'The Calm Before' - Halo 3 Montage


Maxin' relaxin'.

Get soothed by a relatively short and not-so-serious montage.

"This is a great alternative to this super hardcore MLG Montages!  This is a great montage with full HD, chill editing, nice snipes in mainly non-MLG playlists, and great music. This montage will remind you how relaxing it is to play Halo."

YouTube - The Calm Before

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Locked and Loaded Tournament

Shoot it out for cash and prizes.

The World Cyber Games is hosting a tournament in New York City this weekend.  On the line is a bunch of cash and a ton of prizes.  Want to get in on it?  Details below.  Thanks to HBO for the heads up.

World Cyber Games and Samsung Electronics America

World Cyber Games (WCG) and Samsung Electronics America host the first-ever WCG USA Halo 3: ODST Locked and Loaded Tournament. 24 of the best teams in the US will shoot it out during the competition, which will be shout-casted throughout the weekend and available on video on demand. The teams will be competing for more than $5,000 in cash and prizes including Samsung Digital Cameras and Samsung Monitors. Additionally, fans in attendance will have the opportunity to win, as the WCG will be giving out prizes and promotions while hosting side tournaments throughout both days.

To register for the competition, please log onto www.WCG.com/usa for a complete list of rules and regulations.

October 24th & 25th

The Samsung Experience, located at the Time Warner Center
10 Columbus Circle, Third Floor
New York, NY 10019
212-823-9520 x202

TeamXbox - Halo 3 ODST Locked and Loaded Tournament

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Know Your Ninja - Sir Fragula


Sir Fragula is doing stuff with things here at Bungie.net.  He's also so invested that he plans on sticking around well into his old age.  If you want to stick around and not end up pinwheeling out of Bungie.net by way of this Ninja's banhammer, you should read the interview below.  Failure to comply might prove risky.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?

A. Right now I’m an analyst with a fairly well known British company. We do stuff with things and help people with what-have-you. Interests include getting lost on public transport, walking a maniac of a dog and curry. Spend most of my gaming time with an elite cadre of gentlemen who’ve learned that my in-game flying skills are perfectly offset by my cruel tendency to eject out of planes and helicopters seconds before impacting skyscrapers.

Q. You do some weird stuff.  I'm kinda sorry I asked.  Since I'm not into learning lessons, here's question number two:  What did you do with  yourself at Bungie.net before taking up the Banhammer?

A. For the first couple of years I’d mostly use Bungie’s generous chapter tools to organise Halo 1 LANs, and generally keep in touch with old school buddies.

Q. Now that you're a bit more involved, do you ever feel the need to take a break and return to old school form?

A. Sometimes. I think it’s important not to get too involved or stressed about any job, and taking a break when you start to feel that things aren’t getting fun. But really, like all ninjas we’re here because we like the place and we want to see it continue to develop into a place people want to visit; a break every now and then doesn’t take that away.

Q. When you do take your time away, what online places outside of Bungie.net are you checking yourself into?

A. Do a fair bit of surfing on NeoGAF and Arstechnica in particular. I also like to pretend I still have the time to just *learn* stuff for its own sake, so I do a bit of reading around my degree subjects of Economics and International Relations. Arms Control in particular is my current interest.

Oh! And I’m learning C# for XNA. Got a great idea for a space shooter game; you play a sleek triangular ship with a forward facing cannon tasked with defending itself against an ever increasing number of asteroids. I think I’ll call it “rock-rock-boom-boom”.

Q. Sounds sweet.  What about Bungie.net keeps you coming back for some surfing between all that learning?

A. It’s like an addictive MMO. I’ve got my account up to Ninja and I’m not going to lose all those man-hours spent playing! Maybe I’ll give it a rest when I reach the Achronos level cap and get a pimpin’ Chopper mount or something.

Q. How has your view of the massively multiplayer B.net community changed since you've signed on?

A. It’s certainly a lot larger; I mean compare how many members we had back when I joined in 2002 to now! I think it’s interesting – and natural - how most of the discussion has shifted away from the minutia of the storyline to the balance of the multiplayer game. It’s also cool how a lot of the early community stuff involved recording jaw dropping stunts [remember Boll’s Warthog ‘nade Launch tribute game?] whereas these days people are making jaw dropping Forge-Art and levels, and sharing them through the excellent tools Bungie have given us.

Q. Be honest, how excellent is it to swing the Banhammer?

A. Bloody awesome. You’re pretty much guaranteed a 30% response rate to any swing of the hammer and they’re mostly a gold mine of hilarious half explanations and random insults. If I’m still doing this when I’m 80 I may end up banning randomly just for the conversation.

Bloody awesome indeed.  Thanks for the conversation (and the hard work), Sir Fragula.  If you're still here when you're 80 years old, we'll send you a free t-shirt.  In the meantime, we've set up a discussion thread so people can say hello.  Hopefully it's the right size.

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'Vehicular Montage' Epic Post Trailer Montage

Armeddragon77 writes:

"...the Power.  The Majesty.  And the Wonder."

