Team SWAT's what!

After just 24 hours online, the new playlist Team SWAT has already eclipsed Team Snipers as the second most popular matchmaking playlist, and is within a hair's breadth of beating Team Slayer, the most popular matchmaking playlist ever.

If you haven't tried team SWAT yet, you're doing yourself a disservice. it's fast and furious, and hardly spurious, so for the gaming curious, this is not injurious.

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Halo 3: Behind the Scenes

We're excited to present a documentary short detailing the making of the E3 Halo 3 Trailer. Meet the faces and talents involved in bringing you our brief window on the Halo 3 experience, see behind the scenes drama, and never before seen footage of the trailer itself.

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Inside BungieHalo 3 6/6/2006 2:37 PM PDT

Halo 3 Ending Leaked?

Did somebody leak the Halo 3 ending? Watch this YTMND and decide for yourself. We're worried about this type of security leak, but if our ending did end up like this, it would be purely coincidental.

Seriously, click this link and try to get a flavor of the doom, gloom and melodrama you can expect in Halo 3.

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Halo 3 Cover Art Contest

Halo Planet is running a Halo 3 cover art contest. If you think you can make the coolest Halo 3 cover with original art, photoshop, construction paper and crayons or what have you.

To get the full rules and a list of the prizes, go here. No, this is not an official Bungie contest and if you win your artwork will not be used on the real Halo 3 cover. Stop making Skiska cry. Update: Something was borked but now it's fixed, Fluffaluffer explains here.

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Half a Billion Games Played!

That's right. We're celebrating a birthday of sorts. Halo 2 players worldwide have finally passed the half billion games mark, cementing Halo 2's place  as one of the biggest productivity-sucks of all time.

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Halo 2 (Xbox) 6/5/2006 2:58 PM PDT

Final Boss at MLG Dallas

MLG's Dyslexia has posted an analysis of MLG Dallas and the utter domination that was and has been displayed by Final Boss.

The article talks about why Final Boss has been so unbeatable in recent competitions and about their rivals', Str8 Rippin and Carbon, continuing efforts to dethrone them.

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IGN goes Beyond the Trailer

IGN has released a video analysis of the Halo 3 trailer. The feature covers a lot of the controversial bits of the trailer in one easy to consume 15 minute movie. It's a pretty good source for someone looking to get up to speed on the speculation.

A few of their points were addressed in a prior update which, along with the announcement page, is the only information you have straight from the horse's mouth.

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Fanfic Contest: Renewed!

sir_brilliant writes:

The fanfic contest is back up! Come check it out!

The Fan fiction contest, which has been closed for the past several months, is now back up and running at full efficiency. BFO, which had been down, is still hosting it. Though the look has changed drastically, it is the same site.  

The Horror contest, which was originally closed before the site crashed, is still closed, though all participants who posted their story’s are asked to repost them [url=]here[/url]. The entire database was lost, and anything posted on the site before will not be counted in the contest.  

The action contest is up with a big prize, and more contests will be underway shortly. Check it all out [url=]here, at BFO[/url].

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Webmaster Fan Art

Aj6627 writes:

A user, Happy Jack, created a piece of stained glass are based on the webmaster.

In this thread Happy Jack shows off his webmaster art.  He took the favicon and created a work with stained glass.

Picture one

Picture two

Read the thread to find out how he made it and see more of it.

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Bungie Weekly Update

Since the power is out at Bungie, this update is brought to you from a dark place. Nothing too dramatic in here, but a little news about Marty, the forthcoming June Playlist update and a very poor Mister Chief.

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Bungie Weekly Update 6/2/2006 4:41 PM PDT

A way to play Clan Match?

Clan matches are going away, but there is still a way to play them. Check it out here!

Once we heard clan matches were going away, we decided there has to be a way to still play them. So we created a group called clan match. It is the original and first group of this catagory. We are holding clan matches and tournaments with ranks, ladders, and brackets. If you still want organized and fun matches to play with your clan online, then this is the place. Our clan matches are open to anybody (other than cheaters), and our tournaments are starting up this summer with great prizes.

Clan Match

[Bungie Ed Note: This is a user group and not a sanctioned Bungie playlist and as such, we take no responsibility for antic therein, but they seem like a nice bunch.]

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Community Spotlight: Boll Rocks!

Most of you know BOLL from all of the awesome Halo-related content that he's created and posted at HBO. Today we get to talk with BOLL about that content and a whole lot more, including a very cool Flash Mister Chief.

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CommunitySpotlight 5/30/2006 1:31 PM PDT

Maw Halo PC Summer FFA Slayer Tournament

Iggwilv writes:

The Maw will have a 64-player Halo PC Slayer tournament next month.  Any Halo PC player is invited to sign-up and test your skills.

