Master Chief reenters Earth’s atmosphere as the desperate struggle between the Covenant, the Flood, and what’s left of the human race comes to a dramatic, pulse-pounding close.

Enlist now to experience the award-winning campaign, chart-topping multiplayer, and near limitless community content for yourself.

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Updated Teaser Trailer WMVs 

Posted by Achronos at 5/9/2006 11:00 PM PDT

We've updated the Windows Media versions of the Halo 3 Announcement teaser trailer.  There isn't much difference between the old and new, the new are simply uncropped versions of the same video.  They simply look better in Windows Media Player.  They are a little larger, but we want to make sure everyone has the best possible view of the teaser, regardless of their choice of media player.

The new links are below.  We've updated the top story to reflect these links, although the old links will still work and show the original one if you want to compare.

E32006 Announce Trailer (WMV, small)

E32006 Announce Trailer (WMV, large)

Halo 3 Section Online! 

Posted by Achronos at 5/9/2006 3:38 PM PDT

Despite some initial problems, the Halo 3 page is now available.  This means you can see the screenshot gallery, storyboards, grab a wallpaper, and read the FAQ.

We're sorry for the delay, but now you have access to the full glory of our announcement day content.

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Halo 3 Announced 

Posted by Achronos at 5/9/2006 10:28 AM PDT

So it's finally time to announce (admit) Halo 3 for Xbox 360, Bungie's next project.  Surprised?  We didn't think so, but check in here to see the announce trailer and get the dish.

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