Myth World Cup 2008! Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of MWC!

Hail Mythers! The 10th anniversary Myth World Cup is here, with a hefty cash prize and various anniversary tricks to celebrate the game! There's not much time to register a team, but it will prove fantastic fun! Return, one and all!

Myth was one of Bungie's first games, and one of the first major Mac OS gaming releases. The latest version of the game, with updated graphics card compatibility and system compatibility still has a thriving is reduced population. Every year a tournament, the Myth World Cup (MWC) is held to see who is the greatest Myther of them all.

The prize this year is $500 for the winner, with plans to try and raise it to $1000 currently under way. Veteran tournament organizers Grim (MWC03, MWC04, MWC06) and Toxyn (MWC07, various smaller tournaments) return at the helm, with a team of helpers. Additional prizes are available; $50 for the best review, and $50 for the best articles. The tournament is, of course, based on Butcher's classic system that has been the standard since 1999, and veteran web-designer and tournament organizer Wight Slayer (MWC01, MWC04, MWC06, MWC07) has helped to put the site together.

This year's MWC is trying to aim for nostalgia in as many ways as possible. The QR maps for QR1 will be maps from MWC03, QR maps from QR2 will be from MWC04 and QR3 will have maps from MWC06 - the three previous MWCs Grim picked maps for. The website also has a more minimalist, back to basics look, unlike the more modern websites for recent MWCs. A weighted pool system for the QR is being used, which was previously attempted in MWC05. Further plans to celebrate the anniversary are to be announced shortly.

Thus far, a total of 24 teams have registered, with registration scheduled to end Friday. MWC07 was pulled off smoothly with 24 teams last year, but the 32 teams in MWC06 proved a better number. This means we need your help! Numerous "older" teams have already signed up, including incarnations of BIA, Swedish Meatballs/Iron Chef/Guru, Thundercox/Northern Paladins (a merger team), Ancrik, Ageha, TFS, Order of H'Pak, Gimble R Us, Real Men/The Alliance (a merger team), ARMY and Rabble Forces.

Come join the fun! If you won't make a team, join an existing one! Lots of fun for all to be had at the tenth Myth World Cup!

Games will be played on MariusNet, for the first time since 2003 (, using the latest version of Myth II: Soulblighter from Project Magma (, which is presently v1.6.0. They are currently developing Myth II v1.7, which may be released during the tournament. However, Myth II is already compatible with Windows XP and Vista, as well as the latest versions of Mac OS.

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Stride Championship Series Episode 3

Gypsydawg writes:

Quoted from, "Episode 3 of the Stride Championship Series brings an interesting match between Halo titans Final Boss and new Pro team Triggers Down."

This is the third installment of MLG's Stride Championship Series.  You don't want to miss it. Check it out here!

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Arby 'n' the Chief: Episode 12 - "Conflict"

tehviruss writes:

The newest segment of DigitalPh33r's machinima series "Arby 'n' the Chief," was just released!

Picking up from where episode 11 left off, Todd, Travis and the Chief get into an epic rumble that eventually gets broken up by the Arbiter and Cortana. However, the next morning, Todd and Travis are nowhere to be found, and Cortana blames the Chief... but did he really have anything to do with their disappearance?

Watch it here!

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Bungie Weekly Update: 5/30/08

Come because it's Friday, stay for the last handful of sentences.

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MLG Presents "Get Better Fast: Starting Strong"

MLG Pros Final Boss show you how to get a strong start in Multi Flag CTF on The Pit.

Ready to step your game up to the next level? "Starting Strong" is your first step to incorporating professional strategies and tactics into your game. In this series MLG will break down the strategies used by teams on the Pro Circuit. Articles will be presented in two parts: A diagram section describing each player's role and video examples of the strategy in action.

This week we take a look at the dominant starting strategy Final Boss employs when playing Capture the Flag on the Pit. Check it out here.

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Hawty McBloggy's Friday Caption Contest

Episode 10 of Hawty McBloggy's Friday Caption contest is underway.

Hawty McBloggy's ongoing caption contest continues this week and I stumbled across some of her favorite attempts from last week. Moments later, I asked Stosh to whip up a blog-sized version of it with my favorite caption. Kudos to Mercutio2000.

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Red vs Blue: Reconstruction

The first episode of Rooster teeth's new series "Reconstruction," was just released.

Reconstruction, the new series based off the popular Red vs Blue has just debuted. Episodes will be released every Monday.

Check it out here!

