Meet The Team

Michael Williams
Michael Williams

Nickname: RocketMoose

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: Software Design Engineer in Test, Bungie

Origin: Kirkland, WA

Blood Type: Nanite colony suspended in a caffeine-glucose solution.

Age: 26

Weight: 140 pounds

Height: 6' 1"

Girth: Beanpole

First Job: Fixing networks for Lake Washington School District at 15

Hobby: Hiking, reading, RPG's, and meditating on circular billiard ball tables

Ultimate Halo Match: BFG or Snipernaut (Large map with beam rifles only, juggernaut just has active cammo)

Ultimate Snack: Negative chickenburger

Ultimate Website:

Mode of Transport: Toyota Camry... with a tailfin!!!

Fake Weapon: Ionic Defibrillator


As a baby, his glazed eyes, his drool covered face, and his incoherent burbling all pointed to one thing: Michael was destined to work on games for a living. To that end, he got a degree in computer science from Western Washington University, and got a job testing games. Brought on as a contract tester for Halo 2, he was given a chance to work full-time for Bungie. After answering 3 riddles, barely besting the Black Knight, and narrowly winning a pie eating contest, he was promoted to the honored rank of Newbie.