Reflection - A Halo: Reach Community Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Short and sweet.

This is a Halo: Reach community montage put together by Archonize titled, "Reflection". The video is very short, but it makes up for it with the absolutely ridiculous gameplay, which includes a nasty no scope overkill extermination on Sanctuary along with a DMR killtastrophe. The soundtrack is very simple and relaxed, and the editing mirrors this feel quite well, using only basic effects such as slow-mo and flashes along with clever clip placement to create flow. Enjoy!

YouTube - Reflection - A Halo: Reach Community Montage

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Portal: Reach

Now you're thinking with teleportals!

Wow. Overdoziz x 7revorBlack x crafted an impressive test chamber using nothing but Forge and a heaping helping of brain power. Thanks to Claude for the heads up, and overdoziz for slapping it up on YouTube.

YouTube - Portal: Reach

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Reach MM Maps/Gametypes Repository Project

Finders keepers.

HBOer FyreWulff is taking it upon himself to collect all our official map and game variants, and put them all in a fancy collection so you can easy finger the merch. If you've been looking for that one incredible game variant you played in matchmaking, but forgot to save off to your hard drive, drop in using the link and see if you can't find what you've been searching for.

Reach MM Maps/Gametypes Repository Project

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Queso Man 9 - Halo: Reach Montage

Queso Man writes:

Behold the power of Cheese.

Once again Queso Man offers up a creamy blend of great plays and shenanigans in his ninth, cheese-themed montage.

"Queso Man returns to Halo shenanigans in his first Reach montage of sorts. Grab your chips and dip in."

YouTube - Queso Man 9

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Map Spotlight: Submit Your Maps Now

Raaascal writes:

Map quest.

Get your sweet map featured in a sweet map spotlight.

"We are running somewhat low on maps for the Map Spotlight, so a few weeks back, we made a thread in the Optimatch Playlist Forum where you can post the maps that you would like to see featured in the Map Spotlight. Without further ado, I present to you...

The Guidelines:

1) You may only submit one map at a time.
2) You cannot submit someone else's map without their permission.
3) If you have any questions regarding the map spotlight, you can discuss those in the thread itself, or send them to Please make the subject line "Map Spotlight" (without the quotations, of course).

Note: You will be asked to fill out the interview in the thread itself, as well as provide a link to the map, and any other files related to your map. If you do not possess rendered films, or screenshots of the map, that is okay. Now---get to submitting!

Map Spotlight: Submit Your Maps Now


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IGN Top 10 Halo: Reach Kills: 5.4.2011

CheckedBRUTES writes:

The best of the best multiplayer kills.

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Myyke's "All Halo's" Competition

ElzarTheBam writes:

Win some Halo nameplates!

Myyke is giving away another 7 Halo PC games (or, more accurately, serial codes) for folks looking to snag that Halo PC nameplate on To enter, you just need to submit a screenshot (or artwork) that captures the beauty of the Halo landscape. Go read the full rules in his post in the link below:

Community 5/5/2011 9:17 AM PDT permalink

Matchmaking Updates are Live!

Details inside.

If you already read the update on 4/22, none of this will catch you off guard. Otherwise, details are below, courtesy of Jeremiah. (Who is really into instant arm for Assault.)

Action Sack

  • Shotty Snipers: Shotguns and Sniper Rifles… don’t forget to bring marshmallows.
  • Splockets: Spartan Lasers and Rocket Launchers. It’s like getting punched in the face repeatedly, WHY DID YOU ASK FOR THIS?!
  • BOOM! Ball: Play Oddball (Hot Potato) with Grenade Launchers and infinite ammo.
  • Hog Potato: Get to the Warthog! Ride it around for points, pile your teammates in for more points. Does anyone else smell gas?
  • Shotgun Assault: Play Neutral Bomb Assault with only your trusty Shotgun.
  • Dino Blasters: Elites + Concussion Rifles + Bottomless Clip + Jetpack = 42
  • Rocket CTF: Play Neutral Flag CTF using Rocket Launchers. Yes you heard me, Neutral FLAG.
  • To The Death!: Duel to the death… swing, clang and deliver the final blow with no recharging shields.

