Tag and Release - Grunt

I see bad guy!

This week's Tag and Release focuses its lens on the Halo Trilogy's quirky but lovable scamp, the Grunt.  Officially, they're Unggoy, the Covenant's methane-sucking cannon fodder, but the onomatopoeic "grunt" suits these huffing, puffing, plasma pistol toting hunchbacks just fine.  When you're feeling down, there's no better remedy than making Grunts fly.  Check out some screenshots below to see the Unggoy in action.

Were it so Easy


Fly Me to the Moon

A little less serious this week, but that's okay.  If these aren't the screenshots you're looking for, there are plenty more to be had via the All Tags tool.  Can you see the slow wave of our hand?  Good.  We were hoping our mind control was taking hold.  Now, how's about you head off and make us a sandwich?  Double time.

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Legends of BloodGulch

From Grifball to infinity and beyond.

Clocking in at over eight and a half minutes in length, this montage of team Halo 3 play is a bit on the lengthy side.  But if you decide to invest some of your time, there's bound to be something in the mix you'll find interesting.  Vehicle carnage, Grifball, Matchmaking, and Custom Games, this video does it all.

"The Legends of BloodGulch team started out as just a few friends and a Grifball team and became a sort of loosely knit clan with the intent to help out fellow players. Currently we do not have much of a website but we are looking for people to help out with it. Were a group of friends who are just out to play Halo and have fun doing it! Were always open to new members and new challenges!"

YouTube - L O B G 2

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Halo 3 Fails: Episode Eight

Let's get it started in here.

I have a feeling these folks aren't going to run out of material for years.  So much fail.

"The eighth episode of Halo 3 Fails. If you want to submit a clip, check our channel for instruction."

YouTube - Halo 3 Fails: Episode Eight

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Halo 3 Mythbusters Podcast - Ep. #1

Ghost 45 writes:

Epic win? Confirmed.

If you're looking for another community-related podcast to listen to, check out the description and link below.  Brought to you by the Halo 3 Mythbusters Community.

"On this episode, we bring on CO0L Beans and other well-known community members from the Halo 3 Mythbusters community. A boy from Canada and his penguin, a constant muttering of "those darn zombies," a sneak peek at Halo 3 Mythbusters: Episode 9 (sort of), and much more is to be heard on this podcast. But, we don't want to give away everything.

After five weeks of production, four hours in a Skype call, three seperate attempts at recording, and two cups of coffee... Comes almost one hour of podcasting goodness. Enjoy.

The .mp3 version of this file can be found here and hopefully an iTunes account will be instated in the future for new episodes."

Halo 3 Mythbusters Community Podcast Episode 1

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Reclaimer 144 - Program: Dreamstate

New targets acquired...

The latest episode of Reclaimer is programmed and ready to download.  Things are being rerouted and protocols are being enacted with deadly results.  Click below to begin transfer.

Reclaimer 144 - Program: Dreamstate

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Hard Justice - Episode 10

Oh my god, like, no way.

DigitalPh33r dropped the most recent episode of Hard Justice for your viewing pleasure.  Check out the description and hit the link below.

"Max is beginning to grow tired of his new friend who is now forcing him to watch the entire disc set of "Sex and the City". Meanwhile, Howard is up to the usual; nothing - and Bernard and Eddie are fighting for their lives searching for a way out of a quarantine lockdown after being shut inside a supposedly abandoned chemical facility in which the ventilation system is dispensing a lethal amount of chlorine gas."

YouTube - Hard Justice: Episode 10

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Putting a Stop to Machinima

hockeylevys15 writes:

Stop Motion, that is.

This is a quirky little video project that uses a "Stop Motion" effect to showcase the action. At just over two minutes, it's short and sweet, but there's some potential in this effect we haven't seen anyone really explore to the fullest. Check it out below.

YouTube - Spartan vs. Spartan

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Top 10 Halo 3 Multikills

Anoj writes:

Cue the inspiring music!

Anoj is back in the blog with another Top 10.  This time around, he's showing off some of the best Halo 3 Multikills.  Check it out.

"Season 4 of the Top 10 Series arrives with a vengeance to show the most impressive multikills that online play can provide.  There's no doubt that this episode of the Top 10 Series is the best one to date and after watching, I'm sure you will agree.  Make sure to watch after the countdown to see how to enter!

Enjoy and stay tuned for the 10 best mongoose kills coming next week!"

YouTube - Top 10 Halo 3 Multikills: Episode 22

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The Voicemail Chronicles - Volume Two

Beatboxing Mario and apologetic Teabaggers.

Bryan put together a second compilation of messages from his Halo 3 and Xbox Live accounts.  Warning: Adult Content.  Follow the link at your own risk.

"Here's another enjoyable collection of voice messages I've received over the past couple weeks.  Props to the Mario Beatboxer!"

The Voicemail Chronicles - YouTube Video

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Pink with Envy

It's the color of passion.

Twinkykiller put together an early Valentine's Day video using everyone's favorite weapon: the Needler.  Not meant to show off skill, this is more of an homage.  The track works pretty well too.