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The Running Riot wants your Film Clips and Screenshots!

emilio30 writes:

After The Running Riot appeared in Bungie Favorites two weeks ago, over 200 Film Clips and Screenshots were submitted to the site. Due to this wave of submissions, The Running Riot has re-launched TRR Favs which is TRR's version of Bungie Favorites.

TRR will pick 3 Film Clips and 3 Screenshots out of the submissions for that week and display them on the site for everyone to enjoy and comment!
Here are the details:
    The week runs from Friday to Thursday. Whatever TRR gets between then, 3 Film Clips and 3 Screenshots will be picked to be displayed on the site.
    They will be posted each Monday. When Friday hits, we start all over again.

    Only files sent using Recommend To Friend from your File Share will be considered.

    One of the Screenshots from the 3 will be picked to be on the TRR front page!

Thats it!
Send them to Gamertag Kete.
Check out the current TRR Favs!

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Weekly Spotlight at Maximum Fear

Maimum FEAR writes:

Over at we are about to launch our new feature.  A weekly article that will spotlight work from the Files Forums, including Maps, Game Types and Screenshots. Not only that but we are also featuring fan art much more. 

If you are interested in getting your content online and in a position to be shared with hundreds of other people then head over to We are accepting all kinds of content, including fabulous fan art. 

So all you artists who have created amazing paintings, drawings, renders and comics please send get in touch so that we can share your talent with the world.  All submissions should go to

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Reclaimer Comic Site Overhaul

Silent Vandal writes:

The site for Reclaimer, an ongoing graphic novel based in an alternate Haloverse, has undergone a major overhaul, including the addition of a discussion forum.

Reclaimer is an ongoing graphic novel based in an alternate Haloverse, written by Jim Stitzel (g/t TTL Demag0gue) and built primarily on Halo 3 screenshots with a few Photoshop effects added in for flavor.  The comic is approaching its 50th installment, and to celebrate, the site has undergone a stylistic overhaul.  With it has come the addition of a user discussion forum and a fan art section for wallpapers, artwork, and more.  Readers can check out the comic, browse the archives, and leave feedback both in comments and on the discussion board.

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Week Two of AJ's Bungie Favorites

The next episode of Bungie Favorites from Ascendant Justice includes a sweet Forge Variant of Valhalla, "Riverworld," learn a bit about it inside.

Last week, we populated Bungie Favorites with a mountain of files from Halo community Ascendant Justice. This week begins their next go-round on Bungie Favorites. Part of the spotlight on each of these community groups includes some questions about their favorite things, as well as a brief Q&A on one of their Forged Maps. The map they've chosen to spotlight is "Riverworld," (labeled ASC Valhalla in Favorites) a Forge variant of Halo 3's Valhalla.

Q: What are your [Ascendant Justice's] favorite maps?

A: Collectively, Valhalla, High Ground, Ghost Town and Avalanche stand out among most of our members for Halo 3. We also enjoy Hang 'Em High, Prisoner and Damnation of Halo: Combat Evolved. During our time with Halo 2, we religiously indulged in Lockout, Midship, Sanctuary and Terminal.

Q: Favorite Gametypes?

A: We're big fans of Team Slayer, but we have the most fun with Team Objective gametypes like Capture the Flag and Assault.

Q: What would you like to see in Matchmaking that isn’t?

A: Clan Support? Realistically, we'd like to see more 1-Flag/1-Bomb games - like a bad-ass hopper with only asymmetrical objective-based gametypes for 8-16 players.

Q: What inspired your creation?

A: Riverworld was originally conceived by Syracuse022, a hardcore Halo: Combat Evolved fan. At the time, it was referred to as "Halo1halla" and using drop-timers, as well as a near identical weapon and vehicle layout, he fused the map from the ground up.

When conducting a walkthrough with the admins of Ascendant Justice, we decided to tweak the map as part of our regular roundup and added a few interesting elements. Only recently has it been called Riverworld, in honor of Bungie's development name for the map. It still has drop-timers and a familiar weapon or two that changes it enough from the original Valhalla layout to be interesting, but similar enough to still be great.

Q: How long did it take to create?

A: Approximately two week of balance testing and layout changes.

Q: What aspect took the longest to get right?

A: Drop-timers.

Q: How could The Forge be improved?

We'd like to see another map similar to Foundry, except this time in a different and more Halo-familiar environment - perhaps something outdoors! We'd also like Bungie to consider allowing players to add/delete and move naturally occurring geometry in this map like terrain differentials (hills, plateaus, cliffs), trees and large rocks to alter the look of the map. The geometry could be similar to that of Avalanche's shield doors, allowing it to pass through the ground and closing up any snag-worthy seams. This environment would have to be large and aesthetically pleasing, because, well, that's how most things are in the Halo Universe.

