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Best Warthog Action Ever
Who said elites can't get an untouchable medal on b day
phil using brians acct
Slayer BRs on Guardian, Tuesday July 14, 2009 16:11:49
40-4 / Best Spree = 28
untouchable perfection
Team Snipers on Boundless, Saturday July 25, 2009 00:40:07
Big Team Slayer on High Ground one kill away from an in...
1 Flag CTF on Standoff, Tuesday July 28, 2009 21:27:04
Oh yeah!
The sky is the last place you would expect brutes to build. ...
Killtastrophy, killimanjaro & invincable among other medals
Team BRs on Standoff, Friday November 28, 2008 21:55:14
Untouchable with Warthog on Standoff in Ranked Team Slayer 0...
Slayer on Pit Stop, Monday September 14, 2009 18:13:40
Team Slayer on Valhalla. Warthog chain-gun.
Team Slayer on Standoff, Wednesday September 30, 2009 19:12:...
None shall survive my wrath.