Mythic Difficulty Guide: Tip of the Spear

Making it look easy.

The Tyrant updated his Mythic walkthrough with a monsterous twelve videos. More, he's also updated his Legendary guide for those (like me) who don't have the patience to crank the dial up to 11. If you're into a side of pain and suffering with your elite campaign play, you definitely want to click on the link below to get briefed by the best.

Mythic Difficulty Guide: Tip of the Spear (and more!)

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Funny Halo 3 Productions Christmas Splat-tacular

goheels619 writes:

Spartan got run over by a Falcon...

Oh, man. Isn't it too early for this? Oh well, guess it's never too early for a well-edited splatter montage.

"Funny Halo 3 Productions is back at it again with a Christmas Special for 2010! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of!"

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Fighting With Fairfax Charity Tournament THIS WEEKEND!

Biff Lugnut writes:

Help Finish the Fight against infantile spasms.

There's still time to sign up and play for a great cause.

"Gamer's Outreach, in conjunction with the Spirits of Fire and are hosting a charity tournament this weekend to help Finish the Fight against infantile spasms.  The Fighting With Fairfax tournament  is THIS WEEKEND! 

It's not too late to field a team - there's 4v4 and 2v2 slots available, both double elimination format.  Entry costs $10 per person.  Are you a single and in need of a team?  We've got you covered. There's a section of the tournament page where you can sign up too and get matched with like-minded individuals.

The tournament is this weekend, starting Saturday at 3:00 PM EST, and continuing Sunday if needed.  Prizes you can win are download tokens for Alan Wake, the Noble map pack, Megablox Halo Kits, Gamer Grub, and more!

Click here for more details."

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Halo: Reach - Top 10 kills (12.01.10)

CheckedBRUTES writes:

Counting spree!

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TPP: Noble Map Pack Week 1 - Anchor 9

jake_108 writes:

Control the map: both inside and out.

Oh, it's got more than a couple of things going for it!

"Anchor 9 has a couple of things going for it: It's an asymmetrical map and a portion of it provides Zero-G combat. Inside, there are two levels. You'll find your way to the Zero-G portion of the map by crossing the blue barriers, but I hope you already knew that. But before trekking out into space, you're going to want to make sure you've got these rules set in your mind."

Halo Reach Noble Map Pack Week 1 - Anchor 9

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Bungie Podcast - Noble Map Pack Edition

This is all for show.

Bungie Podcast: 12/02/10

Derek Carroll, Sam Jones, and Jason Sussman weigh in on life, love, and the pursuit of crafting perfect Noble Map Pack play spaces in this truncated, adults only version of the Bungie Podcast.

Bungie Podcast 120210 (0:33:35) [32 MB]

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Humpday: HaloCharts

Stat attack, mothasuckas!

We’ve made a whole lot of noise about how much play-testing our DLC team put into the Noble Map Pack. Last night we made them put their Microsoft Points where their mouths are. Recruiting players from their ranks proved easy – the DLC team’s roster is deep with talented players who were more than eager to help show off their Noble handiwork.

On the other side of the orbital space coin was HaloCharts – a fancy, community focused website dedicated to tracking stats and leaderboard information you might not find on Earlier in the week we brought their site to its knees, sending our stat hungry community over to indulge in a newly crafted Halo: Reach Player Analyzer app. But while I have the utmost confidence in the power of the Bungie Community to beat up on some poor, unsuspecting website, I had no idea what to expect out of HaloCharts’ own Halo: Reach skills.

Team Noble

Did we mention that the DLC team played the -blam!- out of the Noble Map Pack? Stepping up to get deep into the action this week, Jason Sussman, Matt Bennier, Derek “Don’t call me Mantis” Carroll, Ken Taya, David Aldridge, and The Artist Formerly Known as Tomo, were all ready to lay down the law on their newly birthed multiplayer triplets.

Rounding out the team was hired gunslinger TTL L askan and yours truly.

Team Silver
Team HaloCharts

It should be noted that HaloCharts could have pulled an HBO and rolled out “admins” and “moderators” who boasted some stupefyingly spectacular kills-to-death ratios. Instead, they went with the more Zion-esque contingent of coders and programmers who seeded their website and continue to bend the rules of the web to bring you more stats than you can possible imagine.