Sign-ups are now being taken for a 64-player FFA Slayer tournament to be held this summer probably starting in mid-June.  To sign-up you need to go to and click the sign-up link. Then fill out the information asked for and you will be entered in the tourney.  You can go Here to read post in the Maw for more information. If you think you have HaloPC skillz, come and give them a test.

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3,333,333,333 gameplays!

Moments ago, we passed the amusing (and rather large) milestone of 3,333,333,333 multiplayer gameplays of Halo 2 online since launch.

This is the number we call "player-games", where an 8-player game counts for 8. (Now get back to the game and get us up to 7,777,777,777 ASAP!)

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Bungie Weekly Update

A couple of snippets on the Vista version of Halo 2, and some reader Q&As are answered. Oh, and some sad but predictable news for fans of the Clanmatch playlist.

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Bungie Weekly Update 5/26/2006 3:07 PM PDT

Se7en Candles

Bungie wishes and Halo.Bungie.Org happy seventh birthdays today. Rampancy's earliest form, then called The Core, was established while HBO's forums officially opened on this day seven years ago.

Congratulations and thanks to the maintainers of these websites: Narcogen of Rampancy and Louis Wu of HBO. Hrm... no interview with Narcogen, someone should really get on that.

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Play! Concert Reminder

A quick reminder that tomorrow's your chance to meet Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori at the Play! concert in Chicago. Play! is of course the video game music concert in which Halo music is featured. For full details from our past coverage of the event check out this link.

The two will be on hand to meet, greet and generally schmooze with the fans. You could even grab an autograph if you want. Thanks to HBO for pointing out the article on Rampancy that points out the article that's technically on our own site.

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Halo 3 Tees Are Here!

The Halo 3 tees worn at the recent E3 are now available at the Bungie Store.Click here to check them out and possibly even buy one.

They're actually very nice, high quality T-Shirts made of a soft, comfortable and hell, I'll say it - stylish cotton. The H3 logo is on the front, with the legend "Finish the Fight" emblazoned across the back.

Discuss this in the forums.

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Red vs. Blue Season 5 Preview

Red Vs. Blue's Burnie Burns takes the time to talk with us about the fifth season of of the hilarious Machinima series. We talk to Burnie about the the upcoming season, what's new behind the scenes and the juggernaut that is the RvB community.

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Community 5/24/2006 8:03 AM PDT

The Halouvre

Bungie fans are familiar with the beautiful environments in Halo 1 & 2. What you may not be familiar with is The Halouvre, a site run by prometheus which is devoted to the art of Halo.

Today prometheus updated the site with a new gallery by TGOSeraph, which has some pretty cool shots in it. When you're through browsing his gallery, check out the rest of the quality material on the site.

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'til death do us part. Love, honor and... carnage?

Halo 2 and XBL are well known for bringing people together for the fun and mayhem of online frag-fests.  But how about Halo 2 and XBL as the medium for love and romance?

Brings complete new meaning to the term "virtual couch", doesn't it?  Now, get your minds out of the gutter you naughty people and read on.

Halo 2 gamers FemmeFatale666 and LordNewt were introduced to each other through Halo 2 MatchMaking and the online clan system.  Good sportsmanship and proper online etiquette also played a big part in this romance blossoming.

Currently, the two are engaged to be married.  Read the details in the forum post here and feel free to give your congratulations to the happy couple.

They are by no means the first or the only couple that have met or that play together online.  But this happy event serves as a good reminder to the folks who are disrespectful or trash-talk the ladies. 

"While it's nice to be important, it's more important to be nice.  You never know who is on the other end of the microphone."

Best wishes to you both.

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New Red Vs. Blue

Red vs. Blue released its fourth season on DVD today. You can get it by venturing out to your local Gamestop/EB Games or by ordering it from their online store.

If you’ve lived under an Xbox these past few years, you can check out the roots of the series at their archive.

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The Bungie Waaahmbulance

Cheaters never prosper, but they do complain a lot. Bungie new guy KP, searches through our mailbox for some of the funniest and most pathetic pleas of innocence from proven cheaters, modders, bridgers and more.

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Halo 2 (Xbox) 5/22/2006 4:16 PM PDT

Mister Se7en

KPaul writes:

Over at HBO, the comic One One Se7en is starting off a couple weeks worth of guest strips and what better way to kick it off than with a strip by Frankie. Comic strip, that is, don't go clawing your eyes out just yet.

For those of you who don't keep up with HBO, the reason behind the series of guest strips is Stuntmutt's honeymoon, congrats Stuntmutt!

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MLG Dallas Results

KPaul writes:

MLG Dallas wrapped up this weekend with nearly $40,000 spread among the winners of the Halo 2 events. Final Boss (formerly Team3D) continued its domination by taking the top spot and the $12,000 prize in the 4v4 while Karma did the same in 1v1 earning himself $2,000 for his performance.

The full wrap-up has all the details and their Video onDemand service even rebroadcasts the full matches if you're interested in seeing the best do their thing. They also have the full brackets if you want to see their paths to victory.

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