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You know you can be splater from under
Multi Flag CTF on Valhalla, Sunday August 3, 2008 20:36:40
I threw a plasma before i die to kill him it missed and blew...
watch in slow motion
Team Slayer on Rat's Nest, Sunday September 21, 2008 17:29:3...
Territories on Standoff, Wednesday October 8, 2008 23:35:11
Dont park you goose near my trip mine next time!
do a barrel roll
Without cooling systems such as these, excess heat from The ...
Infection on High Ground, Thursday March 19, 2009 19:59:54
Slayer on High Ground, Saturday March 21, 2009 02:23:27
a bomb splat followed by a successful arming
Team BRs on Valhalla, Friday April 24, 2009 10:59:37
I didn't say it was with a vehicle!
Team Slayer on Valhalla, Monday May 18, 2009 16:37:15