Team Gold

Game 1 – Team Slayer on Anchor 9

Fast and Furious.

I took four of our players out of the mix to prevent both teams from having to endure some Big Team Battle shenanigans in Anchor 9’s cramped interiors. Derek simply would not allow us to suffer sixteen players. So, while one half of Team Noble threw down against HaloCharts’ administrators, the rest of us dropped into matchmaking proper and got warmed up.

Orderly Chaos! Ken not having a working mic didn’t help the first game since we never really had a strategy. Thankfully it seemed like the HaloCharts guys were playing the similar “find the enemy and shoot” game plan so it worked out for us. At one point I was one shot so I retreated behind a shield door, not knowing Ken was running up behind me, a second later I was push back into the firefight and died.


I had a great time sniping and Hoggin’ on Tempest in our warmup game. You shoulda been there.

A couple of games later, Tomo fired off a message letting us know the Humpday game had wrapped and invited us back into the party. To my delight, we learned that we not only won the kickoff match, we sent HaloCharts’ hopes for a good beginning spiraling out into the cold, blackness of space with a certified Space Steaktacular.

Step 1. Rockets

Step 2. Explosion

Step 3. ???

Step 4. Plasma

Bungie wins 50 – 27.

Just Right.

Challenger’s choice, HaloCharts went with Stockpile. They chose poorly. Stockpile is one of Team Noble’s most favoritest games, and one they know extremely well on Tempest. There was a little bit of debate about game length and score to win in the pre-game lobby, with Derek unwisely reminding us of our previous, premature defeat at the aged and callous hands of Father Time, but we settled quickly on 25 flags and 15 minutes. Just like Tempest itself the settings turned out to be a perfect fit.

Stockpile is my favorite gametype in Reach, and Stockpile on Tempest is so, so good.
You know it’s getting rough out there when there’s a point (~3 minutes in) when someone asks “Do they have all 8 players?” It was then that we switched from ‘just playing the game’ to playing to get the “You Ate All the Chips” achievement. We got close a few times, but we never managed all four at once.

I was mad that BrownV edged me out in total captures at the very end, but my Carry Time stat was off the charts!

I love Tempest! Especially with the Sniper Rifle. Another enjoyable game and this time Stockpile was our friend. Good job setting up the game timer this time Derek. ;)

Snatch 'n' Grab

Tomo working on his K/D.

Stockpile Standoff

Self Destruct

Bungie wins 26– 6.

Game 3 – Invasion on Breakpoint

Guilty Pleasures.

The HaloCharts crew admitted at the outset that they’d yet to play any Invasion on Breakpoint. Too busy coding, they claimed. Unfortunately for them, Team Noble already had a few hundred games under their belt before the map pack even shipped. While HaloCharts did eventually make it out of the first phase, avoiding being skunked (after Matt urged us to lay off a little), we found them squatting around the research facility in the designated zones, without the Covenant bomb. Oops.

That’s a shame. It did not, however, prevent me and Derek from circling their position in the Warthog for the rest of the round, or Matt, who appeared to have shed his benevolence in favor of a Banshee, from raining death down upon their entrenched position for the remainder of the phase.

Hmmm should this be called Game 3 or Game 4? Either way we seemed to do very well on Breakpoint.

Oh, the humanity! We showed how fast a round of Invasion can go against an uncoordinated defense. WORT WORT WORT! I’d never taken down a Falcon with a Wraith until that game (or am I imagining that…?).

They avoided the dreaded Skunk in their Offense round, but we put them out of their misery in the second phase. Apparently they didn’t get the memo about the purple bomb. (You bring it to the bomb points!)

Spinal Attack

Served Cold

Fair Flight

Bungie wins 3– 1.

After the match, we admitted it was a little unfair of us to roll out a map and game mode HaloCharts was thoroughly unfamiliar with, so we offered up a rematch. Though HaloCharts was down with more map pack play, they remained a little gun shy over Invasion and decided to roll with Invasion: Slayer instead.

Game 4 – Invasion: Slayer on Breakpoint
Ice Cold.


So, Breakpoint is a big icy map full of triple kills and splatter sprees. Invasion Slayer went our way pretty soundly.

Bungie wins 100 – 43.

