Team BackFire's Favorite Files Updated

The final lap.

Team BackFire is back for week two of their community spotlight and fired up to deliver some more hand-picked content.  This time out their talkin' 'bout Forgin'.  Read a little bit about their efforts, check out their Bungie Favorites picks, and if you find yourself thoroughly impressed, maybe stop by their group page and join their ranks.

Q. What inspired Triton's Twist?

A. I wanted to make a new track that was exciting and had an interesting layout and features.

Q. How long did it take to whip up?

A. Oh, I would have to say around 26 hours total for everything (not including testing). We had some difficulty with the object and money limit. Some of the parts were giving us a problem and took us a while to get them right.

Q. Which part of the problem took the longest to get right?

A. Probably the connection from the hill to the start of the heart bank. We had to keep redoing it; it took almost three days or so to get right.

Q. How could Forge be improved so it would be easier to get stuff right in less than 72 hours?

A. I would love to see something like an automatic interlock button so you don't have to start new round every time, an undo button would help a lot too. I would also love an automatic float button because almost every object on racetracks you have to save it in the air and interlock; enable for you to have an object float in the air, you have to save and end the game... I really love how Bungie has decided to put Forge in Halo 3, it makes it a never ending game because of all the creative and fun maps!

Looks like Team BackFire's round is over.  It's not all bad though, they've prepped a going away package for you.  Their parting gift is online and ready to go right now in Bungie Favorites.

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Chronicles of Lyle Extra

Lyle made a montage.

Lyle makes a pretty mean montage. Kyle, not so much.  His is a bit repetitive.  Check it out.

YouTube - CoL Extra: Lyle's Montage

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'Knights of the Goose' - A Halo 3 Montage

redsoxpwndu23 writes:

Breaking records.

Most abrupt soundtrack changes.  Longest player intros.  Oh, and there are some really amazing plays mixed in too.  You gotta sit through some stuff you've probably seen before, and the video approaches nine minutes, but if vehicular manslaughter is your thing, you'll probably love every second of it.

"Filled with clips of flying Warthogs, Hornet sniper towers, and a whole bunch of things no one has thought of before, this montage will keep you wondering how and why they did what they did.  Anyone who enjoys playing Halo 3 should check it out."

YouTube - Knights of the Goose - A Halo 3 Montage

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3-D Halo

Your MOM is MC writes:

Halo as you've never seen it before.

You got two choices if you want to check out everything this video has to offer.  Pick up a pair of 3-D goggles or go completely cross eyed.  We do not recommend attempting both simultaneously.

"ZE Royal Viking's machinima will have you saying "WOW" in a good way. To view without 3-D glasses, go to the bottom of the video to the left of the description and next to "3-D View Style" select "Cross-eyed" and follow the instructions in the beginning of the video."

YouTube - Halo 3-D Machinima

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F99 UCAV Flying at Edwards AFB

Mid7night writes:

More flying to do.

Looks like HBO's  Mid7night is quite the industrious fellow.  And that industry is aerospace.

"Y'know that little jet you see flying overhead in ODST?  Like anything else with wings, I wanted to fly it!  Thankfully, I found some close-up shots of it over on HBO, so I started modeling.  Finally I'm nearing completion.

I modeled the shape in AC3D, but the real magic happens in X-Plane.  That's where you turn ordinary shapes into things that fly!  Here's where the progress stands thus far:

3D Model = 100%
Flight Model = 95%
Texture Mapping = 80%

Along with texture maps, X-Plane now supports Normal Maps, so i
generated some rough ones just to test it out.  Here's the results:

F99 Flying at Edwards - 1
F99 Flying at Edwards - 2
F99 Flying at Edwards - 3
F99 Flying at Edwards - 4
F99 Flying at Edwards - 5
Click for awesome carrier-ops video (.MOV)"

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Chronicles of ODS Steve #43

The Fallen Prophet.

This week's Chronicles of ODS Steve is ready to be revealed.  Looks like someone's coming out of the shadows.  Hit the jump to find out who it really is.

Chronicles of ODS Steve: The Fallen Prophet (#43)

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Know Your Ninja - Qbix

Stalking people is fun!

