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50 high dubs. this random i just met i partied up with him n...
Shotty Snipers on The Pit, Saturday March 10, 2012 05:57:39
HLG top ten FTW LMAO
I respect RippinHeads to the fullest.
Team Crazy King on Epitaph, Thursday November 17, 2011 17:44...
knows how to jump?
Ninja Snipedown on 1 shot when he has custom and rocks NO BI...
Japanese idiot gets embarrassed.
Team Snipers on The Pit, Saturday March 3, 2012 20:14:49
WOW Funny !!! His host
trocity and SICK triple
Look up my games I do it all. Triple every game. Mainslayer/...
The most ridiculous sharpshooter you will ever see, i promis...
FriendIess my baby :p
Look at my Team lol, how is this possible ?!?
LOL and you say your the greatest player that ever lived, CL...
Team Slayer on Construct, Wednesday February 29, 2012 02:04:...
Crazy King on The Pit, Friday March 9, 2012 17:19:10