Halo: Reach

  • General Grade 4
  • Last Played: 3/23/2012


  • Last Played: 7/13/2011
  • Total Games: 148

Halo 3

  • Last Played: 1/15/2012
  • Total Games: 3,252

About Me

I am Katsu Kage, an assassin trained in the art of stealth. I was on a recon mission when I discovered a blue box hidden among some rubble. Once I entered the blue box it had taken me to a land far away. It was strange and fantastic! There I met PatikaVoom, the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. She showed me this land, then returned with me to the blue box. She called it a TARDIS and seemed to know how to work it. We left together and have been on many adventures, with many more to come!

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