Fire Team Zulu: Gateway Shuffle

FyreWulff Rex writes:

Mickey always hated stuff he couldn't blow up.

Gateway Shuffle is a new ODST campaign challenge. Be sure to read the special instructions on the challenge! Uh-oh. Looks like the explosive charges Mickey has planted on the bridge have all malfunctioned. Now there's only one way to stop the Covenant from capturing the ONI building. Why must everything be done the hard way? (Submitted by Digital Ashes)

The Halo 3 challenge Rise and Shine. Welcome back to the Land of the Living. We've scanned your status, and your badly injured. During entry, your eye was damaged and you have a concussion. You've temporally lost your memory of weapons.The command requests you use all weaponry found, Plasma Pistols even. They ask this for you to remember covenant weapon handling. New Brute weapons are in use too.

To test if you remember how to use Covenant weaponry, use every different weapon possible. New Brute Weapons have come into play too since your absence; utilize them. (Submitted by Dragonzzilla)

Fire Team Zulu: Gateway Shuffle / Rise and Shine

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Teabag Prevention: This is How We Roll

jake_108 writes:

Take evasive action!

Teabag Prevention teaches you how to head fake.

"Now, I know what you're thinking: What the can go wrong with using Evade in any match? Well, using this wrong will most likely lead to your death and you looking like you've been possessed by a demon. That should be a given. Using this right can confuse your enemy, get you to cover faster, or even look like a Super Action Spartan. Evade allows players to roll a distance twice before the ability runs out. It recharges
fairly fast, but don't always rely on it."

Teabag Prevention: This is How We Roll

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Humpday Challenge: Seattle Fire Department

Fight fire with fire!

Some Humpday Challenges are executed as part of our ongoing (and often fruitless) quest to find worthy Halo: Reach competitors. Some are played for honor and glory. Last night’s Humpday didn’t travel down either of those two well-worn paths. Instead, they went the way of admiration and respect. And a buttload of rockets.

Team Bungie

Elements of Team Onyx returned to bolster an hodgepodge assemblage of employees and two hired guns. Gasca told me that deploying TTL L askan was totally cheating. I say otherwise. He’s one of ours now, even if he still rolls deep with Tied the Leader during his off hours. So, suck it Dave!

Team Fire Fodder

We didn’t name this crew – they bestowed the name upon themselves. Before the match got underway their fearless leader, RAZE 2 RUINZ, mentioned that they’d been so wrapped up in Firefight recently, he wasn’t sure if his squad would put up much of a competitive fight. Since we were just coming off a bye week ourselves, I figured that would help keep things nice and even.

Boy, was I wrong.

Game 1 – Team Snipers on Boardwalk
The Quick and the Dead.

This match was a great reminder that my reflexes have atrophied to an almost unresponsive state. I couldn’t seem to land a single shot, but it didn’t matter. Team Onyx went to work, and this one was over well before the bell rang.

Before we started the match, Drew noted that he had just come off of a double Steaktacular in a warm up game on the same map and game type. He was worried that he’d exhausted his store of luck prior to playtime, but this time practice paid dividends.

Shot in the back!

Never tell me the odds!

Insult, meet Injury.

It seemed like there were some audio problems with some of Team Fire Fodder, so we didn’t get much of the pre-game vocal stylings that usually happen. We just launched into Team Snipers on Boardwalk. Some of Team Onyx was scared because they have lost a number of times on Boardwalk. I assured them, this time “everything was gonna be k.” The game turned out really well for us, not so much for our real life firefighters.

While I don’t normally dive into this play list, hearing Tomo mention that he had just had enough alcohol to make himself a better player (or think he is a better player) gave me hope that we could pull it off. #HaloGogglesFTW

Oops, we forgot to set the score to win to 100 instead of the default 50. It ended up not hurting us though so, no harm.


And I finally won a game on Boardwalk! Definitely enjoyed playing this game.

Snipers was my idea - even though I was personally very rusty, I liked our lineup for it. The map choice was concerning, but I was optimistic, particularly after Harrison and I dominated that exact pairing in a warm up match. In the end, everyone did their job, and it set the tone for the next two games.

I spent the first half of game one looking for a place to be (hide) where I wasn’t being shot at, they met me at two-tree early and kept pressuring us for positions the entire game. It’s probably lucky that we had the low score snafu because they were poised to start making their comeback just as the game ended.

We explored the space.

Bungie wins 50 - 29.

Check out Game 1 from Tomo's POV

Game 2 – Team Rockets on Hemorrhage
You have chosen, poorly.

