choosen to be a master of the sword.
Only a few ones are choosen to be a Sword Master.
Just a few ones are choosen to be called a "Sword Master."
We fell. through the ground
ODST's are nothing compared to a Spartan... NOTHING!!!
Its 5 lazer kills. The secound shot kills 2 of them.
Me getting the Tank Dropper achievement on my friend Laviuth...
Chopper backflip off the corner of a wall - splatter - lande...
extermination and killtaular on SWATAssembly
Team SWAT Extermination.
I can haz ReC0n?
Slice n dice, Saturday April 11, 2009 22:52:02
Team Slayer on Assembly, Wednesday March 4, 2009 00:35:22