So, HaloCharts were great dudes and good times were had by all – except Ken, who played from the office and couldn’t get his mic to work.

I was IWHBYD19, which sucked, because that awesome record did not go onto my sarukaze GT. HaloCharts definitely would have had a better chance had they known the maps. We had played them over and over and over again and we all were sprinting from spawn to exactly where we wanted to go.

Our Anchor 9 strategy was to control the power weapons, Tempest was to double double BR, and Breakpoint was all about aggressive early bomb planting. At one point in the rematch of Breakpoint Slayer we had two Wraiths in the tunnels.

Yea, I started feeling bad for them. And then I started thinking about pink monkeys riding unicorns pissing glitter and I was all happy again.

Editor’s Note: I have no idea what “double double BR” means and I have no idea what's up with the monkeys and unicorns- Urk

Oh yeah, and we discovered that two Wraiths don’t fit in the main tunnel. I’ve never seen two Wraiths even survive long enough to try that before.

As it turns out all my misgivings about being able to defeat HaloCharts were misguided. Do I even want to mention that we tried to let them plant the bomb in the second phase of Invasion on Breakpoint? And even then we offered a rematch, which went… well you know. In all fairness, we’ve been playing these maps for months and as a member of HaloCharts aptly pointed out larger maps such as Tempest and Breakpoint are harder to control when you’re not familiar with all the nuances of the environment.

I could only imagine how it might have been different if they had known the maps and game types better. A couple times I came across three of them in a group and went down immediately due to well-coordinated team shots.

The guys from HaloCharts were awesome and we had fun playing against them last night! They do an amazing job for the Halo community, so thank you guys!

Key takeaways: Map knowledge is important. We know these maps pretty well. Therefore, we are important.

Sussman gets the final words:
It was great. I shot at some strangers and hit a few. There was some giggling and rough housing. But in the end we hugged it out.

Whoops! Looks like Aldridge and Lionel weighed in and made a liar out of me.


The first game saw Ken showing off his comprehensive knowledge of power-weapon spawns on Anchor 9. I don’t think I ever saw him without a Rocket Launcher.

The second game was a fine demonstration of the awe-inspiring griefing power of a Bungie 8-man team. Derek kept trying to get us to focus on achievements.

The third and fourth games were not pretty… the less said about them, the better.

I was fully expecting to be stomped by the hardcore veterans of HaloCharts, but it seems that they’ve been playing too much COD recently…

Editor's Note: O SNAP - Urk


HaloCharts are always a great group of guys to play against - we were probably a little on the lucky side considering that a few of their aimbot assassins didn’t make their way into the games.

Stockpile on Tempest with a bigteam twist, 25 flags or 15 minutes. The fellas at HC did a great job of holding us down kills wise for the first third of the game while we banked a couple of flags sneaky-style. The middle of the game we began to build a nice lead, Tomo fell into a rhythm with the Sniper and we continued working on our lead. I think it was about 12 flags or so in that HC started making a bigger push to grab flags. With the lead we had built we were able to slay a bit more towards the end of the game.

Invasion on Breakpoint is really fun, the added twist of the assault based second round is a cool addition and plays very well… if you know that there is an assault phase. We may have neglected to mention that to the HC fellas. While we were aiming for a shutout they managed to clear phase one pretty convincingly and even though they took a bit to get their bearings during phase two they almost pushed us to the final phase by arming the bomb in the last moments.

In an attempt to give them a better shot at the invasion game we offered them a mulligan. They instead opted for Invasion Slayer. Ken went crazy in this game, using his hands early and then a wraith late to put up an impressive 18-4 performance. Our teamwork was very strong during this game and as a result we had strong numbers and good assists all around.

Good games with some great guys over at HC, I look forward to running into them again.

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You Will Never Get the Power Core

But you will click this link.

Gonna getcha. You can't run.

You Will Never Get the Power Core from Chalan Marsalus on Vimeo.

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Map Spotlight Week 6 - Troubled Waters

a rascal cat writes:

Mind your step.

Like a bridge or something.

"I'm back, and after a few weeks off for Thanksgiving, I would like to introduce you to a personal favorite of mine, Troubled Waters, by Odin12345. Sadly, I am out of character space again, but Odin did a brilliant job of answering my questions in the interview below. Enjoy!