It's been a little while since we caught up with one of our ninjas for the Tuesday spotlight.  Sorry about that.  They can be pretty tough to pin down.  Qbix, aka that guy that totally banned you for his own personal pleasure, materialized out of thin air this week and we had a few words with him.  Want to see how that turned out for us?  Read.

Q. Without revealing too much about your personal life, tell us who you are and what you do when you’re not keeping our forums clean.

A. I'm the Norwegian guy everyone likes to make fun of due to my funny English accent. When I'm not giving out totally unfair bans for no other reason than personal pleasure, I work at a local shop here in Norway (the shop sells paint, it's THAT cool). This is just something I do while I try to figure out what kind of education I want to get started on.
When I'm not working I tend to exercise a lot, more than the average forum regular I would guess. Cycling FTW! Been a big fan of Lance Armstrong and his Livestrong foundation for quite a while. When I'm not cycling around the countryside of Norway I tend to either A: Date hot Norwegian chicks. Or B: Play games.

Q. Paint, eh?  That does sound cool.  What were you doing on before you C: Moderated?

A. Back before I had an account I just checked the front page for Halo related news. Once I made an account I started to post in the Halo 2 forum and then later on in the Halo 3 forum. I was also quite active in private groups, especially in Compound Intelligence around the time of the IRIS ARG. That was good times.

Q. Good times are good.  Ever go through any bad times at that made you want to go offline and hide out for a bit?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. What other online places do you check out when you're absolutely not on

A. I do visit NeoGAF quite regularly. I don't have an account there though, because those suckers won't accept any of my e-mail addresses! I use Twitter, because stalking people is fun. And oh, I have watched almost 15 thousand videos on YouTube. That's quite a lot, right?

Q. Yup, that's plenty.  What keeps you coming back to after you've gotten your fill of all those YouTube vids?

A. The community and all the friends that I have made here have always been what has kept me coming back to this site. The constant content updates, the stats and the chapters are also stuff that I enjoy a lot.

Q. How has the community changed since you've been around?

A. Size. For me, size is the only way that the community has changed. When I spend so much time on the forums I get to know more and more people, but the amount of people that I don't know seems to be increasing in a much higher rate.

Q. How sweet is it to swing the mighty Banhammer and mete out mad justice on Bungie's behalf?

A. I could try to tell you how awesome it is, but all those words would be censored by the profanity filter.

I guess this is the part where I give shout outs to everyone that I love and adore?

Sure, why not.

Slayer<3, Foman, ash, yoozel, tgp, nos, recon, el roboto, k mart, butane, achilles, jaf, nedus, pezza, odmichael and all the other forum ninjas. You guys are awesome. Maimum Fear, Havok(HEY WOOBEN<3), prometheus, sniperstealth, rokit, true underdog, anelf3, evilcam, cryptic, killane, halcylon, zag, cortana, burritoyseniorita. Big country (-blam!-), joeski and the rest of H3ITWP. At Bungie: achronos, stosh, shishka, sketch, urk, pete parsons and all the other cool people I met at PAX.

I'm sure there are tons of people that I forgot to name, you know I love you too.

Well, now all those people know your name and where you live.  If they're really offended, they'll probably try and track you down.  Sounds like you might be able to outrun them though.

If you just read through this interview with Qbix and you want to track him down to tell him what an awesome job he's doing (or inquire as to why he's unfairly banned you), hit the discussion thread attached and offer some kind words.  Might not want to poke fun at the accent though.

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All Your History Are Belong To Us

Xizor14 writes:

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Alright, so 1991 is exactly that long ago and Chicago ain't really all that far away.  Still, if Bungie's origins and history seem like they're the thing of distant past, you should probably take a few moments to brush up.  You can check out our own history page right here at if you like, or if you fancy yourself more of a visual learner,'s scribes have compiled everything into a handy dandy web series.

"Re-live the the history of Bungie from the beginning as Machinima takes us back in time to a simpler time before Halo."

YouTube - All of Your History are Belong to Us

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Play Games. Heal Kids. Fight Cancer!

Stewie2552 writes:

A Funny Halo 3 Productions PSA.

Looks like Funny Halo 3 Productions is also getting in on the Extra Life charity act.  If you want to play some Halo 3 in support of a great cause, there's more than a few ways for you to help.  Read the description below, follow the links, and check out the video to learn more.


