Average Joe - MR DROZ

Playing some Halo 3 and making beautiful babies.

Don't worry, the subject line will make sense once you've finished reading this week's Average Joe interview.  MR DROZ is committed.  Time for you to commit some of your time to get familiar with this family man and not-so-average member of the Bungie community.

Q. Who are
you and what do you do?

A. My name is Droz. I’ve had that nickname since my wrestling coach couldn’t pronounce my full last name. Droz for short, but you can call me MR DROZ. Proud father and devoted husband. I’ve worked in retail for the past eleven years in the metro Detroit area, learning the ropes in my families business.

I enjoy working with the public. It’s really sharpened my people skills. I could literally walk up to anyone and have a conversation.

True story: While spending three days in the hospital early last month with my wife (just after having the baby) I bumped into a man in the main lounge. You know, that place in the hospital were they offer horrible coffee and charge $0.05 per International Delight creamer. Turns out he was dieing of cancer. Doc gave him three weeks. I managed to ask him a series of questions regarding his faith and if knowing his death is approaching has changed his beliefs. He was very insightful, I’ll always remember Doug.

Q. Whoa, that's heavy.  There isn't really a polite way to segue out of that, is there?  Band-aid approach: Where'd the second half of your gamertag come from?

A. My gamertag was actually a collective idea between me and my wife. First, a little back story. We first met in a Team Slayer match back in November of '07. Things progressed from there and we eventually decided to have matching gamertags. Mine was to be MR DROZ, and hers was MRS DROZ. She soon dropped it do to my constant teabagging. I was making her look bad or something.

Eh. Women! I’ll never understand them.

Q. Well, most of them don't enjoy being teabagged.  Come to think of it, most fellas don't appreciate it too much either.  When you're not teabagging in matchmaking, where do you hang out online?

A. I spend the majority of my time in private groups. My wife and I are both members of The Upper Echelon and I spend a lot of my time there. When I’m not there, I try to offer constructive criticism in the Optimatch forum. There’s a lot of great ideas in there. Everybody has suggestions for altering or adding gametypes. In all honesty, I think that’s Shishka’s secret plan with Action Sack. Throw all the crazy gametype ideas into one playlist, eliminate the EXP and skill factors, and let's see whats shakin'. You got a crazy idea? You just might find it in Action Sack.

Q. What are the factors you find compelling about playing games?

A. What compels me to play? The people. It’s all about the people. I have met so many awesome people through this community. It gets to a point were playing Halo 3 isn’t just the same as “playing a game.” It can be as much fun as a night out at the pub with good friends IF you’re fortunate enough to meet the right people. I’ve been extremely fortunate in that regard. I met my wife playing Halo 3, all the awesome people at TUE and H3ITWP…the awesomeness doesn’t end there either. The amount of fun one person can have within this community is never ending.

Q. What was the first Bungie game that you had never ending fun with?

A. To tell you the truth, I was never into Halo. A few of my friends tried to get me into playing Halo 2 a while back. They had played it a lot more and got some kind of sick pleasure out of watching how pathetic I was. So I lost interest. I hadn’t regained interest until those same friends got me to watch some Red vs Blue. That series is amazing. Those guys are crazy and got me totally hooked. Sad to say, I still haven’t played any of Halo 2, and I haven’t even finished playing Combat Evolved yet. Halo 3 popped my Bungie-Cherry and I could play it endlessly.

Q. No Halo: CE?  That's pretty surprising.  You should give it a shot.  (We hear it holds up.) Even though you didn't get going until the fight was almost finished, you've still managed to get really engaged with the community.  Does that surprise you in any way?

A. If you are referring to how active the Bungie team is with the fans, absolutely! They have made every effort possible for the fans to voice there opinions within reason (that BR ain’t changin' STOP IT!) and discuss issues with people who actually work at the studio. It’s amazing how much Bungie cares about what their fans think.

Q. Well, we were referring to you, but we'll take the compliments.  No modesty here.  What about other online spaces?  Do you check into other communities in your spare time?

A. Actually, no. Bungie.net is my home away from home.

Q. Man, you really do have some razor sharp people skills!  Want to say a few words before we shut this down?

A. I’d like to make a shout out to a few people if that’s okay.

(Of course!)

First of all to the Bungie guys. Fellas...thank you for creating this amazing community were I was able to find my true love. My life changed for the better after I found her. I’m off the drugs, quit drinking, and am now a proud father. See that? You guys contributed to creating actual life. You’re more Godly than you think.