Q. What was your inspiration for Troubled Waters?

A. I drew inspiration from a plethora of sources, but I would say "influenced" more than inspired. The Alaska slope inspired a natural staging point, focusing on natural formations and heavy cover for the start. The bases on top were influenced by the multiple entries on Standoff with a roof reminiscent of Waterworks. The river section was influenced by Narrows, while the core tower was inspired by the "Circular Staircase" piece and the gameplay mechanics of Spire.

Q. Where is Troubled Waters located and why did you choose that location?

A. Troubled Waters starts on "Alaska," then moves towards "Paradiso". I like to work with the terrain instead of against it, and I enjoyed the thought of having 4 separate areas with significantly different terrains, ranging from the heavily slanted Alaska to the Beach, then the River, and finally the elevation-hungry Paradiso island. It provided a fresh landscape that keeps the map interesting.

Q. Did you employ any unusual Forge techniques in making Troubled Waters?

A. Iteration, Iteration, Iteration! This map went through 6 distinctly different iterations, and all 6 were distinctly playable maps. Don't be afraid to keep what you love and throw away what didn't work.
In addition, make sure you explore every piece in forge and try flipping it upside-down. For example, the spiral towers are made from upside-down circular ramps, creating a beautiful aesthetic without using up a ton of resources.

Q. What separates Troubled Waters from other Invasion Maps?

A. This map was designed with 6v6 foot battles in mind. Most invasion maps are designed to optimize the vehicle-on-vehicle havoc, so they are Massive. However, more than 75% of each invasion match is played on foot. I focused on keeping ground soldiers alive, then providing elegant travel paths for the larger vehicles. The final result provides multiple vehicle routes, yet more than enough cover to make any foot soldier feel important to the battle.

Q. Anything else people should know before they download?

A. I want to say thanks to Bungie for making Halo and Forge, the amazing community (TWP, T00L Box, ForgeHub, HBO, and even Reddit), All of those playtesters who gave me honest feedback, and my wife who understands my love of Halo.

Screenshot: Troubled Waters Overview
Flythrough: Troubled Waters Flythrough
Map Variant: Troubled Waters

P.S. Thank you for your time Odin, and I would also like to remind everyone that our group, which was originally created for the first few spotlights, is now 'open' for membership. The reason I say it like this is because there will still be an approval process. Those who get into our group will have a chance of getting their map featured in the Map Spotlight. There will be an approval process though, so please PM me after joining our member queue. Thank you! :)

Piece of Cake Forgers"

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Funny Halo Reach Fails and Laughs 5!

Stewie2552 writes:

Too much laughs to handle!

Much,, whatever. Just watch the video.

"Too much laughs to handle! Better take a seat and enjoy our newest community montage, Funny Halo Reach Fails and Laughs 5!  This is a compilation of fails, wins, and those moments you can only laugh at!  Clips take place in multiplayer, campaign, forge, and firefight and are all viewer submitted!  So check us out!"

YouTube- Funny Halo Reach Fails and laughs 5!

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Forever Forgers Favorites

JPeloquin218 writes:

A few of their favorite things!

Forever Forgers wants to fill your stocking with their Forge favorites!

"JPeloquin218 here presenting to you, the Community, Forever Forger's Top Content of the Season. Aka, the Forever Forgers Favorites. All the Content shown here is from all of the great members of the Forever Forgers Community!


Aquarium / Submerge - Predator5791

Aquarium is a recreation of Predator's Classic Map Lava Pitt from Halo 3 that we all knew an loved. This version now takes above a Water Pitt and still includes that fun gameplay with even more awesome things added to it such at landmines and armor abilities to enhance the fun of gameplay!

7th Day - cndlwx 

7th Day is a very large Big Team Battle map that is built in between the Cave and the Island that's created mixed playing environments such as across, sandy, forerunner, and rocky. The overall maps have really great aesthetic pieces such as the giant bridge stretching from the Cave all the way to part of the island.

Clawdaddy - Brucer42O

Clawdaddy is another Big Team Battle Map built on Half of the Island and the whole Beach of the Cave. The most noticeable thing is the giant aesthetic Claw in the middle that looks absolutely outstanding. The map overall have very interesting structures that sure to great use throughout the map.


