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Invasion is a multi-phase, 6v6 Objective game mode pitting Spartans versus Elites on a variety of massively multiplayer arenas. As the attacking team successfully completes each phase, new weapons and load outs are made available, and the action intensifies as the combat moves into new sections of the battlefield.

Invasion Slayer

Invasion Slayer is also Spartans vs. Elites, but instead of focusing on specific sections of the map and the objectives each contains, you’ll be focusing on making the other team eat lead. Loadouts will become more and more powerful as the game moves through its three phases, each of which are triggered by either time or kill count, whichever comes first.

You’ll also find randomly positioned territories throughout each map. Capture them and you’ll initiate an airdrop that will be deployed 10 seconds later. Keep it secure long enough and you’ll be able to snag the spoils listed above, either weapons or vehicles. Of course, while you wait out the drop, you’re bound to attract some unwanted attention. Keep your eyes peeled. Once the bounty drops, anyone can grab it.

First to 100 kills wins.