Secondly to my pals at The Upper Echelon. Guys…you are a huge part of why I play the game. I couldn’t go into matchmaking without you and still have fun. I love you guys.

Third to my wife. Cathy…I love you with all my heart and I want the world to know it. You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. Bumping into you on High Ground was the best thing that ever happened to me.

And finally…to all you guys out there who like to trash talk the ladies. Why? What’s the point? Behind every gamertag is a real person with real feelings. Those feelings can hurt, and they can hurt bad. There’s no place for such immaturity in a gaming environment. If you gotta pick on people to have a good time, well there's something seriously wrong there and you have no right to take it out on people who come here to have a good time. Besides, that woman you’re picking on just might leave her home in England, fly to America, marry your goofy ass and make beautiful babies with you. It happened to me. It could happen to you. Behave yourselves and have fun.

You heard the man.  Stop acting like fools.  Shape up and play right and who knows, maybe some day you'll find the love of your life.  At least maybe you'll stop getting teabagged so much.   Either way, if you liked what you've read and want to sound off in a mature manner, hit the discussion thread attached and say what's up to MR DROZ.

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Halo 3: ODST Screenshot Contest

Take your best shot.

The fine folks over at Black Water Ops are hosting their own screenshot competition.  They have a pair of prizes on offer for the winning entries.  The rules are simple, the screenshot's gotta be from Halo 3: ODST and you can only submit two in total.  Hit the jump for more details.

BWO Halo 3: ODST Screenie Contest

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Fight Like a Girl Charity Tournament

Registration is now open.

Fight Like a Girl is a charity tourney benefiting breast and cervical cancer research.  Pretty good cause, eh?  We'll be playing.  You should too.  Hit the site below for details and to donate.

Fight Like a Girl Halo 3 Charity Tournament

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Master Chief Birthday Cake, Hooray!

Sir, finishing this cake.

Hawty McBloggy has some sweet shots up on her website.  Hit the jump below to sample the delicious offerings.  (These are food puns.)

Master Chief Birthday Cake, Hooray!

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Tied the Leader Speaks Out

Editorials from the virtual warfront.

Tied the Leader dropped a nice pair of articles today.  You should give them both a read.  We'll facilitate by providing links.

Don't Burn the Love Letter

Join Us. Stop Them.

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ODST Has Connections

Staten connects some dots.

Wondering if Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach will link up?  Joe Staten spoke out in a short interview with OXM.  Check it out.

ODST has "connections" to Halo Reach

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ODST and Longshore Panoramas

A Baked Grunt writes:

Scenes so beautiful they'll make you cry.

A Baked Grunt from Black Water Ops snapped some scenery shots.  Want to see 'em?  Hit the jumps below.

"Here are some panoramas I made of different scenes from Longshore and various ODST missions.
Because the Coastal Highway one is my favourite, I have linked a large version of it in addition to the scaled down version."

City Buildings

Coastal Highway

Coastal Highway (large)


Longshore - Docks

Longshore - Ships

ONI Alpha Site

Hope you like 'em!

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Red vs. Blue Recreation: Chapter 15

robby118 writes:

Scary on a lot of levels.

"Epsilon Church takes charge of the escalating situation at Sandtrap, while the reds back at Valhalla have their hands full."

Red vs. Blue Recreation: Chapter 15

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MTV - Nathan Fillion Explains It All

Roundin' third and comin' on home.

MTV's mutliplayer blog caught up with film, screen, and video game superstar Nathan Fillion to chat about life, love, and how he got into this whole Halo thing.  Watch him pretend his hand is a telephone, get all gushy talking about Marty, and discuss whether or not he wants to tackle a role in Halo: Reach.

Exclusive Video: Nathan Fillion Explains How He Got The 'Halo' Gig

Video: Nathan Fillion Has Seen 'Halo: Reach,' Wants In

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Red vs. Blue PSA Contest

Want to call the shots?

Red vs. Blue and Gamestop.com are teaming up to give you a shot at playing the pitchman.  Got a great idea?  Submit it.  Got a terrible idea?  Submit it twice!  Details at the jump.

"I know everyone is playing ODST non-stop right now, but if we could have your attention for just a moment we think you'll like this news. We just launched a very cool contest with our friends at GameStop where you can submit your very own Red vs. Blue PSA idea, and the winning entry will actually be produced and released by us! It's a win-win really. First, you submit a great idea and receive adoration and glory, then we get to do only half the work we normally do, and finally everyone gets to watch a cool video! I guess that's a win-win-win, really. Anyway, it's a lot of win. So if there's some ridiculous line you've always wanted to hear Caboose say, or something insane you've always wanted to hear Sarge yell, now's your chance. Just visit gamestop.com/halo to enter."

