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Armor Abilities

Armor Abilities are multi-use armor augmentations that can alter any engagement on the fly. In most game modes available in the multiplayer Beta, you’ll be loading out with one Armor Ability of your choosing. They are not one time use augmentations in the vein of equipment in Halo 3. Each ability has its own unique effect upon your combat effectiveness, each has penalties for use, and each requires a short cooling off period between subsequent uses.

Sprint – Feel the need, Spartan? Engage this Ability for a burst of speed that's great for quickly covering ground or escaping sticky situations.

Active Camouflage – Go off the grid by engaging Active Camo. Your enemies can’t kill what they cannot see. Stalk, seek, and destroy.

Jet Pack
– Fly like a bird. Target your opponents. Laugh maniacally.

Armor Lock
- Become invincible, but immobile. While you're locked down, Elites can't touch you.

- Play with your food! As an Elite, you'll be able to bob, weave, and juke to get into the most effective combat position.