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A Slayer and Team Slayer map best suited for two to eight pl...
A game variant of Grifball Xtreme, Monday May 26, 2008 00:24...
For use with Grifball game variants. A simple court for test...
No shields. Magnums only. Aim for the head. 50 kills to win.
No shields. Shotguns only. 50 kills to win.
  • 60%
  • 3 Ball

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  • Created 10.10.2008 by
Four teams, three odballs. 200 points to win.
Zombies move extremely fast. Humans have finite ammo.
Free for all Slayer using only Hammers. 15 points to win.
Slayer with rockets and lasers. 100 points to win.
Slayer BRs on Isolation, Friday January 9, 2009 21:58:41
Slayer on Epitaph, Saturday December 19, 2009 19:20:31
undried with a no-scope ftw
A half-skilled, half-lucky no-scope of a camouflaged target
Slayer on The Pit, Wednesday January 27, 2010 00:20:06