• Crimson: Steam Pirates

    • When will Crimson: Steam Pirates be available for download?

      Crimson: Steam Pirates is available right now for iOS and Google Chrome. Search keyword "Crimson."

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    • Which platforms are supported?

      Crimson: Steam Pirates supports:

      Google Chrome
      iPhone 4S
      iPhone 4
      iPhone 3GS
      iPad 1
      iPad 2
      iPod Touch (3G and 4G models only)

      Earlier iPhone/iPod Touch hardware is not supported. If you are experiencing problems with Crimson: Steam Pirates please contact crimson_sup@bungie.com with a detailed description of your issue and information on the device you are using.

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    • How much does Crimson cost?

      It's free to play the first eight missions on Google Chrome and iPad. If you want more, Chapters 2 and 3 feature an additional eight missions a piece for $1.99 each.

      The iPod, iPhone, and iPod Touch versions features both Chapters 1 and 2 (16 missions) for $0.99, and Chapter 3 is available as an in-app purchase for an additional $0.99.

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  • Harebrained Schemes

    • Who is Harebrained Schemes?

      Harebrained Schemes is a small group of wildly talented people, crammed into a closet, making whatever cool thing inspires them next.

      Harebrained Schemes

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    • Where can I learn more about the World of Crimson?

      Harebrained Schemes would love to help you get your sea legs.

      The World of Crimson

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  • Bungie Aerospace

    • What is Bungie Aerospace?

      Bungie Aerospace was created to help small, independent developers successfully launch their mobile and social games. You can find out more by visiting the official website, of following our official Twitter feed.

      Bungie Aerospace Website

      Bungie Aerospace Twitter Feed

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    • Is Bungie Aerospace looking to work with other developers?

      Absolutely. We are already in talks with several potential partners and Bungie Aerospace's ultimate success will lie in the strong partnerships we continue to foster with passionate development teams that might range from seasoned veterans to brilliant college students. To introduce yourself, send an email to liftoff at bungie.com. liftoff@bungie.com

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  • Technical Support for Chrome

    • Help! How do I make these Video Card Driver/WebGL errors stop?

      Crimson: Steam Pirates for Google Chrome requires WebGL to deliver hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.  If you cannot run WebGL, you will see an error message instead of launching Crimson: Steam Pirates. If you want to see if you support webGL before downloading, try this link: http://get.webgl.org/

      Chrome video card driver support can be found here: http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1220892 

      To see if your video card is compatible, enter about:gpu into the address bar of your Chrome browser.  Crimson: Steam Pirates Requires that WebGL is enabled.  Error messages are featured below. 

      Graphics Feature Status

      • Canvas: Hardware accelerated
      • HTML Rendering: Hardware accelerated
      • 3D CSS: Hardware accelerated
      • WebGL: Unavailable. Hardware acceleration unavailable.
      • WebGL multisampling: Hardware accelerated

      To workaround this issue, you'll need to update your graphics driver. Older drivers are unsupported by Chrome. 

      If you cannot update your graphics driver, you can try disabling the webGL blacklist. This has worked for some older hardware, but is not a guaranteed fix. Your mileage may vary. 

      Create a link to Chrome, or directly to Crimson (select new tab. Click on apps on the bottom bar. 

      Right click on the Crimson icon and select Create Shortcut). 

      Right click on that link and select properties. 

      In the "Shortcut" tab, you should see a Target: text box. 

      You'll see a file path ending with \chrome.exe. Put --ignore-webgl-blacklist at the end. So it looks like chrome.exe --ignore-webgl-blacklist.

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    • Help! I can't install Chrome Apps. What gives?

      After I click "Add To Chrome" from the Crimson Web Store, it says installing, then goes back to "Add To Chrome". We have seen this occur when using a beta version of Chrome. Try installing the latest non-beta release of Chrome. Below is a link to the Google Help forum on this issue: 


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    • Can I run Crimson: Steam Pirates on my Linux box?

      While Chrome and Native Client both run on Linux, it's not a supported operating system for Crimson: Steam Pirates. Use at your own risk!

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    • How can I resolve issues with billing or payment?

      Financial transactions are handled through the Google Wallet. If you have a problem with a transaction, head to: http://www.google.com/support/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en-US&answer=1053411. If that doesn’t help, try emailing crimson_sup@bungie.com with a description of the problem.

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    Technical Support for iOS

    • The game advertises Chapter 3 in the menu. When does it come out?

      It's out now!

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    • When I signed in with Facebook for the first time, a large number of games appeared in my stats section. I think it’s broken. What’s going on?

      The first time you sign into Facebook the game associates your profile with all the previous uploaded games you’ve completed. This is normal. Don’t freak out.

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    • My game froze. I tried to fix it by exiting the game, but when I relaunched the app it’s still not working. How do I fix this?

      You’ll need to force the app to close. Double click on the iPad home button, then tap and hold the Crimson: Steam Pirates icon until it visibly shakes. A red minus icon (-) should appear. Click it.

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    • How do I resolve issues with billing or payment?

      Financial transactions are handled through the App Store. Visit Mac App Store Support via the link below for assistance.

      Mac App Store Support

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    • When I attempt a Boarding Action, the game exits to the iPad desktop. What gives?

      Try backing up your data and updating your iPad to the latest firmware. You can also try rebooting your iPad and re-launching the game.

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    • I installed the game and it crashes on startup. Can you help me?

      If you experience a crash on startup, you should restart your iPad. If that doesn’t work, reinstall the game via the iTunes App Store.

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    • After an upgrade/restore of my iOS, my in-app purchases have been deleted! How do I get them back?

      Launch Crimson: Steam Pirates and press the Restore Content button from the Options menu to redownload any purchased content.

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