Typically, Game 2 is selected by the challengers, but a confluence of NAT issues and outright indecisiveness led to some confusion on the part of Team Fire Fodder. After what felt like two and a half hours, they passed the helm back to me and we ditched the Long Rifles in favor of some much bigger guns.

Rockets with unlimited ammunition with a side of Golf Club might fit the description for what some consider a palette cleansing game mode. I say this is staple Halo. From the moment we spawned in, our curious gorge was instantly covered with a warm blanket of comfortably explosive carnage. Nearly everyone went with Jet Packs and the race to 100 kills was peppered liberally with laughter on both sides of the gulch.

Teeing Off

Carnage Everywhere.

Man, I love a Rockets game. People flying around in Jetpacks raining down death is a thing of beauty. The Golf Club secondary ended up being really funny in the up-close battles. The firefighters score in this game was a little better, but they still were feeling a bit beat down.

8v8 Rocketfest was probably my favorite. It’s just so much fun to watch your rocket scream across the map only to be deflected by another explosion and jink into the side of a warthog that just got loaded up. I was thoroughly impressed with how many times I was blasted out of midair, on the ground, or in vehicles.

I remember Urk trying to call out some strategy for us to pull away in this game and I thought to myself “Really? Strategy for rockets?”

Editor’s Note: aim for the head!

In the aftermath of Game 1, the firefighters decided that Team Rockets might help level the playing field, and we agreed to go with it. Rockets and jetpacks are so awesome together that this gametype belongs in matchmaking. Tomo and I led the way to another solid Bungie victory paved with hilarity, explosions, and betrayals.

So many explosions. Jetpacking with rockets makes for some awesome battles, especially if you get close enough to your enemy midair and switch to the “Golf Club.”

The second game was a blast. (See what I did there?) Grassy knoll saw the most action, with plenty of Jetpack skirmishes and even a couple of sweet Golf Club kills. Our attempts at vehicle pushes into their base area were met with a firm resistance of the rocket variety. As fun as the kamikaze hog runs were, the highlight of this game had to be watching both teams cross map rockets randomly hitting opposing Jetpackers midair.

Little bit lopsided.

Bungie wins 100 - 52.

Check out Game 2 from Tomo's POV

Game 3 – Elite Slayer on Countdown

Poppin’ and Lockin’.

Our Game 3 strategy was cemented before we ever set foot in matchmaking for the evening. Since we didn’t have access to any of our opponents’ gamertags, save for RAZE 2 RUINZ, we didn’t know just how stiff our competition would ultimately be. We figured if we’d lost the Snipers game on Boardwalk, they’d have an already handy advantage in the skill game, and Elite Slayer, for all of its fast pace shenanigans, is still a curiosity for many players. And it features tons of Armor Lock, everyone's most favoritest AA.

Halcylon assumes the position at the start of the match.

And Team Firefodder returns the favor.

For the final game, we chose one of our favorites, Elite Slayer with 16 people on Countdown. Serious chaos for serious times. I love the Plasma Pistol punch out, and this game gave me many opportunities to fulfill that desire.

Elite slayer is just so much fun. The amount of explosions, pink mist, and Armor Lock going on just makes you laugh at the madness ensuing around you. #PopAndLock

Editor’s Note: #tweetingtoohard

Elite Slayer on Countdown was a madhouse, as expected – there was locking, rolling, and a chaotic festival of explosions around every corner. Fortunately, this team apparently thrives in such conditions, and our Dinos completed the sweep.

Since we had already won the first two games now it was time for some klowntown, as Urk calls it. Rolling around on Countdown with 16 players makes things a little hectic! Weapon of choice was mainly melees and plasma grenades.

Managed to get hands on the sword first in game three, and slap chop our way to an early lead. Add a dash of Evade, double serving of Armor Lock and all the stickies you can eat, then bake for 5 minutes @ 360 degrees on Countdown. Elite slayer is the perfect recipe if you’re planning a get-together this holiday season.

Bungie wins 100 - 58.

Check out Game 3 from Tomo's POV

Another Wednesday. Another victory for our highly-skilled Bungie Humpday Team. But as much as we do enjoy the sweet afterglow of yet another night of total domination, the real win for our squad was the opportunity to play with such a great group of guys. Even as we were thanking these fine fellows for their upstanding community service, they were busy heaping praise on our nations veterans – marginalizing their own bravery by pointing out the sacrifices of others.

