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awesome stick
Team BRs on Valhalla, Sunday September 21, 2008 22:26:42
SWATBall auf Schneeschlacht, Montag, 22. September 2008, 16:...
This is how you take down a Warthog! Double Kill!
Use it like a jail fight...
Team Slayer on Foundry, Wednesday October 1, 2008 07:29:03
Race on the Spartan SPEEDWAY and see how many trys it takes ...
lucky 2 4 1 on team slayer
A game variant of Eagle Eye, Thursday July 17, 2008 09:58:49
Team BRs on The Pit, Sunday May 18, 2008 23:30:29
Team Slayer on Valhalla, Thursday March 20, 2008 21:50:02
Oddball on Snowbound, Wednesday June 25, 2008 17:31:17
Requires the "Solve it?" game variant.
Shotty Snipers on The Pit, Tuesday July 15, 2008 19:56:20
Complete all challenges to earn the title of Flaming Ninja!