Pull - XCysperX  (You most likely saw this in a past Bungie Weekly Update.)

Apostle - Halo biggest fan 

Ghille in the Mist - Pyro Shift
So be sure to download, rate and comment on all this content because this content is definitely worth noticing. And lastly, thanks for you time and we from Forever Forgers hope you enjoy the content!"

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The Fails of Reach - Campaign/Firefight Edition

CruelLEGACEY writes:

Sometimes you wish you'd gone in alone.

Fails and Wins from Campaign and Firefight.

"This special episode of The Fails of Reach features fails, laughs, and all kinds of bad decision making from the Co-op Campaign and Firefight modes of Halo Reach. Sometimes working with a group just makes you wish you'd gone in alone."

YouTube - The Fails of Reach - Campaign/Firefight Edition by CruelLEGACEY

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Noble Map Pack FAQ

A little light learning.

So, hopefully you're not completely confused about how to obtain and operate the Noble Map Pack, but if you do have a couple of questions concerning the ins and outs of how our three new maps work in the existing matchmaking environment, click the link to get up to speed.

Noble Map Pack FAQ

FAQs and InfoHalo: Reach 12/1/2010 5:54 PM PST permalink

Noble Map Pack and DLC Grab Bag are LIVE!

All systems go.

If you've been itching to try out our three newest maps, the Marketplace switch has been flipped and the DLC Grab Bag Playlist is up and running. Of course, you should feel free to continue playing in your routine hoppers, too. Our matchmaking algorithms will automatically search for other players with DLC weighted to give you a nice blend of old and new.

Download the Noble Map Pack

Thanks for playing!

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Halo: Reach Player Analyzer

Lie back and tell us all about it. just launched a new toy aimed at analyzing your play style when weighed against other players. There's numbers and stuff. Here's what they had to say about it in their own word:

"Put in a gamertag and it will analyze a bunch of stuff and give you color coded indicators of where you are above or below average the most, to give you an idea of things you can improve in."

Halo: Reach Player Analyzer

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Arby 'n' the Chief: The Mail Room II

Eye popping fun!

A week away from the office and I miss the start of a new Arby 'n' the Chief Season. HBO caught it for me, though. Here's episode two. (Contains strong language.)

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief: "The Mail Room II" (S04E12)

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Noble Map Pack Hits Today

Ready for download!

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Lumoria Episode 1 - Halo Custom Edition Campaign

UXB writes:

More mileage out of Halo: CE.

If you have a copy of Halo Custom Edition, it's time to suit back up and drop into some custom campaign content.

"You and a group of highly trained ODST's are dropped onto the surface of Lumoria on a search and rescue mission to retrieve a group of scientists that were studying the Forerunner structures on the planet. The level can be downloaded from The Halo CE Maps section of the Halo Maps file archive."

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Forge Lesson 38: Dance Floor

Godly_Perfection writes:

Too many narrow bridges and inclines make players sad.

More light Forge learning broken down into bite-sized bits!

"Today's lesson introduces the concept of considering how much space player's have to maneuver. Narrow objects like bridges and inclines restrict the ability to strafe and dodge, making them less then ideal as normal means of transport. There are many maps out there using only bridges and inclines as paths and most are just frustrating to play on. Add some dance floor for your players to move... flip those bridges and double them up. You'll thank me later. ;)

Lesson 38: Dance Floor

* Players like space to be able to move, narrow walkways restrict movement and make players sad
* Narrow walkways aren't the player's fault, they are the fault of designers and players will blame you for their misfortune
* Too many narrow walkways can cause frustration, but sometimes they can serve as a risky path with restrictive movement"

Community 11/29/2010 10:12 AM PST permalink

ForgeHub Features: 10/16/10 to 11/08/10

Noxy writes:

ForgeHub's finest.

Our Forgetacular contest is coming to a close, but ForgeHub's finest keep on keepin' on. If you're looking for more new custom content, feast your eyes on this post-Thanksgiving, uh, feast.

