Halo 3 IMAX Preview Event: August 21, 2007

Tuesday, August 21 2007, at 10p.m. at the Pacific Science Center IMAX in Seattle: The public sees Halo 3's Campaign.

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Halo 3 8/20/2007 2:22 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 8/17/07

A smorgasbord in this week's Bungie Weekly Update, but is it feast or famine? Depends on your perspective.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 8/17/2007 6:10 PM PDT

The Bungie Podcast: 08/16/07

The A.I. show. No, we're not talking about some kooky movie, we're talking about a different kind of artificial intelligence. A Brutal type.

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Inside BungieBungie PodcastHalo 3 8/16/2007 2:11 PM PDT

Halo Universe: UNSC Weaponry

An in-depth look at some of the UNSC's armament in the war against the Covenant.

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Halo 3Halo Universe 8/15/2007 4:23 PM PDT

Halo Universe: Use Fire

If all else fails... The long wait is over, Halo 3 welcomes the Flamethrower and a fourth grenade into the fold.

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Halo 3Halo Universe 8/13/2007 11:43 AM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 08/10/07

A million questions asked, a million and a half questions answered. Three hundred new questions are birthed.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 8/10/2007 5:00 PM PDT

The Bungie Podcast: 08/10/07

At least the wait wasn't nine months long, right? The slightly delayed episode of the Bungie Podcast has arrived.

On this week's episode of the Bungie Podcast, Mission Designer Dan Miller joins Frankie and Luke in the crow's nest studio. With Ske7ch away on business, Dan Miller has to step it up. He does.

Download the Podcast here
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Discuss the podcast in our forums here.

Inside BungieHalo 3 8/10/2007 12:07 PM PDT permalink

Humpday Challenge: Con Artists

The saddest of times. A Shakespearean tragedy that shall ne'er be repeated.

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Inside BungieHalo 3 8/9/2007 6:07 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 08/03/07

Some updates on co-op, Amsterdam, and the Bungie AV Calibration tool. Enjoy -  it's on the house.

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Bungie Weekly Update 8/3/2007 4:35 PM PDT

Marathon: Durandal Now Available on Xbox Live

Early this morning, Marathon: Durandal showed up on Xbox Live Arcade. Now's your chance to play it if you missed it.

Freeverse's recreation of Marathon: Durandal, a shooter from Bungie Studios, is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 points. For a whole mountain of Marathon: Durandal information, see our recent interview with Freeverse's Bruce Morrison about the Marathon: Durandal on XBLA project.

Marathon Series 8/1/2007 10:17 AM PDT permalink

The 'Hilariously Regular' Bungie Podcast

Test Manager Jamie Evans joins the crew this week, before Ske7ch and Frankie headed off to Amsterdam to show Halo 3.

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Inside BungieHalo 3 7/31/2007 3:59 PM PDT

The Tru7h About Co-Op in Halo 3

You've asked a thousand times, we've done all we can. Now we're finally answering the question: "Will Halo 3 have online co-op?"

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Halo 3 7/31/2007 1:49 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 7/27/07

It's the end of July and you know what that means? Yeah, it's not September yet. Sorry. Not even August.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 7/27/2007 5:03 PM PDT

Halo-related Goods at the Comic-Con

Down in San Diego, there's a bunch of Bungie and Halo-related goings-on. Click to check out a quick itinerary.

The San Diego Comic-Con is underway and there's definitely a Halo/Bungie related presence enjoying the sultry heat of SoCal. Here's some of the stuff going on that Halo fans may want to check out.

Joseph Staten and Eric Nylund Signing, WizKids Booth (#2743), Saturday, July 28,  3:30-4:30
Bungie Writing Director Joseph Staten and bestselling author Eric Nylund will put their fake rivalry aside for an autograph session at the Wizkids booth. Staten will sign a limited number of cover flats from his upcoming novel "Halo: Contact Harvest" and Eric Nylund will sign copies of his books, Fall of Reach, First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx.

Topps Presents: A Halo Universe Panel, Friday, July 27, 2:15-3:15 Room 6A
John Williams, creative director for Topps will preview the Halo trading cards and Mark Tuttle, the WizKids brand manager for Halo ActionClix will present the Collectible Miniature game via Powerpoint. Then, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev and Halo editor Ruwan Jayatilleke will present details from the upcoming Halo: Uprising comic miniseries, due in August.

Other booths where you may find Halo-related goodness:
McFarlane Toys, Booth 2601: McFarlane Toys are making action figures for Halo 3, due in September 2008.

Master Replicas/Cogri International Booth #3229: These companies are presenting a series of scaled replicas based on UNSC and Covenant weapons, this fall's lineup includes the BR55 Battle Rifle and the Covenant Carbine.

Kotobukiya, Booth #2301: These guys will be showing the ARTFX Halo 3 Master Chief statue, an incredibly detailed figure, complete with multiple bonus parts for additional poses.