Squad Slayer

Squad Slayer is a new 5v5 playlist featuring Squad Slayer (AR/Magnum) and Squad Slayer DMRs (DMR/AR) game variants. Both game variants will be 75 kills to win and offer Sprint, Hologram, Jetpack and Active Camo abilities. Big Party Restrictions will be enforced on parties of 4-5 players, allowing them to only match with other big parties. Maps include Condemned, Uplink, Tempest, Unanchored, Asylum, Uncaged, Ivory Tower Reflection, Countdown, Boardwalk, Powerhouse and Arena Zealot.

  • Team Size: 5
  • Max Party Size: 5
  • Big Party Size: 4-5
  • Max Local Players: 4

Team Classic

We’re adding Classic CTF, Neutral Bomb Assault, Crazy King and Oddball game variants to the Team Classic lineup. Additionally, we’re changing starting grenades for all game variants in the Team Classic playlist to 1 frag starts and the Overshield will now give 3x up from 2x. We’ve accepted updated versions of a few maps and added objective gametype support to others.

  • Classic CTF: Magus, Noble Creek, Prolonged, Prophet
  • Classic Assault: Magus, Noble Creek, Prophet
  • Classic King: Eclipse, Magus, Noble Creek, Prolonged, Prophet
  • Classic Oddball: Eclipse, Magus, Noble Creek, Prolonged, Prophet, Rat Trap

Living Dead

The dead rise again! Significant changes are being made to the Living Dead playlist. First and foremost we’re increasing the player count to 12. Next up we’re going to start using the Alpha Zombies game variant as our core offering, but the traditional Infection game variant will remain available for the time being. Alpha Zombies features Sprint for everyone including Zombies, while Alpha Zombies also have infinite equipment usage.

Big Team Battle

Assault is being added to Big Team Battle! In addition to adding Assault, we’re also adding several community maps. The following maps have been considered and some are still being playtested so this is not a final list, some of these may or may not be added.

  • Abridged by Schmittler 5000 (Forgetacular BTB winner)
  • Wayont by FDL iGet Down (Original map from the community)
  • Utopie by FDL FiFTy I (Paradiso rebalance from the community)
  • Renegade by x black kn1ght
  • Trident by x black kn1ght
  • Temptation by tkblingx2

The Arena, Team Slayer and Double Team

Always subject to change, blah blah blah… let’s just assume this is always the case and get on to the good stuff? OK! The following community maps are being considered for integration into The Arena, Team Slayer and Double Team where appropriate. Due to the inclusion of community maps, the Team Slayer playlist will be restricted to a maximum of 2 local players. For you wild and crazy split-screen fans, please see the Squad Slayer section above for where you’ll get your 3way and 4way action on.

  • Affinity by GodlyPerfection
  • Enclosed by Kymicals
  • Kingdom by Sikamikanico
  • Synapse by HWM BlacKnight
  • Treasury by JoeSki73

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Forge Café Recap Video 4

undr zid writes:

Ten minutes of fun and Forge.

Forge Café brewed up their fourth Forge Recap Video. Check out all the user created spaces they waged war on by clicking on the link below.

"After eight hours of solid gameplay, and a few thousand fallen men, Forge Cafe would like to present you with a video containing the aftermath. Thank to all the members for helping out with the testing, and bringing along some really sweet maps. This one is for the books."

YouTube - FCCGN Recap Video 4

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Halocharts BTB Tournament Registration is Open!

Smyf writes:

Sign your team up for the largest Big Team Battle tournament of the Summer!

The Big Team Battle Tournament opens its doors to team registration today. This year teams will be competing for dozens of prizes including Microsoft Points and Halo: Reach Figurines.

So what are you waiting for? Come on over to and get up to speed with all of the latest tournament info!

