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Step on this fuckin razor
simplest way to go after steppin razor
Swords on Epitaph, Sunday January 13, 2008 15:43:49
Getting the Steppin' Razor achievement
Swords on Snowbound, Friday June 6, 2008 15:27:40
Steppin' Razor achievement! [Swords on Snowbound, Monday Aug...
Killtacular and steppin razor
Triple. Overkill. Steppin Razor.
Crazy King on The Pit, Sunday February 17, 2008 14:04:04
Start in safe room and dont let zombies kill you. Weapons an...
Swords en Guardian, Sábado 3 Octubre de 2009.
Swords on SWAT Stop, Sunday October 11, 2009 02:10:26