Gentle Giant, Booth #3515: Look for a Master Chief mini bust and Halo Kubricks at this booth.

Jasman Toys, Booth #1116: Jasman toys will introduce their line of electronic Halo 3 Covenant weapons using Laser Pursuit technology.

Acme Archives Booth #529: Halo limited edition art pieces.

Halo 3 7/26/2007 5:52 PM PDT permalink

WizKids Will Unveil Exclusive Scarab

At this week's San Diego Comic-Con, WizKids will unveil the biggest Clix collectible they've ever created -- a Battle-damaged Covenant Scarab.

WizKids Games is bringing a numbered-to-500 exclusive Battle Damaged Scarab to this week's San Diego Comic-Con. Each day, Wizkids will distribute tickets to interested consumers and then they'll draw tickets at the end of the day -- if your ticket is drawn, you've won the right to purchase the Scarab for $249.99. Because the Comic-Con Scarab is so huge (2 feet by 2 feet), folks who purchase it will receive a mini Scarab box and then the actual Scarab will be shipped directly to your house after Comic-Con (allow 4-6 weeks for shipping).

However, each day, one Scarab owner will get to take theirs home with them that day.

If you miss out on the Battle-Damaged Scarab, there will be a non-battle damaged one showing up at retail later this year. Here's three images of the WizKids Battle-Damaged Exclusive below.

Halo 3 7/26/2007 12:00 PM PDT permalink

Bungie Podcast Now on iTunes

The storied return of the Bungie Podcast continues -- now, the podcast is available for download at the iTunes music store.

Tired of right-click and save-as-ing to get your dose of the Bungie Podcast? It's now available for download at the iTunes music store, you can follow this link (assuming you're an iTunes user) and subscribe to the show. Not an iTunes user, or subscribe to Podcasts another way? Click here for  the RSS feed for the Bungie podcast.

Inside BungieHalo 3 7/25/2007 4:54 PM PDT permalink

Meet the Team: Producer Curtis Creamer

Bungie's best-named Producer, Curtis Creamer, chats about the role of Production on Halo 3 and a few of his fave campaign moments.

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Inside BungieBreaking InHalo 3 7/25/2007 2:57 PM PDT

The Bungie Podcast: 07/23/07

Writing Director and soon-to-be published author Joseph Staten joins Frankie, Brian, and Luke for this week's episode.

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Inside BungieHalo 3 7/23/2007 2:14 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 7/20/07

Calming down the Interwebs freak-out, changes to a nouveau classique weapon from the Halo sandbox and good news for Halo fans.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 7/20/2007 3:41 PM PDT

Marathon: Durandal XBLA Q&A

We chat with Freeverse, the developers of the Marathon: Durandal Xbox Live Arcade game and find out why this is more than just a port.

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Marathon Series 7/17/2007 3:20 PM PDT

Bungie Weekly Update: 7/13/07

Sure it's the13th, but moreover it's Friday and you know what that means: Tons of text to read in the Bungie Weekly Update.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 7/13/2007 5:15 PM PDT

The Bungie Podcast Returns

lukems writes:

We're not joking. The hiatus is over. The end is nigh: The Bungie Podcast is back.

After nearly a year (who really is to blame?), the Bungie Podcast has left the nest and spread its wings. Instead of a bird, it's a fierce dragon and the below download is your seat on the fire-breathing winged beast's back. Joining me this week in the studio are podcast veterans Brian Jarrard and Frank O'Connor, with special guest star Multiplayer Designer Lars Bakken rounding out the four-part harmony. We talk about some of the studio's preparations for E3, Bungie's Technical Lead Chris Butcher stops in for a few minutes and finally, a very special guest phones in to the Bungie Teen Support Line. All of this and more on the Bungie Podcast.

Download it now (right click and Save As)

Bungie PodcastCommunityHalo 3 7/12/2007 11:52 AM PDT permalink

Renders Gallery Updated!

Yet more media from Halo 3's campaign.

We just put a few new images up in the Halo 3 Renders Gallery. This latest batch includes two images of the Master Chief and a well-armored Brute.

Halo 3 7/12/2007 11:00 AM PDT permalink

A Closer Look at the Halo 3 Xbox 360

One of Bungie's brilliant Art Directors, Aaron LeMay, dishes some details on the Halo 3 Xbox 360.

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About BungieHalo 3 7/12/2007 10:48 AM PDT

Download the Music from the E3 Trailer

Instead of making you wait for it, Marty's giving Bnet visitors the gift of music. Specifically, the music from the  Halo 3 E3 Trailer -- available now.

Got an email from Marty with an excellent attachment this afternoon. The contents speak for themselves, so I figured I'd share it with you:

"Hey we should put this up on Bnet and make it available.


The attached file was the music from the Halo 3 E3 Trailer. Enjoy!

Download here.

Halo 3 7/11/2007 5:35 PM PDT permalink