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Real Custom Games

Real Custom Games was started during Halo 2 to provide a place for people to put together robust, awesome customs (without honour rules...) and play them with eminently sexy people.

During Halo 3 we moved offsite to a dedicated forum, but we're now back on for Reach!

Join up and get playing!

Founder: unlucky17
Members: 184
Motto: Rockets: Shoot First, Apologize to Team Mates Later

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Promotions | 11/12/2010

Some changes to the ranks have been happening including new administration, new core members, and a new veteran rank for our longest standing members.

Reach Around the Corner, We're Back on! | 5/11/2010

...OK I promise I'll stop using that joke.

Anyway, we're back on the forums, having returned from our larger offsite ones. See you on Reach!

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Tournament! | 10/25/2007

That's right! RCG is having a tournament! Read the details inside.

Fight Like A Girl Halo 3 Tournament | 10/3/2007

The Cavegirls are hosting their second charity tournament.  This tournament is a Halo 3 FFA and 2v2 tournament to raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  All proceeds will go towards the fight against breast cancer.

RCG Fantasy Football | 8/15/2007

Linkb8s writes:
Ok boys and girls, it's another year, and with Training Camp starting soon, football fever is about to begin. NOW...I know it's still a tad bit early, but i am curious as to who might be interested in participating in an RCG Fantasy Football League using's or ESPN's Free Fantasy Football program.