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Symmetrical Slayer Map. 2-8 players. Made by Takeo619
A Perfect Game Performed w/ a Ghost and Splatter Mayhem.
Slayer on Snowbound, Monday January 7, 2008 20:23:54
Team BRs on High Ground, Wednesday January 16, 2008 00:27:20
Perfection with the chopper
18 Kill Spree in a nearly dead Ghost... yyyeeaahhhh
There are those who fight only using vehicular warfare, and ...
11 Splatters, 3 Double Kill, 3 Triple Kill, 3 VIP Kill, Spla...
Team Slayer on Isolation, Sunday May 18, 2008 11:38:18
Turning Point is vehicular map designed for combat in a urba...
Epic Slaughter on Snowbound
invincable+perfection+more all in a ghost