Smyf, Tournament Manager

Community 5/3/2011 9:42 AM PDT permalink

The Bungie Reach Dance

Dr Ninja writes:

You should see what's going on below the waist!

There are no words. Seriously. It's just some daft dudes dancing.

YouTube - The Bungie Reach Dance!

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Halotracker Top 5 - April - Top 5 Sticks

Supreme Lyrics writes:

Stuck on you.

Well, it's not a top ten, but I guess it'll do. ;)

"The Halotracker Top 5 is back! We are kicking off our new series, with Sticks! The community has been submitting their best clips over the past weeks, so here is April's episode, Top 5 Sticks!"

YouTube - Halotracker Top 5 - April - Top 5 Sticks

Halo: Reach 5/3/2011 9:25 AM PDT permalink

HaloCharts Top Ten Episode 1

ZaccyBengence writes:

 Explosions, fireworks, and more kills than you can possibly imagine.

I was just thinking to myself that we could use some more top tens, and bam!

"This is the first HaloCharts Top Ten Presented by the HaloCharts Prophet League. Gameplay by many different people, commentary by Arpeggiate, and judging by the HCPL Staff.

We would like to thank all those who submitted their clips. We will be re opening submissions for episode 2 soon so please be on the look out! you can view the video underneath so please enjoy and don't be afraid to leave your thoughts."

YouTube - HaloCharts Top Ten: Episode 1

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Bungie All Stars - Week 17

It's a bird, it's a plane...

Sorry for the late start this morning. I got caught in a little bit of Monday morning traffic. If only I'd have had a Jet Pack.

  1. Take a screenshot (or make some art) featuring the Jet Pack in action. Spartan or Elite, it doesn't matter a bit. Just make sure you capture the miracle of flight.
  2. You have from this very second until Thursday, May 5th at 11:59pm PT to submit your entry for consideration to
  3. Use the subject line “Bungie All Star Week 17” without the quotation marks.
  4. The size limit for attachments is 10MB. Include a preview image and a link to the original in your file share, or an external host for artwork.
  5. One submission per person. Please include your profile and gamertag in your email.

Fly, you fools!

P.S. Yeah, we kinda already did the Jet Pack as a secondary offering for Week 8. Thing is, it kinda got steamrolled by the Chickenpede. Make it your primary focus this week and don't rehash a screenshot you've already submitted. I'm hoping to hand out a whole mess of stars this week.

CommunityHalo: Reach 5/2/2011 10:26 AM PDT permalink

The Fails of Reach: Fan Fails 3

CruelLEGACEY writes:

Now your failure is complete.

First aired on Halo Waypoint, this version of The Fails of Reach: Fan Fails 3 includes fails not seen in the original cut. To submit your own clip to The Fails of Reach, go to

YouTube - The Fails of Reach: Fan Fails 3

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Swag 2 - A Halo: Reach Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

All of this is tearing us apart.

We need a montage!

"This is a Halo: Reach dualtage from KayEmX and FKIV, edited by Revenge, titled, 'Swag 2.' It features some of their leftover clips, and it is the sequel to their Halo: Reach dualtage, 'Swag,' which they released a couple months ago. The gameplay's pretty darn sweet for leftovers, featuring a sweet overkill no scope on Sanctuary and a nice creative stick at the end along with many other good clips. The editing was done in only 4 days, but the syncing is still very well done, and the flow is great. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Swag 2 - A Halo: Reach Montage

Halo: Reach 5/2/2011 9:40 AM PDT permalink

Forge Lesson 48: Veteran Testing

Godly_Perfection writes:

Learning from the "Grizzled Ancients" of your map.

As promised, I'm back with the polar opposite of Kleenex Testing. Where Kleenex Testing is all about testing your first impression for players that have never played your map, Veteran Testing is all about testing the lasting impression for players that know everything there is to know about your map. So dive into this lesson and continue your trek towards perfection.