YouTube - Needler Montage

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Reclaimer 143 - Revelation

I thought you knew.

The newest episode of Reclaimer is online.  A long-standing question is answered.  The answer, of course, leads to more questions.  Check it out below.

Reclaimer 143 - Revelation

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Breaking In - Jon Cable

Building sand castles.

Read Full Top Story

Inside BungieCareersBreaking In 1/29/2009 2:31 PM PST

Halo 3: ODST Wallpapers

Prepared and dropped for your viewing pleasure.

The Halo 3: ODST Project Page has been updated with two new wallpapers.  Subscribers to Game Informer will recognize them as the cover and the double page art insert crafted by Bungie's own concept artist, Jaime Jones.  Get 'em while they're hot.  Or at your leisure.  Whichever.

Halo 3: ODST Wallpapers

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Social Living Dead Double EXP


Social Living Dead is this weekend's Double EXP weekend! Now you can get that burning hatred for the undead out of your system. Or, you can enjoy some delicious, delicious brains. If that's your thing. I'm not here to judge.*

Social Living Dead is available from 11am PDT on Thursday, Jan 29th until Monday 2am, February 2nd. All downloadable content required. Have fun!

*I'm totally judging you right now. Can you feel it?

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Epic Montage Sequel Trailer

Armeddragon77 writes:

Bringing the Epic in 2009.

This is quite possibly the most epic trailer for a sequel montage in the history of epic sequel montage trailers.  Think you can do better?  Prove it.  Send your new epic trailers to the Submit News feed and we'll start highlighting the best of the best.  And by best, we mean the ones that make us laugh at how absurdly over the top they are.  Who knows, if your trailer is epic enough, we might even throw in a sweet prize for your effort.

2009.  Open your eyes.  To the Power.  The Majesty.  And the Wonder.

"ArmedDragon77 brings you the trailer for his 3rd Vehicular Montage. Boasting the most Chopper kills in all of halo 3, carnage is guaranteed. The final version will be edited by HAZMAT v2, one the best Halo 3 montage editors."

YouTube - ArmedDragon77 Trailer for 3rd Vehicular Montage

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KillPie Halo 3 'Ninjatage'

KillPie3 writes:

Eyes in the back of his head.

Nothing too grand here.  More of a warning.  Don't try to sneak up on KillPie.

YouTube - KillPie Halo 3 Ninjatage

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Podtacular Episode 177

Luck n Hype writes:

Creations from the Halo community.

Podtacular has released Episode 177: Customs and Creations with guest host Hype. This week the guys talk about the latest custom games and creations sent in by members of the Halo community.

Podtacular 177: Customs and Creations

If you would like to submit stuff for the next show, hurry and send in your stuff here:
Submit your Stuff

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Teammates For Life

old school dude writes:

A match made in Halo.

We blogged about the couple whose bonds were forged in Halo matchmaking before, but it looks like MTV took the story one step further and sent an embedded journalist to the ceremony to capture it all in a real life Saved Film.  This pair really loves their Halo (and yeah, each other).

"A couple that met playing the video game decided to tie the knot in a Halo-themed ceremony. The gamers included everything from the Halo theme music to a an avatar-embroidered dress."

"I Now Pronounce You Teammates For Life"

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Crème de la Blob

Conor202 writes:

Ranked, MLG, Vehicular Combat?

The Plasma Pistol does it all in this extended follow up to Conor202's original.

"My second plasma pistol montage which has been in the works for a short while. It was alot of fun to make and includes some of my favourite plasma pistol kills. I hope you enjoy watching the green blobs fly!

It involves some quite unique kills."

YouTube - 'Crème de la Blob' Plasma Pistol Montage

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Project Sonic - Halo 3

By the Rings!

Hawty McBloggy used her blog to highlight a pretty unique Halo 3 Jumping video.  Some sweet jumps, nice editing, and great effects come together to create something pretty interesting.  Hawty also has a very special message at her site for people who use jumps to grief other people in matchmaking.

YouTube - Project Sonic: Halo 3 Trick Jumping Video/Machinima

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Stealth Grifball

Queso Man writes:

Prepare to Crouch.

There's an interesting psychological case study to be made from the following video.  Monkey see, monkey do and all that.  Be a good monkey, do what I did, and click on the video below for a few early morning laughs.

"A random game of Grifball on just another Double EXP weekend came to an abrupt conclusion when the score reached critical mass and our victory was certain.  I suggested we be stupid.

We began going as fast as we could to the bomb, crouched, only to see the other team, people we didn't know joining in. What ensued was a blast."

YouTube - Stealth Grifball

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Reclaimer 142 - Dead Technology

A different kind of information.

Episode 142 of Reclaimer is online and ready for your eyes.  Reclaimer is getting closer to accessing Mercyhoard, but it looks like he'll have to take the long way around and follow in a familiar foe's footsteps.

Reclaimer 142 - Dead Technology

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #11

Hallaer writes:

Enter Sunef.

DeepCee has dropped the latest episode of ODST Steve.  This one's laden with an inside joke.

Chronicles of ODS Steve #11- Enter Sunef

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