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Innovative way 2 get a sniper
Fixed version of The Gaps by lil kyle 15. Use RACETRACKS gam...
Quite possibly one of the funniest halo clips ever.
Plays best with Uruk-Hai variants. Enjoy! ...
... OMG
Overkill Extermination!
Slayer on Snowbound, Wednesday October 17, 2007 01:36:00
Warthog Golf. =] Map by: Tenac1ous T
My version of the classic board game mouse trap...Made by X ...
Team Slayer on Guardian, Sunday October 28, 2007 14:18:57
S v N No 3 clip
Amazing Cone splatter.. By Yungsid
So pigs do fly..... Huh.
BNG has a super advanced one.
Team BRs on The Pit, Tuesday April 29, 2008 20:57:37
All out speed course by lil kyle 15.
Team Slayer on Narrows, Tuesday March 25, 2008 17:30:37
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