The staff of Funny Halo 3 Productions will be participating in the 24 hour long Gaming marathon in Halo 3 BTB and BTM. Hope to see you there!  To register and make a team to start collecting donations, go to Waytogive.

Want to join team Funny Halo 3 Productions? Let's raise some money guys, our goal is $500. We can do it! If you want to play with us during this time, let us know and we will periodically be inviting people. Also maybe you will see us in the game!"

YouTube - PSA 2: Play Games. Heal Kids. Fight Cancer!

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I Need a Mural

Primed and ready for action.

Paint puns!  Hawty McBloggy's linking to a shot of some dude's bedroom.  No, not that kind of shot.  This one is safe for work.

Halo-Themed Wall Mural

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ESPN/MLG Top Ten - September

K070N writes:

"The biggest plays in Halo 3 for the month of September."

Chris Puckett counts down the top ten plays, EPSN-style.  If you think you can do better, submit your own.  Otherwise, just watch.

ESPN/MLG Top Ten - September

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Red vs. Blue Recreation: Chapter 16

robby118 writes:

Retention Deficit.

Chapter 16 of Red vs. Blue Recreation is online for everyone.  Hit the jump to check out the site.

"Church is having a little trouble with the "out of the box" experience."

Red vs. Blue Recreation: Chapter 16

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The Running Riot Podcast LIVE

emilio30 writes:


You got a full week to clear your schedule (or get some 'Goose practice time in).  Either way, here's the details for the next round of the TRR podcast.

"Episode 22 of The Running Riot Podcast will be recorded LIVE on October 13th at 9:30pm ET. Our guest will be c u l8er from HaloTracks. Your host Kete is actually pretty good on a Mongoose. 

Come over to The Running Riot on the 13th to tune into the live show and chat along with us!"

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Plant the Bomb for Extra Life

puptastrophe writes:

Help GrifballHub make a difference.

If you're feeling charitable or simply want to get your hands wrapped around a signed replica, check out the information and links below.  It's for a great cause and it won't ever explode.  (We hope.)

" is auctioning off a replica of the N0. 14 Anti-tank Mine, more commonly referred to as the assault bomb from the Halo series, to benefit pediatric cancer research.

The eBay Auction

Click here for more detailed pictures.

The replica was created by Rooster Teeth community member CaptainR3dbeard and has been signed by Rooster Teeth staff Gus, Geoff, Burnie, Ben and Joel as well as Bungie and staff members.

100% of proceeds will be donated to Extra Life - a 24-hour charity gaming marathon aimed at raising money to fight pediatric cancer. If you’d like to donate to Extra Life please visit the GrifballHub Extra Life Campaign.

The auction ends at 9:42 p.m. EST on Friday"

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Tag and Release - Firefight

Heat in the pipe!

By now you should be good and familiar with ODST's Firefight.  If not, here's a series of screenshots to help get you acquainted.  We found them by sorting through our cooperatively created community files collection looking for new screenshots tagged with the keyword: Firefight.

Tag: Firefight


If I Had a Hammer

Prepare to Drop

Chop Chop

Face to Face

Do This, Don't Do That

If these six aren't doing the trick for you, go ahead and get yourself a seventh.  It's pretty easy to dig into the pile and pluck out the stuff that suits you.  There's no need to endure - the process is quick, simple, and completely painless.  We've already given you the right tool for the job.

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Reclaimer 222 - Weakness

Today's forecast: energy flares, screaming, and mass chaos.

Reclaimer and Bold and still squaring off.  Shields are up, but it looks like there may be a bit of a -blam!- in someone's armor.  Hit the link below to check it out.

Reclaimer 222 - Weakness

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Master Chief Spotted in the Wild

Looks like he woke up just in time for Sunday.

We're pretty sure this isn't really the Master Chief.  Seems a bit short.  Either way, pretty funny stuff.  Tons of jokes in the comments after the jump.  Thanks to HBO for the heads up.

Guess Who Loves The New Orleans Saints?

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'Ambush' - Halo 3 Short Machinima

Six Below writes:

What once was lost...

You should watch this.

"Lost came to me and asked me to upload a short machinima after watching it. I was astonished. I have seen thousands of Halo 3 related videos and this by far blows away any of them. On a side note the HD is also stunning! I think that this Short deserves way more then 300 views. All credit and props go to Lost."

