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Team BRs on Snowbound, Sunday January 4, 2009 16:55:21
ranked extermination with br no reload
1 Flag CTF on Valhalla, Wednesday October 17, 2007 22:53:57
In a Ranked Game, some things just should not happen.
They lined up for me, just so...
A bubble shield doesnt stop toast. Team Slayer on Snowbound,...
Best Triple Kill Ever! I didnt even hit them, I MISSED AND G...
Team Snipers on The Pit, Tuesday April 21, 2009 17:48:20
Intense 1-on-1 deathmatch with observation deck. Use with C...
Neutral Assault on Sandtrap, Sunday December 16, 2007 10:13:...
Triple kill with needles
Brawl Slayer on Sandbox, Sunday October 4, 2009 23:38:16
Team BRs on Blackout, Thursday October 8, 2009 23:01:51