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Oddball on Blackout, Wednesday September 24, 2008 18:10:04
One Bomb on Valhalla, Friday November 21, 2008 20:36:28
43 medals in one shot with the lazer.
Don't drink and betray kids.
After boosting off laser hill using a Brute Shot- I pull off...
I dessimate blue team again and again earning a few medals e...
lift sticks
Hawkeye 121 hard at work...
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Ray sets me up for a nice lazer kill. Piece of cake!
11 Kills!
(short clip) One of the luckiest kills in halo history... oh...
Forge film on Valhalla, Wednesday December 17, 2008 18:30:17
2 Flag Heavy on Avalanche, Thursday December 17, 2009 17:43:...