Back in January we warned you about a montage.  It seemed to good to be true.  We were wrong.

"It is finally here, after months of compiling gameplay and several hours of editing, ArmedDragon77 brings you his 3rd Vehicular Montage. Fasten your seat belts, turn on the thrusters, and prepare to be shaken."

YouTube - ArmedDragon77 - Vehicular Montage 3

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Elite Animatronic

Best Haloween costume ever?

HBO sent word out yesterday that Kre8-fx has been making some good headway on a new animatronic costume.  It has mandibles.  Interested?  Videos below.  Wonder how the legs are gonna work.

YouTube - Halo Elite Animatronic 01

YouTube - Halo Elite Animatronic 02

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'Twisted and Deranged' Halo 3 Machinima

BHTGO writes:

The written word.

Nice four minute montage without any spoken dialog.  Editing is very nice.  Check it out.

"This is all about that old Red/Blue war but seen from a 'comic book' viewpoint. We tried to work on the graphical aesthetic aspect as much as we could."

'While the blue team is on its way to steal the brand new tank, the red team is strengthening its defenses.'

You'll find it at Youtube, Vimeo, or our website (also available in SD)."

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Red vs. Blue: Recreation - Chapter 18

Aaroon333 writes:

Hang Time.

Roosterteeth has released another installment in Red Vs. Blue: Recreation. There's only one more episode left in this season, so watch it before it's too late!

"Church learns that with great power, comes great responsibility... also a wicked left hook."

Red vs. Blue Recreation Chapter 18

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I am a Spartan

FatalEra writes:

Barrels of Fun.

Extremely random might be an understatement.  If you're looking to laugh at some strange machinima, you should click on the video below.

"Being a Spartan Officer is hard, this video will show you the daily struggles of what one has to go through, and the sick twisted people (Objects) they have to deal with. This video may be extremely random, but I hope it gives you a good laugh. It is nothing serious."

YouTube - I am A Spartan

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'Grifball of the Sea'

GunnerGrunt writes:

Motor boatin'.

I don't know if I'd call this swimming, but in any case, if you're looking for a new twist on Grifball you should give this aquatic version a spin.  Or maybe a float.  Description and video below followed up with a link to snag the necessary variants should you decide to get in on the seafaring action.

"Forging duo, Ell3ment and Gunnergrunt, bring you the latest in Halo sports. We call it Water Polo, but it is most accurately described as 'Grifball of the Sea.'  Don't question the physics involved. Everyone knows a Spartan can swim."

YouTube - Water Polo- "Grifball of the Sea"

ForgeHub - Ocean Arena

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Tag and Release - Alpha Site

Going inside ONI.

ONI's Alpha Site may be classified, but, you know...desperate times and all that.  Step inside and check out some screenshots that made it past the security perimeter. For your eyes only.

Mission Select: Alpha Site

Pistol and Profile

Attack Angle

What happens in Alpha Site...

Better to eat you with.

Confession time.  We didn't use the Popular Tags tool to dig these out.  We had to employ other methods.  If you want to follow in our footsteps and find your own content, you can use the same approach and tactics we did.  Hit the Community Files page, fiddle with some drop down menus, and drop into the filtered collection to find sweet screenshots.  These results were found by sorting for screenshots taken in the last month on the map Alpha Site.

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'Dock' - Halo 3 Halloween Special

FatalEra writes:

Halo with a handcam, Halloween twist.

Shot to look shaky with a healthy dose of other visual effects, "Dock" makes Fronk's more frightening than it's even been.  If you're looking for treats, you won't find any here.  Might be a trick or two though.

"The docks have had many stories of strange activity. When a crew went in to investigate, this is what they found. This was made using the new Mythic Map Longshore with some obvious editing involved. I hope you enjoy it, and Happy Halloween!"

YouTube - Dock

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One One Se7en - Phony

Wise fwom your gwave!

Looks like Halo 3: ODST coaxed longtime comic strip creator Stuntmutt out of the woodwork.  There will be puns.  Terrible, terrible puns.  Check it out.

HBO - One One Se7en "Phony"

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Darkspire Films - Hot Candy Coated Action

Reticent Auger writes:

Make some new friends.

Darkspire Films reappears with the most super serious Halo 3 machinima you've ever laid eyes upon.  Dramatic deaths, a energetic score, and more Sniper Rifles than you can shake a stick at.  Check it out.

"We think its time for some good old fashioned nostalgia! Darkspire Films has released a brand new show, "The Candy Coated Wonder Road." Its a fresh take on the classic American kids show and features an all Halo 3 cast. We think you guys will really enjoy this new series."

YouTube - The Candy Coated Wonder Road - "Friends"

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Pimp My Ride

Butane123 writes:

In ODST style.

Turn 10 is giving away three cars for fans who have pre-ordered their next game, Forza Motorsport 3. One of those cars is the Halo 3: ODST Beemer shown in the October 9th Weekly Update created by Jube3 on NeoGAF.  Pretty nice ride.  Want it?  Hit the link below.  You have one week.

