Q: What is Oni?
A: Set in the year 2032, Oni is a third person 3D action adventure with weapons and hand-to-hand combat featuring Konoko, a highly skilled agent. It is available for Mac, PC and PlayStation2.

Q: What system do I need to play Oni?
A: You can play Oni on a PC, a PlayStation2 or a Mac.
PC System Requirements:
• Windows 98/ME (with Service Pack 3 or higher)/2000.
• 266 MHz Pentium III processor or higher.
• 64MB of RAM.
• 800MB free hard disk space.
• Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card (OpenGL compatible).
• Video Modes Supported: Voodoo 2+, TNT2+, Rage Pro+, Intel i890.
• Supported graphics: 3DFX Voodoo 2, ATI Rage Pro, ATI Rage 128.
• Only OpenGL, Glide and Software Rendering supported on WindowsNT.

Mac OS System Requirements:
• System 8 or higher.
 • 300MHz PowerPC or higher.
• 64MB of RAM.
• 800MB free hard disk space.
• Supported graphics, 3DFX Voodoo 2, ATI Rage Pro, ATI Rage 128 (All G4 based Macs, some non-beige G3 Macs) and CD-ROM.

Q: So why is there so little info about Oni on this website?
A: Although Oni was designed and created by Bungie, it was actually sold as a trademarked proerty to Take 2 Games - who once owned a share in Bungie, before we were acquired by Microsoft.

Q: Who makes Oni?
A: Although Oni was developed by Bungie, it was published and is now owned by Take 2 Games.

Q: What happened to multiplayer?
A: Multiplayer was scheduled to be a part of Oni, but was removed close to the game's completion in order that it would meet a timely release.

Q: Will I be able to drive any vehicles?
A: Konoko driving vehicles, such as the motorbike, will only be seen in cutscenes. In-game vehicle controlling is not featured in Oni as it is in Halo.

Q: What are the flashes that appear during fights?
A: The flashes let you know if you are actually striking an opponent in close-quarters combat. The color of the flash indicates damage levels. Green is light, yellow is medium and red is heavy. Those colors apply to the amount of damage you're taking as well as that which you are dishing out.

Q: Can I save movies of my antics?
A: Although you can record and watch movies, they cannot be saved or exported - except to video tape or an outside video recorder, should you have that facility.

Q: Who developed Oni?
Michael Evans - Project Lead/Lead Programmer
Kevin Armstrong - Programmer (tools, UI, sound, input, various)
Chris Butcher - Programmer (AI, particle system, various)
Jason Duncan - Programmer (sky, game mechanics, various)

Steve Abeyta - Art Lead/Character Animator
Chris Hughes - Character/Environmental Modeller/Environmental Animator
Alex Okita - Concept Artist/2D Art/Particles
Design Hardy LeBel - Lead Designer
David Dunn - Architect
Michael Wu - Level Designer

Project Management
Hamilton Chu - Producer

Q: Why is there no blood in Oni?
A: Two things "killed" blood: First is the fact that the blood sprays tended to conflict/overlap the hit flashes (which as everyone knows by now are an integrated part of the fighting system, and second it was decided that Oni should be accessible to a broader audience. Graphic sprays of blood probably would have pushed the game to a higher consumer rating.

Q: Can I use a gamepad in Oni?
A: Oni for PC and Mac should support some Gamepads - check your drivers and of course the PS2 version uses the PlayStation2 dual shock pad.

Q: How do I change the controls in Oni?
A: Look for the key_config.txt file inside the Oni folder, or if you're using a Mac, hold shift as you launch Oni.

Q: What happened to the giant robot?
A: The huge white mech known as "Iron Demon" was removed from the game before it was released thanks in part to AI and animation issues.

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