Thanks for everything you do, Team Fire Fodder. It was our pleasure to play some games with you.

I’m glad we got the chance to play with these guys. They were really good sports, and put up with our shenanigans. We’re lucky to have them protecting the city of Seattle. Our hats off to you.

I was so glad to play with some of our nation’s finest. It really was a treat to have them put out some of our digital flames.

All of us really enjoyed playing in this week’s Humpday. Our local firefighters are great sports, and while we’re busy making games, these heroes are out saving homes and lives. We owe you guys some huge thanks, and even though you kept extinguishing our flames, we knew you were just keeping us safe.

Thanks again to the firefighters for playing with us. We had a great time and appreciate everything they do for our safety!

Lionel gets the last words:
Firefighters are heroes, real life heroes that are willing to risk their lives to save ours. It was an honor to get games with these gentlemen.

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Map Spotlight Week 4 - Terra Firma

a rascal cat writes:

Go-Go Gadget, Monitor Mode! 

A rascal cat is back with another great Forge map. Read all about it. (Then click the links to check it out for yourself.)

"I'm back again with another community made map worthy of your time. The map I will be showing you this week is Terra Firma, by El Roboto.

Unfortunately, I'm out of character space on this submission, and I think it's better you get the details from the map creator himself, El Roboto, who took some time to answer questions about his map:

Q. I know Terra Firma is in the Hemorrhage space, and it is also a BTB map. What sets this map apart from Hemorrhage?

A. Ironically Terra Firma was created due to the frustration players were having with Hemorrhage before the first playlist update. Accessibility for players on foot as well as creating a more balanced atmosphere between vehicle vs player combat were some of the first ideas implemented in creating the map. If anything the most obvious differences between the two maps is the two layered structure in the middle of the map housing a Rocket Launcher for those in need of taking out any pesky vehicles and cover for anyone unfortunate to be out in the middle of battlefield without a vehicle as well as some vehicle and weaponry adjustments.

Q. This map does not include a human sniper or scorpion tank. In playtesting the map, how did that change gameplay in the canyon?

A. Compared to Hemorrhage the Sniper Rifle was replaced with the Focus Rifle while both bases instead have a Wraith Tank in gametypes that support it. Overall players who tested the map enjoyed the alterations. There were less frustrating moments where players felt helpless or agitated as well as still providing offensive capabilities for player using the Focus Rifle or Wraith. If anything it does create some very interesting combat in the middle of the map without it being horribly one sided depending who's tank was left standing or whoever could land a sniper shot first.

Q. The canyon is a big place, and Hemorrhage provided teleporters to shorten the distance. Does your map have any features to shorten foot travel times?

A. While Teleporters are still present in both bases alterations have been made so the flow of battle is a lot more clear and less likely for players to walking out into the open after teleporting and getting killed. Teleporter exits have been switched between team so that they have a less likely chance of having enemy players already looking at them as well as the ability for teammates to provide support from their side of the map. Small bases have also been added by the teleporter exits to provide more cover and prevent vehicles from camping the teleporters. There use to be man cannons on both of the teleporter bases to allow people to get to certain weapons and combat quicker similar to Avalanche though after some playtesting it provided too many problems with mislaunches and numerous pancake shaped Spartans and Elites.

- Thank you for your time Roboto. I am positive the community will enjoy this map as much as I do. Thank you for putting both the time, and effort into creating this for us.

Map: Terra Firma

Creator: El Roboto

Rendered Fly Through: Terra Firma Fly Through
Rendered Gameplay: Terra Firma Gameplay"

Community 11/11/2010 9:39 AM PST permalink

Halo: Reach Fails - Episode 4

Gear61 Owns writes:

Are you gonna be my girl?

So much fail, it's win.

"Here is the 4th episode of the Halo: Reach Fails series, a series featuring the fails of players like you from all around the world. I really liked the epic fail of the week for this episode, and there's an epic tank spawn on Hemorrhage clip that's great as well. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Halo: Reach Fails - Episode 4

Halo: Reach 11/11/2010 9:35 AM PST permalink

SHC - Halo: Reach Community Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Do you want it enough?

7 minutes of montage.

"This is a Halo: Reach community montage from the SingleHaloClips community, edited by Player 2. The editing is basic and doesn't consist of much besides basic syncing. The gameplay, on the other hand, is pretty sick, showcasing a lot of sick no scopes and a RIDICULOUS 2 for 1 overkill extermination on The Cage. Enjoy!"

