Master Chief reenters Earth’s atmosphere as the desperate struggle between the Covenant, the Flood, and what’s left of the human race comes to a dramatic, pulse-pounding close.

Enlist now to experience the award-winning campaign, chart-topping multiplayer, and near limitless community content for yourself.

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IGN goes Beyond the Trailer 

Posted by KPaul at 6/5/2006 10:08 AM PDT

IGN has released a video analysis of the Halo 3 trailer. The feature covers a lot of the controversial bits of the trailer in one easy to consume 15 minute movie. It's a pretty good source for someone looking to get up to speed on the speculation.

A few of their points were addressed in a prior update which, along with the announcement page, is the only information you have straight from the horse's mouth.

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The Bungie Weekly Update 

Posted by Frankie at 5/19/2006 3:05 PM PDT

A brand new, exclusive screenshot inside, a new staff member, a 3D Mister Chief make-it-yourself action figure, a photo love story and even a little bit of news about the ongoing development of Halo 3. It's a fat, fat Friday.

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Bungie Weekly Update 

Posted by Frankie at 5/12/2006 3:05 PM PDT

This week we turn the update over to you, the reader and answer all the questions we felt comfortable answering, about the Halo 3 announce trailer. Caution: No Spoilers Ahead.

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More Halo 3 Goodies 

Posted by Sketch at 5/12/2006 1:56 PM PDT

If you can't get your fill of Halo 3 imagery, you're in luck. Head over to the Halo 3 section for a brand new wallpaper, courtesy of AGDTinMan. Forum users will also be happy to know that we've added a few new Halo 3 avatars, created by Shishka. Enjoy!

Hot on the heels of our big Halo 3 announcement comes a few new goodies for members.

For starters, head over to the Halo 3 game section and check out the latest wallpaper that was created by our own AGDTinMan. Adorn your desktop with this sweet image of Master Chief making his triumphant return.

Halo 3 fans can also show their support in our forums by grabbing one of the new avatars that were created by Shishka. Once you're signed in, click in "My Settings" and then the "Avatar" tab at the top of the page and you'll see five new Halo 3 options on the page.

Now that our next project is officially out in the open, you can expect to see plenty more Halo 3 related goodies in the weeks and months ahead. We've got a few new screenshots up our sleeves as well as another surprise that will be worth waiting for and maybe a few things coming to the Bungie Store in the not too distant future. It wouldn't be nearly as fun to just release everything at once so you'll just have to keep checking back to see what's next.

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We're Back! 

Posted by Frankie at 5/11/2006 2:58 PM PDT

We just got off the plane from an exhausting, exhilarating E3. It was a whirlwind tour to be sure, but now we're back and things around here are going to be busy, busy, busy.

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