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Armor Abilities are multi-use armor augmentations that can alter any engagement on the fly. Armor Abilities aren't discarded or deployed onto the battlefield, but rather activated for short durations and subsequently recharged during a short cool down phase. Below, you'll find the short list of armor abilities that have already been declassified.

I believe I can fly...

  • Sprint – Feel the need? Engage this Ability for a burst of speed that's great for quickly covering ground or escaping sticky situations.
  • Active Camouflage – Go off the grid by engaging Active Camo. Your enemies can’t kill what they cannot see. Stalk, seek, and destroy.
  • Jet Pack – Fly like a bird. Target your opponents. Laugh maniacally.
  • Armor Lock - Become invincible, but immobile. While you're locked down, nothing can hurt you.
  • Evade - Play with your food! As an Elite, you'll be able to bob, weave, and juke to get into the most effective combat position.
  • Hologram - Create a virtual doppelganger of yourself to draw enemy fire or lure unsuspecting opponents out into the open.
  • Drop Shield - A temporary bubble of protection that heals those fortunate enough to be within its sphere of influence.