YouTube - SHC - Halo: Reach Community Montage (October Edition)

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Forging Ahead: Back to Basics

Feedback loop.

HBO tipped us off that GhaleonEB's serial Forge chronicling has been updated with a new and improved chapter. Looks like Crossroads is getting repaved.

Forging Ahead: Back to Basics

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Halo: Reach Top Ten Kill (11.10.2010)

CheckedBRUTES writes:

The best of the best.

IGN keeps on keepin' on.

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Halo Reach: Top 10 Exterminations Episode 8

Wipe them out...

Anoj is feeling dangerous this week. His latest Top 10 takes a look at the deadliest Halo: Reach Exterminations he could find. Up next: No-Scopes, Lucky Kills, and Suicides. If you've got clips that fit those descriptions, submission instructions are at the jump.

YouTube - Halo Reach: Top 10 Exterminations Episode 8

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Cone Combat II: Clash of the Cones

Arbiter 617 writes:

Mano y...cone-o?

Well, now this is bizarre.

"Black Plasma Studios just released a sequel to their unfreakingbelievably unique and popular film, Cone Combat, with all new HD quality and amazing new editing. This video is being submitted as part of Machinination's "Say No To The Cone" contest, so help support BPS in their struggle for Youtube domination!

If you haven't seen the first one, you're in luck, for this film can be seen completely independent of their first installment. Curious who would vs cone? You'll have to find out. Oh and did I mention camping stools?"

YouTube - Cone Combat II: Clash of the Cones

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Open wide!

HBO tipped us off that 2900d4u updated his gallery to include some expansive new Halo: Reach screenshots. Get your eyes on 'em at the link below.


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GBWL11 Sign-ups

ligit46 writes:

Don't make us force you.

If you see blue, click.

"Attention all Grifballers: Sign-ups for the American Grifball League of America are winding down, but there is still time.  Sign-ups for GBWL11 end on Saturday, November 13th at 11:59PM US-CST.  That means you only have a few days left to sign up!  Well, what are you waiting for?

"If it is your first time applying for the league, you, and your teammates, will need to do a few things before applying. First, you must register on You can do that by signing up in the top right hand corner of the home page. Secondly, you will have to Register a team on You can find a How-to on that here. You can also find some information on how to create a team here. Lastly, your teammates will need to be registered and added to your team for your application to be valid.

Some things you might need to know. the AGLA has moved over to Halo: Reach to be able to provide you with the most up-to-date entertainment in the virtual sports world. The gametype of Grifball will be Grifball Evolved and the map will be  A.G.L.A. High Tide.

Sign-ups will close Saturday, November 13th at 11:59pm CST. League will start Monday, November 15th.

In order to apply, you will need to fill out the form entirely: AGLA GBWL11 Application

And finally, the FAQ and other various things will be updated within the week, but it is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you know the number 1 rule of Grifball: Don't be a Douche. Teams/players can/will be banned for any behavior that violates that rule. It is a competitive game, but show sportsmanship, and it will make it a safe environment for all participants.

Any questions can be directed to the Adminstrators Green Team Tex or TheOneHawk. Also, you could fill out the Q&A located at the top of the home page. Remember to have fun and to check out GrifballHUB for news and tips."

Community 11/10/2010 9:17 AM PST permalink

Newguy2445's Updated deviantART Gallery

a rascal cat writes:

Artwork is his middle name.

Get some new Halo: Reach artwork to hang on your desktop walls.

"In newguy2445's gallery you will find some stunning photography, digital art, and concept art. Some of which is Halo related, and some of which falls under various other categories. Nonetheless, his work is brilliant, and I'm sure he'd love it if you provided him with some constructive criticism, and feedback. If you'd like to view his separate Halo galleries, here are some links.


HALO The Guardians

HALO Finish the Pack

HALO 2nd Pack

HALO Reach

Enjoy, and thank you newguy for creating these brilliant masterpieces for us all to see. Cheers!"

Community 11/10/2010 9:13 AM PST permalink

Reaching Perfection

Godly_Perfection writes:

Apply some polish and shine to your Forge experience.

We're not the only ones that are willing to part with some of our sweet Forge Pro-tips!

"Making a map is more than just throwing some objects together. Every piece has a purpose, every weapon exists for a reason, and every path is available as another option. Learning to make everything flow together to create a fun and enjoyable experience for players is a delicate process. Interested in exploring the art of level design? is a blog where devoted forgers come together to discuss the intricacies of level design. Through there you will explore and answer questions like:

Why would putting the rocket launcher on the cliff be better than putting it on the bridge?