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Tag and Release - New Mombasa

The road to New Mombasa.

The stretch of road seems to be paved with a litter of debris and fallen highway signs.  I didn't need any directions to find the trio of screenshots below though.  I simply searched for the right tag.

Tag: New Mombasa

On the Way


Words to Live By

If these three teasers have you craving more, you can check out the full collection of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST screenshots in our community files sector.  If you want an easy way to sort them by topic, dig in with the Popular Tags tool. 

Looking for the full tour of the city?  Pick up and play Halo 3: ODST.  We've made arrangements for the city's urban AI to guide you to the relevant points of interest. Happy hunting.

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Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame (Part Four)

The game.  It is ending.

DigitalPh33r is still busy wrapping up his Arby 'n' the Chief series.  You're still tuning in right?  If not, link below.  As always, there's explicit language and adult content.

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame (Part Four)

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Inside Gaming's ODST Special

The Dead Pixel gives good coverage.

This extended look at Halo 3: ODST was actually prepped for launch.  We just now got around to watching it.  Hey, we were busy playing Firefight.

Halo 3 ODST Inside Gaming Special: 9/22/2009

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Prepare to Drop Some Sheet Music

For piano and saxamaphone playas.

It's been a while since we've seen news out of Rampancy.net.  Man, we really miss that crew.  Anyway, if you've been looking to make your own sweet ODST music, they've got the goods.  You'll need to be signed in to snag the package.  (Thanks to HBO for the heads up.)

Prepare To Drop For Piano, Alto Sax

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KOXM Episode 183

Marty takes the mic to talk about the soundtrack.

The Official Xbox Magazine's podcast scored an interview with Bungie composer, Marty O'Donnell.  If you're wondering where the inspiration for the new soundtrack came from (or want to know Marty's thoughts on the weather in New Mombasa), tune in and have a listen.  There's some other gaming news packed in to.

KOXM Episode 183

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Slightly Sticky Halo-Themed Xbox 360

Console war.

Pretty sweet custom mod.  Fan looks a bit dangerous, but the pictures are safe as long as you don't dig around Hawty's website.  Check it out.

A Slightly Sticky Halo-Themed Xbox 360

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Halo 3: ODST Nathan Fillion Interview

Heat in the pipe!

Worthplaying scored some face time with one of the faces from Halo 3: ODST.  Find out how Nathan Fillion got involved with Halo and whether or not he wants to keep throwing down.  Hit the jump to get cozy.

'Halo 3: ODST' (X360) Nathan Fillion Interview

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Aesthetic Artist Interview: The U2 RoKKeR

Rocking awesome screenshots.

HBO's Aesthetic Artist Interviews series returns.

"This week's AAI features a rock star of the Halo community. He's a relatively new Halotographer, but he's bringing his own special blend of effects to the craft. Read on about how he's mastered the trade and how he feels Halo 3: ODST will open new gateways in the world of screenshots. Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy our chat with The U2 RoKKeR."

Week 14 Aesthetic Artist Interview: The U2 RoKKeR

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15 Million and Counting

Two years and tons of players.

In case you don't have the date marked on your calendar, we thought we should make note that Halo 3 is exactly two years old today. A bit self referential, we admit, but it turns out the anniversary comes with nearly perfect timing. Yesterday, Halo 3 saw its 15 millionth unique user sign on for a little bit of online carnage. Hopefully, you didn't introduce the new recruits to too much celebratory crouching.

Thanks for playing, Seventh Column.

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IGN "Ode to a Pistol"

Sweet, sweet music.

IGN seems to be enjoying their time with all black, badass automag.  Check out this short collection of clips featuring the ODST's sound suppressed sidearm.

YouTube - Ode to a Pistol

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The Experience - A Unique Halo 3 Montage

Is it a montage or a funtage?

Well, both actually.  Takes a few to get into it, but it's nice quality video and it features some great gameplay.  Experience "The Experience."  Click the link.

YouTube - The Experience

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Septagon Case Mod

Custom casing.

Louis Wu tipped us off to this a little while back, but he's old.  That's not really relevant in any way, we just thought we'd throw it out there.  Anyway, if you're into custom Xbox 360's, check out this sweet chassis.

Septagon Xbox 360 Case Mod

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Breaking In - Tom Saville

Tom Saville talks about collaboration, ideas, and training werewolves.

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Inside BungieBreaking In 9/24/2009 5:37 PM PDT

Link Up with the B.net

Extend your online experience.

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