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Military Power: Reach (excerpt from CAA FACTBOOK [l.update 1.5.2550])

    • Total Available Military Manpower: 385,421,100
    • Total Land Assets: 58,430
    • Total Naval Assets: 1,209 (T); 75 (X)
    • Total Air Assets: 11,050
    • Serviceable Airports: 1,246
    • Defense Budget: cR. 38,287,000,000 [2548]

While Earth is rightly seen as the UNSC's commercial, political, and cultural center; Reach is undeniably the hub of its military power.

The ε Eridani fleet is a full strength Carrier Group with the supercarrier UNSC Trafalgar at its core. The planet itself has a semi-mobile array of 20 Orbital Defense Platforms, and they are in turn defended by multiple wings of single ships and tactical multi-role craft.