How do I make players spread out from the main area and utilize the rest of the map?

Or even a question like, how do I get my map out there for the world to enjoy?

So what are you waiting for? There are currently 36 Forge Design Theory Lessons ready to be read and a new one to read every three to four days. Interested in perfecting YOUR map for the Forgetacular contest? Well this is the place to go my friends."

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Caught on Film - Reach Rave

Don't stop the music.

Seriously, don't stop the music. They'll start shooting. - Rave

Halo: Reach 11/9/2010 1:24 PM PST permalink

Devin-Sent Giveaway - Round 3

Not to be confused with Devon-Sent.

Don't ask. Just hit the link and register for a chance to win some Halo MEGA Bloks.

Devin-Sent Giveaway - Registration (Round 3)

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Tied the Leader: Dust Off!

You have to experience it for yourself.

Taking the fine art of precision flag capturing to another, Hog-filled level.

Tied the Leader: Dust Off!

Community 11/9/2010 9:11 AM PST permalink

Halo: Reach Spartan Rube Goldburg

Carnage A51 writes:

Showing some love.

Only love is missing some letters. That's alright, Carnage was likely exhausted from all the Forging.

"This is a video showing my thanks to Bungie for all of their hard work and dedication that they put into their games, by way of spartan Rube Goldburg. Thanks for everything Bungie, I've enjoyed every second that I've had to play your games, and have shared so many memories in the process. I look foward to playing your next game, whatever that may be. And, you guys truelly deserve this video.

Thanks again,

Carnage A51."

YouTube - Showing Sum Luv (Halo: Reach Spartan Rube Goldburg)

Halo: Reach 11/9/2010 9:03 AM PST permalink

Halo: Reach Player Image Generator

Enormous Corgi writes:

You're so vain.

You probably think this post is about you. And it is. Veegie created an applet that allows you to envision your Halo: Reach Spartan in the full array of available armor options.

"I thought I'd share a project a friend and I have been working on for the past month. It allows you to quickly create, configure, and save Halo Reach player images. Please read over my site to get all of the details on how the program works. I really hope you all enjoy the effort we put in to make this. After all, it was made entirely for the community! :)"

Halo: Reach 11/9/2010 8:59 AM PST permalink

Tag and Release - ODST

Drop face first into some battle-tested screenshots.

This week's Tag and Release digs back into our not so distant past to uncover some ODST-themed assets. Even in Reach, this arm of the UNSC is prepped and ready for combat. You know the music...


Into Hell

Desperate Measure


Cool Guys

My Good Side

All Alone

Thousand Points of Light

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Wish You Were Here

Graphic Violence

Though these are the best of the best, there are plenty more soldiers lined up and ready to be deployed for your viewing pleasure. Check out the complete collection of community multimedia using our Halo: Reach File Share feature. And if you want other players to uncover your clues, don't rely on VISR mode, make sure you're tagging your content items for maximum awareness.

Halo: Reach 11/8/2010 1:09 PM PST permalink

Good Game Media Gives Good Charity

Awesome items up for auction.

This mighty fine collections of swag, memorabilia, and games spans several studios (including Bungie). All proceeds benefit Child's Play Charity and The Brian Wood Memorial. If you have the means, your help is appreciated.

Good Game Media Charity Auction

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Pick a Pumpkin

Vote now. We ain't asking.

HBO took the time to collect all of this year's epic submissions. The least you could do is take a few minutes to vote for your favorites. There are some pumpkins in here that you simply have to see to believe.

343 Guilt O' Lantern: Voting

Group Directive 11/8/2010 9:21 AM PST permalink

Domino's Grab Bag Giveaways Round 14

More free stuff!

Not to be outdone, HBOer Domino Theory is now giving away awesome free stuff. All you have to do is submit your email address. Bam!

Domino's Grab Bag Giveaways, Round 14

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Free Stuff From FyreWulff

Two ways to win.

Three, if you count feeling awesome about supporting a great charity. Click on the link below for a chance to win a Noble Map Pack code.

Noble Map Pack Codes - from FyreWulff

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Halo: Reach - Accolades Trailer

rtszombie writes:

I'm ready. How 'bout you?

Looks like Microsoft deployed a new trailer over the weekend. If you're reading this, you're probably already on board the Halo: Reach bandwagon. If not, maybe one final effort is all that remains.

"A very beautiful, action packed, epic masterpiece of a trailer."

Halo: Reach - Accolades Trailer

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