Forza Motorsport 3 Pre-Order Car Giveaway!

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Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots: The Skull

bs AngelOfDeath writes:

Skulls, scary!

Get your cranium filled with ten Halo 3 screenshots featuring some spooky skulls.  Descriptions and link below.  Browse the neighborhood after your done.  There's plenty of great stuff to see at the jump.

"Every Friday you can now look forward to a themed-compilation of Halo 3 screenshots, all completely unaltered and pulled directly from www.halo3screenshots.com. This week we honor the mood of the month by featuring everybody’s favorite creepy accessory, the skull."

Top Ten Halo 3 Screenshots: The Skull

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Halo 3 Splatter Montage 5

Stewie2552 writes:

In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Stewie2552 is still making sweet splatter montages set to classic symphony suites.  He's also looking for suggestions and submissions.  Have a listen and a look and then let him know where he can find your best splatter filled clips.

"Splatter-tage from funny Halo 3 Productions is back! This time with In the Hall of the Mountain King! This song starts off slow, but packs a great ending. Suggested by you, the viewers and the subscribers.

Got another song suggestion? Put it in a comment. We always take suggestions. You got a clip you want to share of an epic splatter or just splatter that is kinda funny? Well send it to me. File Share it, and send it to gamertag: Stewie2552. That or render it on Bungie.net and send me the link."

YouTube - Splatter Montage 5

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Bungie Weekly Update: 10.16.09

Waxin' Halo: Reach castin'.

Read Full Top Story

Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3Halo: Reach 10/16/2009 3:29 PM PDT

'Why We Jump' Community Video

OwnedTom writes:

Explanation inside.

This community created jump video takes community created videos to new heights.  Get it?  Heights?  Anyway, nearly ten minutes of trick jumping after the (yeah) jump.

YouTube - Why We Jump: A Community Jump Video

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'Sweetest Things' Halo 3 Minitage

Just like a regular sized montage.  'Cept smaller.

Ticket took it upon himself to make a montage.  But he didn't want to subject you to ten minutes of a frenetically edited gameplay mash up.  This one clocks in at just over a minute.  You got a minute, don't you?

YouTube - Ticket Halo 3 Minitage "Sweetest Thing"

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Halo 3:ODST Teabag Party

What's this got to do with ODST?

Answer: nothing.  We're pretty sure ClipCritics was confused when they whipped this up.  Or on drugs.  Let this be a lesson, kids.  Don't do drugs.  Once again, this video contains some offensive stuff.  If you've never seen a grown Spartans crotch up close, avert your eyes.

YouTube - Halo 3:ODST Teabag Party

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2 Guys, 1 Boat

And all kinds of inappropriate content.

If the subject line didn't do it for you, here's a second warning: this video contains naught words and stuff that might offend your sensibilities.  Have no sensibilities?  Yeah, me neither.  Link below.

YouTube - 2 Guys 1 Boat (Halo 3 Machinima)

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Teabag Prevention Presents

The Road to Recon Armor - Week 3.

Still looking to boost your way to Vidmaster: Classic.  Geekscape! has you covered.  They also have an exclamation point.  If you want to make sure you add your own exclamation at the end of your Classic attempt, check out their tips be clicking on the link below.  Thanks to the bbs-lovin' freakshows over at HBO for the link.

Teabag Prevention Presents: The Road to Recon Armor - Week 3 - Vidmaster Classic

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Firefight Survival Tips

Greenskull360 writes:

Improve your Firefight game!

Looks like a pair of sweet fansites were tapped to tackle early October tip and trick delivery on Xbox Canada.  If you're struggling to score big in Firefight, hit the link below and try these tactics.

"Xbox.ca has posted up some Halo 3: ODST Firefight tips on their site. The tips were written by the popular community websites Ready Up Live and 360Sync. Read on and improve your game!"

Halo 3: ODST Firefight Mode Survival Tips

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Reclaimer 223 - Final Moves

Rav Raider writes:

Sometimes less really is more!

"Don't hate because there's been no Reclaimer for a week! It's out today and makin' up for it with some serious ownage! Check it out."

Reclaimer 223 - Final Moves

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Top 10 Halo 3 Firefight Kills: Ep 44

Anoj writes:

Grunt Birthday Parties Now Included.

Hmm.  Some of these just seem like oddities with medals, but a handful of really wild plays make this a top ten worth checking out.  So do that. Check it out.

"WIth the release of Halo 3: ODST comes a new episode from the Top 10 Series dedicated strictly to the Firefight gametype.  Check out the crazy experiences of Halo players from around the community in just the first few weeks of the game's release!  Enjoy!

Top 10 Halo 3: ODST Firefight Kills: Episode 44

To submit for Episode 45: Halo 3 ODST Mythic Map Kills or Episode 46: Big Team Battle Kills, go to Top10Series.com and click "submit a video".

Rules for submitting for Episode 45:
1. Must be in Matchmaking
2. Must be on Citadel, Heretic, or Longshore

Rules for submitting for Episode 46:
1. Must be in matchmaking
2. Must be in the BTB playlist"

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