Bungie Weekly Update: 7/11/08

Officially and unofficially the worst update of all time?

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Bungie Weekly UpdateCommunityHalo 3 7/11/2008 4:22 PM PDT

Wunderkind Makes Weapons Out of Cardboard

What happens when you combine cardboard and ingenuity with pure, unadulterated fandom? Something sweet. That's what.


Rarely do things so defy words as what you're watching above this text. This kid is a scholar and will likely end up a gentlemen. 

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Bungie Day '08 (Machinima Film)

sniper2477 writes:

Enjoy a short glimpse at what could happen if the friendly folks at Bungie Studios decided to exact revenge against the darker side of the Halo community. It's a collaborative film created by Sniper2477 and the amazing innovators at Ninja Adventure Productions.

Just wanted to showcase a video project about what would really happen if Halo 3 is shutdown for a day. Check it out here!


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Fiesta Double EXP Weekend Now!

As the Bungie Day festivities settle down, we're throwing one more party.

Starting right now, Fiesta is available as this weekend's double EXP playlist. People that enjoyed our Cinco De Mayo playlist will feel right at home, as Fiesta uses the same 8 player FFA format and variants on the fiesta theme. For those of you that missed out before, Fiesta is a gametype where you spawn with random weapons every time. Could be a Plasma Pistol, or it could be a Rocket Launcher. Good luck out there!

Fiesta is available from 11:00am PDT Thursday, July 10 until 2am Monday the 14th. All downloadable content (Heroic, Legendary, and Cold Storage) are required to play.

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Best of Forge - Spring/Summer '08

Shock Theta writes:

Forge Hub presents 'Best of Forge' - a quest to discover the best of the best community maps made in the first half of 2008. Come help the forging and Halo community identify the most shining examples of top quality user created content. Every vote counts!

Forge Hub presents 'Best of Forge' - a quest to discover the best of the best community maps made in the first half of 2008. Voting is open until the 20th of July. Help the forging and Halo community identify the most shining examples of top quality user created content. Every vote counts!

Voting categories:

- Overall
- Aesthetic
- Design
- Objective
- Mini-Game
- Race
- Slayer
- Infection/Casual
- Original
- Technical

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Pwnathon for Charity Conclusion

The 2old2playHALO Pwnathon 2008 was a month-long charity drive, consisting of fundraising based on gaming challenges. After a lot of Halo 3 games, contests and fun, over $1100 was raised for the PKDcure.org cause.

It's hard to believe that just a couple months ago, our clan - 2old2playHALO - decided to do something to help out a cause. While in 2007 we banded together to get a 360 for our last remaining member without a 360, there was a drive to do more. GLAD360 (that drive's name) was fun, it was generous. So why not put that ambition to good use, and why not open it up to the rest of 2old2play.com. Soon, there were teasers of something big coming, and then Mulch's kick off post announced it - a pwnathon drive to benefit PKDCure.org, to the honor of our clanmate and his son.

Well, in a nutshell, we did it - and more specifically, 2old2play.com did. To amazing effect. With everyone's help, we blew past our initial goal of $500 in the first couple weeks of the Pwnathon. Challenges such as Mulch's Guitar Hero night, the Mod Your Motto challenge, and everyone's attempts to sticky DreadDew pushed us quickly towards our goal. Once we hit it, the core team of the Pwnathon met and decided to mimic the developer of our favorite game, Halo 3, and reset the goal to $777.77, to coincide with Bungie Day (7/7 of 2008).

With renewed interest and focus, new challenges arose. We had Caeser's sig auction, the PinkPwn challenge, the Forge Contest, Jonny12gauge's screenshot challenge, and of course, the Custom Keychain auction (to the tune of over $200 - special thanks to JeepChick's $75 win of the individual keychain!). I've dragged on this post long enough... you want... nay, you need the results.

We not only beat our initial goal, but we more than doubled it. I will be humbled and honored to present PKDCure.org with a check for $1183.77.

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Halo Tracks on Bungie Favorites Vol. 2

The long-delayed week two of Halo Tracks Bungie Favorites is now online.

After week one of their appearance on Bungie Favorites melted their web host - the perils of being linked to from Bungie.net are well documented - HaloTracks upgraded their pipe and are ready for their second week of files on Favorites.

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Reconstruction Chapter 6 Online

The guys at Red vs Blue have put up Chapter 6 of their Reconstruction series.

The guys at Red vs Blue have put up Chapter 6 of their Reconstruction series. Be sure to check it out here.

