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Dephlogistication: Complete 

Posted by runningturtle at 7/8/2010 10:14 AM PDT

sawnose writes:

This work is *mostly* complete.

Update: This work is complete, however not all of the Halo 3 career stats have finished copying yet. Your stats are not lost and we are not doing any type of stats reset. Your complete Halo 3 career history will return in the next day or so. You may also experience brief periods of stats on returning a message about maintenance mode. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi all,

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s in-game heat wave, but it’s come to a close now that you guys have totally dephlogisticated the server farm. So thoroughly, in fact, that we’re going to retire our dear old Halo 3 servers today and move the game onto the brand spankin’ new Reach-generation servers (well, the ones you got to pound on during the Beta.) During this migration, we’re going to take the file share offline, and new stats won’t show up until we’re done (but will show up eventually.) There aren’t any new features tied to this work (nor will any old ones go away), but just like the way that Halo 2 lived out its retirement years in a quiet corner of the Halo 3 servers, we’re going to give Halo 3 and ODST’s backend features a chance to settle into their new digs on our fresh hardware that’s so powerful it won’t bat an eye at the extra load. The alternative would have us be like a slug leaving a slime trail of old servers in our wake as we push forward into the territory of new games, and while it’s true that most things do go better with slime, we’ve found from experience that servers are that rare exception.

This work will start in the next hour or so, and will continue throughout the afternoon.

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Come on Baby Light my Fire! 

Posted by Sketch at 7/7/2010 11:50 AM PDT

It's FLAME ON in Halo 3 for Bungie Day!

For years now you've all sat by watching Bungie employees run amok through Halo 3 with our fancy flaming helmets. This special secret armor is reserved only for our team but today, in honor of Bungie Day, we're loaning our fancy chest piece to you, our awesome fans.

This is a one-day only affair so get in there and get your flame on before it's too late. You should find a very sexy new chest piece, the one that resembles a sports bra, that will automatically ignite flames on your head when you go into the game. You'll also get a Bungie emblem by your name in the lobby. For today only, you can experience a taste of what it's like to be on the inside.

Let the corpse humping flaming madness begin!

Beware that EVERYONE playing Halo 3 for roughly the next 24 hours will appear as if they are a Bungie employee. They are not. While you may find one or two legit employees out in the wild, the truth is that our team is neck deep playtesting Reach so anyone who tries to claim they are legit is probably just frontin'. Tomorrow everything will go back to normal and just a few hundred people will be pretending to be Bungie employees.

Until then, enjoy the flames. You've earned 'em.

Bungie Day "Deja View" 

Posted by Sketch at 7/6/2010 7:23 PM PDT

Celebrate Bungie Day with Red vs. Blue!

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Grifball Double EXP Weekend Live! 

Posted by urk at 7/1/2010 11:39 AM PDT

Catch the disease!

Red vs Blue's contagious Assault-like sport

Category: Double EXP Weekend
4 Players Per Team
Max Party Size: 8
Heroic and Mythic 1 Map Packs Required
Updated 06/02/10


  • Grifball (50%) - Teams vie over a bomb, attempting to plant and detonate the bomb on the other team's arm point. Players spawn with Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. Player traits: No grenades,  infinite ammo, 200% damage and no shields. Ball carrier traits: Orange forced color, 2x shields and 150% movement speed. Assault bomb arms instantly, and one successful detonation ends the round. Team with the highest score after five rounds wins. Three minutes per round.
  • Mayan Grifball (10%) - Players have 110% move speed. Ball carrier has 150% move speed. No Vehicles
  • Grifball Up There (30%) - Bomb reset time is 10 seconds.
  • Aerial Grifball (10%) - Players have 75% gravity and 100% move speed. Ball carrier has 50% gravity and 100% move speed. Bomb reset time is 10 seconds. Custom Powerup Traits: 3 seconds of Weapon Pickup.


  • Grifball Court (Foundry) - Variant of Foundry made specifically for Grifball tournament play.
  • The Grif Cave (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's crypt.
  • Chichen Itza (Sandbox) - Grifball court styled in the fashion of an ancient arena.
  • Nøxy's Court (Sandbox) - Will the real Mayan ballcourt please stand up.
  • Ultim8 Grifball (Sandbox) - Oh! Now I get it. They named it Ultim8 because the court has eight sides.
  • Grifball High (Sandbox) - Grifball in Sandbox's skybubble.
  • Grifball Naught (Sandbox) - "How did I get into the game before the map?"
  • Grifball Club (Sandbox) - 7-Wood starts. Aerial settings. 8 sides. All the weirdness packed into one game.
  • Blockdrop Court (Sandbox) - Red vs. Blue vs. Gravity.

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'Capture and Fly' - Halo 3 Machinima 

Posted by urk at 7/1/2010 9:30 AM PDT

Spartans vs. Elites, machinima style.

HBO tipped us off to an action packed machinima depicting war on a planetary scale. Okay, so it's really just on Valhalla, but hey, it's a really big map! Check it out.

YouTube - Capture and Fly

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