YouTube - Ambush

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Zoxin It Up! LIVE - Rescheduled

Zoxin1 writes:

Rescheduled, but you'll still get a costumed host.

Private reasons, eh?  If you're anticipating October's Zoxin it Up! LIVE podcast, you'll need to edit your calendar.

"Just a notice that due to private reasons, episode 6 of Zoxin It Up! LIVE has been rescheduled for October 29th. Erase that last mark we made on your calender and write in this one! The show will still be held at the same time of 9:00pm EST. There will be prizes available for everyone who is there LIVE!"

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Halo 3 Wars: Attack of the Cones

Stewie2552 writes:

What if the cones...

...killed?  Sounds like a premise for a B Grade horror flick.  Turns out it's all too real.  If you have a strong stomach, check out the video below.

"The days of smacking, shooting, and teabagging the cones are over as they are comin' back with vengeance.  The cones take no prisoners in this Funny Halo 3 Productions Original.  You will never look at them the same way again!"

YouTube - Attack of the Cones

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Halo Themed Wedding

Torchwood Tex writes:

"...there's two of us in here now."

Halo and Holy matrimony.  The two terms seem to be lacing fingers more frequently these days.  If you and your future spouse are thinking about having a Halo-themed wedding, check out some photos to get inspired.  If you just like looking, you can do that too.  Link after the brief description.

"Me and my fiance, Causes Chaos, were very luck to have won our wedding back in March of this year and well we had a joke about it being Halo-themed but that became more and more serious until eventually it took over. You can see from the pictures what I mean.

No only was my dress red and blue, but it was also embroidered with forerunner symbols and the Halo 3 tag line.  I walked down the aisle to "This Is The Hour" - a beautiful piece of music and walked out as Mr. and Mrs. to "Never Forget."

Our cake was an awesome battlefield covered with little Spartans fighting to capture the flag!  Speaking of flags we also had flags made which people ended up playing capture the flag with!  Our tables were named after maps: Last Resort (nice name for a top table), Valhalla, Blood Gulch, Sidewinder, Guardian, Avalanche and Epitaph.

Not much to tell the pictures tell the story, I hope you enjoy seeing them , we feel so lucky to share such an interest and want Bungie to know just how much they influence peoples lives. It was our perfect day and we just want to let Bungie know just how much we love them for giving us such inspiration for a perfect day."

Halo Wedding Photos

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Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame (Part Five)

Paganjoe writes:

Making a mess.

DigitalPh33r puts the wraps on his Arby 'n' the Chief series with a lengthy live action sequence featuring some pretty sloppy special effects.  Seems like the perfect place to go out.  Fans of the series, lament your loss at the link below.

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame (Part 5)

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Bungie Weekly Update: 10.02.09

You've just crossed over into...The No Chopper Zone.

Read Full Top Story

Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3: ODST 10/2/2009 5:33 PM PDT

HaloCrossing's BTB Mythic

Zanitor writes:

Need a date on October 9th?

If you're sick of sitting in the Halo 3 lobby all alone night after night, HaloCrossing is extending you an invite.  But before you get all worked up, keep in mind you'll have to pass the background check.  They're quite vigorous.  Make the grade and get some games in by reading the details below.

Of course, if you're already getting your party on with a good crew of players, this ain't for you.

"HaloCrossing is proud to present our Mythic BTB party! We will be going into the Mythic Big Team Battle playlist for the most thrilling BTB experience possible. It will be held on Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 8:00PM EST.

To sign up, make sure you meet all of the requirements below.

* You must be a Halo Crossing member. Register if you aren't!
* You must have a mic and stay in game chat.
* No guests allowed.
* Mythic Disk Required
* There's no set age limit, but maturity is a must.
* To get into a party, a Host will send you a message, which you must reply to, so we can invite you to the game.
* Be ready to have some fun!
Thank you all ;)

Sign up here:


- The Halo Crossing Staff"

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Teabag Prevention Presents

The Road to Recon Armor - Week 1.

Geekscape! wants to guide you through some of ODST's more difficult achievements.  We're not sure how these will prevent you from getting teabagged, but at least your dead body might be rockin' Recon when the romp goes down.  If you want to tackle the Vidmasters on your own with no help, don't click.  Otherwise, check out the tips and tricks.

Teabag Prevention Presents: The Road to Recon Armor - Week 1

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