The data on this page is no longer being updated. The last update was 03/31/2012. For live Halo data, visit

Bungie Pro

Bungie Pro No Longer Available

As part of Halo’s transition to Microsoft management, we stopped offering Bungie Pro on 9/15/2011. Support for film rendering will be phased out on 3/31/2012.

What About My File Share?

We will NOT be removing Bungie Pro features for accounts expiring after 9/15, including additional File Share slots and the Bungie Pro Nameplate, however as of 3/31/2012 all Halo data, including File Share, will no longer be supported on For more information, please read our Final Transition Notice.

Can I Still Render Films?

New render minutes are no longer available for purchase, but players with previously purchased render minutes will be able to render videos until 3/31/2012.

On rare occasions, a given film cannot be rendered. This is almost always because someone has constructed a custom map with so many explosions that it kills the frame rate and we call it an error. Other times, the content or author has received a ban for some reason. If your content can't be rendered, your minutes will be refunded. Bungie Pro Video is a rendering service, not a hosting service. We provide the clips for you and others to download for a time (at least a month, probably many months at least) but you are responsible for downloading and storing your clip once it is available. If we have to delete old clips for space or bandwidth reasons, we will not contact you to remind you that your video is going away. Depending on bandwidth usage, we might also have to limit public viewing of clips. Nothing lasts forever. Don't buy a million minutes today and ask us in twenty years why you can't spend them.