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Exclusive "Active Camo EVA" available at www.Spawn.com

mastercraig writes:

A limited edition clear plastic EVA spartan is now available to anyone who registers a spawn.com account. By reserving either one or two, you give yourself the ability to purchase the figure when it is released later this year.

(from Spawn.com)
Online Spawn Store Exclusive Available Only Through Our Pre-order Site
July 03, 2008
Copyright 2008 TMP International, Inc. Beginning Monday, July 7, you will have the opportunity to pre-order an online exclusive Halo 3 figure -- the 'active camo' EVA Spartan Soldier. To pre-order this exclusive, you must have an account with our online store. (For those of you without an account, membership is FREE.) Click here to register or log in. Offered exclusively through our pre-order site, this 6-inch figure cannot be found anywhere else.

Pre-ordering will reserve the Halo Exclusive(s) for you. You will receive an email with information regarding the actual order and ship dates, which are scheduled for late 2008. You will also be notified by email with exact dates to place your order.

During our online store's brief hiatus (offline from July 7- Aug. 1 -- read the story here) our pre-order site will remain up and running.

The 6-inch scale 'active camo' (clear) EVA Spartan Soldier features 26 moving parts and includes a grenade and assault rifle. Retail price will be $12.99, and there will be a purchase limit of two figures per order. You must specify how many of this exclusive figure you plan to purchase when placing your pre-order.

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Reclaimer 62 is available.

Silent Vandal writes:

The 62nd installment of graphic novel Reclaimer is online.

This installment features a voiceover from an unknown entity.

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DigitalPh33r's Guide to Making Halo 3 Machinima: Part Two

Rare_Spartan writes:

Creator of the Arby 'n' the Chief series offers some more tips on producing machinima in Halo 3.

The second installment of DigitalPh33r's Guide to Making Halo 3 Machinima is up now on Machinima.com. From covering the basics of hardware and software, to hooking up your video capturing material properly, there's a healthy amount of useful advice packed in this tutorial for aspiring machinima directors.
DigitalPh33r's Guide to Making Halo 3 Machinima: Part Two

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Bungie Day Tribute

It's Bungie Day! And to celebrate, Hawty McBloggy compiled an awesome array of images and memories from all over the fan community.

Bungie Day is all about YOU - our loyal fan community. After all, we wouldn't be where we are today with our awesome community who has stuck by through the years.  This Hawty McBloggy blog post contains an awesome outpouring of sentiments, memories and some really cool pictures as well.  If you're new to the Bungie community or not really sure what the fuss is all about, check out that page for a good introduction.

Also, some of you may be wondering - "What's up with this unhealthy obsession with the number 7?"  This page offers some insights.

Thanks again to our community and we hope you enjoy Bungie Day 2008!

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Bungie Day: 7/7/08

Bungie Day is upon you. Here's some stuff to do while you should be working or doing chores. Tell your mother we say "Hello."

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Inside BungieCommunityHalo 3Halo UniverseClassic Games 7/7/2008 12:04 PM PDT

Cold Storage Q&A

Learn a bit more about Cold Storage and some of the folks who built it.

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Inside BungieBreaking InAbout BungieCommunityHalo 3 7/7/2008 9:25 AM PDT

Bungie Podcast: 7/7/08

Some rise in three days, some podcasts rise in three months.

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Inside BungieAbout BungieBungie PodcastCommunity 7/7/2008 9:11 AM PDT

E3 Announcement Shelved, For Now

No Internet, yanking the countdown timer yesterday was not a joke. We wish it was, though.

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Inside BungieCommunityEmotional Support 7/7/2008 8:00 AM PDT

Bungie Day Gamerpics and Theme on XBL

Download the limited-time only Bungie Day '08 Themes and Gamerpics on Xbox Live Marketplace now.

Download those seven Gamerpics on Xbox Live Marketplace now. The Bungie Day '08 Theme and Gamerpics will only be available on Bungie Day only. Get 'em while you can.

New Bungie.net Avatars and Skins!

Available now on Bungie.net, new forum avatars, profile backgrounds and group skins.

In honor of Bungie Day we've added some new community inspired content for you to use on Bungie.net.

To update your settings sign-in with your Windows Live ID and navigate to the Profile Settings page (My Stats -> My Bungie.net Settings).


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New ViDOC: And on the Seven7h Day..

lukems writes:

In anticipation of Cold Storage's Monday release, we've readied a new ViDOC to get you a bit more familiar with the map.

And on the Seven7h Day...

A quick look at Halo 3's redux of Chill Out, Cold Storage is available for your enjoyment.