Lesson 48: Veteran Testing

* Veteran testing revolves around the idea of how a player plays when he knows everything there is to know about the map
* To reach the point of veteran testing, time is required for players to gain enough experience with the map
* While testing with players that are familiar with the map, watching what they use and what they don't use can help you build a nice balance in your design

Community 5/2/2011 9:26 AM PDT permalink

The Chronicles of ODS Steve #86

DeepCee writes:

That Familiar Feeling.

The trials of one particular Elite never seem to cease.

Chronicles of ODS Steve - Episode 86

Halo 3: ODST 5/2/2011 9:25 AM PDT permalink

Bungie Weekly Update: 04/29/2011

A Garden of Earthly Delights!

Read Full Top Story

Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo: Reach 4/29/2011 2:29 PM PDT

Tyrant's Mythic Tips & Tricks - Volume I

Tyrant122312 writes:

Evil gets an update.

With the LASO challenges now in full swing, it couldn't be a better time to roll out a few updates to give you, the players, a much more rounded perspective of Mythic difficulty (Legendary + all skulls on + no deaths).  Many of you may have looked at the current guide, and though it's certainly helpful, there still may be areas in the campaign where the current content just isn't enough. 

Once again, though, the Tyrant has your back!  Beginning with Volume One of his new "Mythic Tips & Tricks" series, he'll walk you through all of the methods other conquerors used to help them get through the missions including methods that have been discovered since the release of the guide.  Many of these make certain encounters and scenarios in the missions MUCH easier allowing you to snag those weeklies with relative ease.  Each volume will showcase five new tactics that have never been publicized to the general community before, and yes, he is taking submissions from ALL players provided that:

1) The tactic is performed on Mythic Difficulty (that includes Blind!).
2) Has been tested and is repeatable.
3) Is fully rendered and in your file share linked to your gamertag.
4) Private message Tyrant122312 (crazy numbers...) for your submission.

Note that THIS week's episode includes a handy tactic for the upcoming New Alexandria LASO challenge.  Thanks for watching!

Tyrant's Mythic Tips & Tricks - Volume I

Halo: Reach 4/29/2011 10:44 AM PDT permalink

Fire Team Zulu: Queen Kat

FyreWulff Rex writes:

Royalty on Reach!

Ah, to be Queen for a day... and that's what Kat is! Today's the royal day, and she's here to order you around - but no using any vehicles! That's not proper for Royalty.

Throw on those required skulls and get your walking shoes on. You're gonna have to clean out the base and it's backyard on foot. We will be pleased if you complete this task.

Fire Team Zulu: Queen Kat

Halo: Reach 4/29/2011 10:43 AM PDT permalink

Halo: Reach - Achievement HORSE #21

Oh, my God. Really?

Jack and Geoff continue their grueling battle against each other in this week's Achievement HORSE! All maps are available at

YouTube - Halo: Reach - Achievement HORSE #21

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"Noble Teams Story" Halo: Reach Wallpapers

Halo biggest fan writes:

To see how the other half lives.

AirForceHero whipped up some slick wallpapers from Noble Team's point of view. A couple of them contain pretty significant story spoilers.

"I decided to make make a story for every member of Noble Team. I tried to get the overall concept of each Noble members fate's within the visor. Digitally, I painted every one but Jun's Story and Emile's skull."

Six's Story
Carter's Story
Kat's Story
Jun's Story
Emile's Story
Jorge's Story

Community 4/28/2011 9:19 AM PDT permalink

HuD Halo: Reach Game Night

xExOp90x writes:

Come have fun, with Hope unto Dawn.

Pop-in your Halo: Reach disc and come have fun with Hope unto Dawn on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 7 PM EST. Play some great Halo: Reach community made maps, and get competitive with Matchmaking.

Would you like to join? Well, you can go sign up and find out more info here.

Hope to see you on the battlefield!

Community 4/28/2011 9:08 AM PDT permalink

IGN Top 10 Kills: (04.27.2011)

CheckedBRUTES writes:

The best of the best multiplayer kills.

Halo: Reach 4/28/2011 9:07 AM PDT permalink