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complety owned by colt45012
overkill extermination wth style
How did I betray him? And where did the ghost come from? I g...
spatter the zomie
Who would have thought the ace end of a hornet was so powerf...
Big Team Slayer on Rat's Nest, Sunday February 22, 2009 08:4...
VIP on Sandtrap, Sunday November 18, 2007 15:12:04
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  • hungry?

  • Created 11.22.2005 by
Never seen a fusion coil do that...
You NEED too watch this
An abandoned car park in the middle of the wastes. For use w...
FAKE™Anti-Clan® Splatter-Wich Technique aka Ghost Patrol 2 a...
They wish i wasn't there!
ouch! [please rate]
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  • Boulet

  • Created 9.12.2009 by
FAKE™ FUNK FUNKY's F-BSWST-1 Brute Shot Warthog Splatter Tec...
sorry .P