Download the files below or use the Bungie Media Player to check out the ViDOC

Mecha-plex super zoid size file here.
Smaller, more modest size here.
Comfortable and portable size here.

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Recon Road Trip 2008

Find the Bungie employee, win Recon. Terms, conditions, rules, restrictions and fierce threats of beatings inside.

An anonymous Bungie employee writes:

Hello! As I prepare to hit the road for a weeklong trip across the western U.S. to an undisclosed destination, I thought it would be fun to issue a challenge to the community: you think you deserve recon? Prove it by spotting me! As I trek halfway across the country, I'll be out in public plenty of times (restaurants, gas stations, etc.) If I'm wearing one of the two Bungie employee shirts pictured below, the challenge is currently "open for business" and all you have to do is walk over and say hello to me while carrying your copy of Halo 3 and I'll give you Recon, simple as that! What's the catch? Well, you don't know who I am, or where in the western U.S. I'll be. But if you deserve Recon, you'll be able to spot the Bungie shirt without knowing when to expect it, right?

The fine print: The challenge runs from July 5th-9th at whatever times I'm wearing one of these two shirts. If I'm not wearing it and you think you know me anyway, sorry but I'm not open for business. (e.g., no camping out in front of my hotel room.) I'll be staying West of the Mississippi River - sorry easterners, but it's only fair to tell you that this trip won't take me that far. I will *not* be in Washington state during the challenge period, so don't start stalking Bungie employees at home or at work - they might be wearing one of these shirts, but they're not involved in the road trip and it doesn't count. Be safe - if someone finds me and posts my location online, and a caravan of cars starts trying to chase me down the highway or tag my car with a tracking device, the challenge is off. Be polite - if you spot me, you just have to show me your copy of Halo 3 and give me your gamertag to get recon, but if you're not polite about it, I won't give it to you. Be smart - I will not ask for money in exchange for recon, so don't let someone with a homemade shirt convince you that they're me and take your cash; we're not responsible for imposters. On the off chance that another Bungie person is also on the road and wearing the right shirt and has no idea what you're talking about, politely ask them to take your gamertag anyway, and we'll sort it out when they get back to the office. I will initial or otherwise mark the top of your Halo 3 disc with a marker to prevent a mob of people from passing around one copy and ebaying the recon - one disc, one recon. Also, one recon per person -if I walk into a game store where you work, you don't get to pull out a carton of Halo. I'll call Bungie at the end of the challenge period and give them all the gamertags I've collected (don't expect recon to appear as soon as you get home from having found me.)

So for 5 days starting July 5th, keep your copy of Halo 3 on you when you're out and about, and if your recon skills are good enough, you just might get something to show for it. And maybe you'll spot someone else carrying the game and gain a friend for LAN parties!

The first t-shirt to look for on my voyage.

And keep your eyes peeled for this one, too.

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Halo PC hotfix build 0615

We've released a hotfix for a Halo PC network exploit. Click through for a link to the forum thread with details.

Full details of the hotfix are in the Halo PC forum, http://www.bungie.net/Forums/posts.aspx?postID=22895922&viewreplies=true

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Bungie Weekly Update: 7/03/08

What's the deal with Cold Storage's release date? How much is it going to cost? Read.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateCommunityPlaylistsHalo 3 7/3/2008 9:13 AM PDT

Bungie Humpday: Cold War

It will be a cold day in hell when our Dream Team loses a Humpday Match to the Wonder Triplets.

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Halo 3Humpday 7/2/2008 11:50 AM PDT

Rampancy.net Examines Death - and Finds it Wanting

Louis Wu writes:

Rampancy.net examines game reward systems - why do you keep playing?

Rampancy.net's Narcogen looks at the carrot-or-stick options available to developers when trying to get gamers to play through their offerings - the Halo series is used in a majority of examples. A thought-provoking read!

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Tied the Leader AtLANtica Experience ViDoc

Sunburned Goose writes:

On Memorial Day weekend, Tied the Leader held a repeat performance of last year’s AtLANtica event. All told, 37 attendees graced us with their presence, their gunfire, and their company.

With the LAN being held next to the beach, the sun, sand, and surf are just a few steps away from your controller.  This gave us many opportunities to strengthen the friendships many of us we've made during our forays into virtual combat.  Tournament play was established, fund raising for charity was LOUDLY held, and above all else, it was a great weekend playing Halo with our friends.

With this in mind, I arrived intent on capturing our unique LAN experience in high defintion so it could be shared with those unable to attend.  You can watch the video at Vimeo and read Xerxdeej's narrative of the LAN at the TTL Blog.
Good Game!

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