, featured 10/16/2010
By Gunnergrunt
In the words of the author:

Vanilla is a medium-sized competitive map compatible with all gametypes but invasion and race. It supports 2-6 players comfortably, and plays well in team oriented games. I recommend 3v3 Team Slayer. Slayer games will have a focus on top level combat, objective games usually use the mid and
lower levels. This enclosed map features a pair of indoor trees in the center of the map. The map consists of 3 main levels, although the red and blue base rooms are located between levels. There are man cannons on each end of the map to access the upper levels.

For more info, click here.

Impound, featured 11/01/2010
By Rusty Eagle
In the words of What's A Scope?:

“Impound” is an adaptation of the now-classic Halo 3 one-versus-one map. The original map became innately famous due the map’s concrete layout and first-class gameplay during Forge Hub’s official Conflict Tournament. As game after game was played by competitors and spectators alike, the tourney map solidified itself among the ranks of the top Halo maps. The Halo: Reach version instantly gained success similarly to its predecessor. However, this one is a whole new beast!

For more info, click here.

Cawk Blawkin', featured 11/05/2010
By CaMOfo
In the words of Chrstphrbrnnn:

Cawk Blawkin' is an infection-based mini game in which players move between "cells" trying to avoid an executioner. Each cell is a separate square with two or three paths interconnecting them; creating a maze. The Runners (Survivors) have their jump height restricted so they cannot escape the cells, but have the ability to see ahead and plan their routes. The executioner's goal is to use the Jetpack he is equipped withto reach custom power ups in the center of the map. These power ups allow him to deal damage and effectively kill the survivors.

For more info, click here.

Rev Ball, featured 11/08/2010
By Wheels36
In the words of the author:

Revball is Halo Reach's version of soccer. The game is 4 vs 4 with each team receiving 3 Revenants and 1 Ghost. Use your vehicle to shoot or ram the ball into the opposing team's goal, indicated by the colored indicator light above it that matches their team, or the Stockpile countdown timer inside the goal. Players and vehicles are invulnerable and hijacking and assassinations are disabled.The Ghost is more suited to goalies or strikers. The best tactic is to lay low and wait for the right moment. Then pounce by boosting to ram the ball away from your goal or into your opponents'.

For more info, click here.

For a stockpile of maps, gametypes and community activity, visit

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Fails of the Weak Volume 10

Jack and Geoff shake off the turkey hangover!

So, Black Friday came and went and we hope you picked up something nice for the Holidays on the cheap. If not, here's a free video from the purveyors of Weakly Fails, Rooster Teeth. No need to throw any elbows to get to the front of the line. There's enough fail for everyone!

YouTube - Fails of the Weak Volume 10

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Black Friday Bungie Store Deals

Dropping discounts and delivering Holiday cheer!

On Black Friday, we’re dropping some new Bungie Aerospace gear into the Bungie Store. Just in time for the Holidays, we’re also dropping prices on a few of our favorite things. Get it while it’s hot, though – these Black Friday Bungie Store deals run from 11/26 through 11/28 only (newness available while supplies last).

New Stuff!

  • Bungie Aerospace Tee
  • Greetings from Aerospace Tee
  • Per Audacia Ad Astra Tee
  • Aerospace Baseball Tee
  • Superintendent Ornament
Deep Discounts!

  • All Bonobo tees (was $19.00, now $12.99)
  • All Property of Bungie tees (was $19.00, now $12.99)
  • All Many Moods tees (was $19.00, now $12.99)
  • All Superintendent tees (was $19.99, now $14.99)
  • All Bungie Classic Ringer tees (was $19.99, now $14.99)
  • All Marathon Black Hoodies (was $39.99, now $19.99)
  • Bungie Crest Flashlight (was $9.99, now $7.99)
And don’t just finger the merch. Get over to the Bungie Store this Friday and buy your mom something nice this year. She totally deserves it! (Trust us.)

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Complete Noble Map Pack Quick Looks

Giving thanks with gameplay and commentary on all three maps!

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Halo: Reach 11/23/2010 6:09 AM PST

Bungie Weekly Update: 11/19/2010

Heading in the right cardinal direction.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo: Reach 11/19/2010 2:33 PM PST

Fire Team Zulu: A Walk in the Park

Winter Contingency has been declared.

HBO's challenge maestro, FyreWulff, is back with more fun-filled Friday festivities. Fire up some campaign, switch on some skulls, and fire away. More details at the jump.

Fire Team Zulu: A Walk in the Park

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