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Seafaring Through the Past

From the darkness of the distant past, a long last classic resurfaces. Note: "Classic" should be taken with a grain of salt.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing new about this video - other than when I found it - I hadn't seen it before. Also, looking around at my coworkers, this is a crazy revelation on how independence has really changed Bungie. I mean, look at these dudes' hair. Granted, Paul Russel's excuse is something about him experimenting as an Artist with a method-acting equivalent with his mane of Piratical hair. Everyone experiments at some point, I suppose.

Fair Warning: There is a debate about the correct implementation of "Mermaid Ho -blam!-es" and a surfable wave  in Marty's hair that may sear an imprint into your mind.

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Tied the Leader Roundtables Halo 3

Tied the Leader rounds up some Halo fans to talk about why they keep coming back to Halo 3, despite a plethora of other excellent experiences: Turns out, it's all about Community.

We're really not into the back-patting too much around Bungie Towers. In fact, the feedback on daily Playtests for upcoming Bungie-built knicks and knacks often turn into vitriolic, passionate, venemous (yet, mostly constructive) spew you'd usually find relegated to the Internet's darkest recesses. The folks over at TiedtheLeader (homies of mine, I'm biased) gathered up a group of people they tagged as Halo Loyalists for a panel chat on what keeps them coming back to Halo. For our utility, it'd be neat to see them take the flip approach and what Bungie could improve on.

What keeps you coming back to Halo? Or if you've stopped playing, what would get you back into it? Sound off in the Forums.

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College Humor's Halo 3 Investigation

Live action, adult humor grounded gently in Halo 3's engine mechanics. Click through if you're old enough.

Unlike the rest of, clicking this College Humor link will probably not satisfy your Mom. But for those of you old enough to not live at home with her (tell her Luke says "Hi" when you call her next), fellas at College Humor aped C.S.I. to investigate a "murder" in Halo multiplayer. If you're working, put headphones on, some of the language is NSFW and we're not responsible for your reckless web use getting you fired.

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MLG San Diego Contests!

Major League Gaming is offering Halo 3 players the chance to win 1 of 5 FREE Team Passes for the MLG San Diego competition June 13-15. MLG San Diego is the second Pro Circuit Tour stop of the 2008 Season, and over 200 of the world’s best Halo 3 teams will be there to battle it out for over $50,000 in cash prizes and the chance to qualify for the National Championships.

Always wondered where you stand among the world’s best competition? Think you have a shot at becoming an MLG pro player? Just want to kick it with some friends for the weekend and take in the greatest competitive gaming event on the planet? Enter the contest for your chance to win a Team Pass; it’s free and easy:

All you have to do is send an email to with the subject line “FREE SAN DIEGO HALO 3 PASS”.

On Thursday, June 5th, Bungie and MLG will choose five (5) submissions at random and notify the winners.

Remember, it’s FREE to enter the contest, and there are absolutely no additional requirements to be a winner!
The MLG San Diego Team Passes have a $240 value and cover your entire team for entry into the competition. This means that if you win a pass, you and your 3 teammates can all compete for free!  Hurry, because the deadline for contest entry is Wednesday, June 4 at 11:59 p.m. ET!

For more information about MLG San Diego check out these links:

MLG San Diego General Info -

The Pro Circuit Experience -

Buy a Team Pass -

Prize Money -

Schedule -

Pro Circuit FAQ -

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Find Custom Games at

WhatThaSmurf writes:

Find and list Halo 3 custom games on the newly revamped Version 2 of the site was recently released and it needs members.

Hello, I am XBL member and Halo fanatic IrishRebelA07, one of the moderators of the newly reworked  Some of you may have been members of the original site, and I'm sorry to say that you will have to register again.  But the reason for this if our site's integrated XBL features.  Now on it is even easier to find matches, and our creators ManHands14 and Psythik are always improving the site based on user feedback.  H3Customs features an easy-to-use website layout with plenty of features, including a fully-functional forum, an XBL current status box, and a soon-to-come Halo 3 stats feature that will list all kinds of information from your Halo 3 Service Record.  So head on over to an find custom games the easy way.

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Movies, a Blog and Order Arrive at evolves today. Read about the changes, improvements and tweaks inside.

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Inside BungieCommunitySite Update 5/29/2008 11:55 AM PDT

More Legendary Brawling!

Shishka writes:

So many targets, so little time.

Starting right now (11am PDT), Legendary Brawl returns one more time to claim the throne that is "Double EXP Weekend." For the uninitiated, Legendary Brawl is ranked 12-man FFA. This means that not only will you be climbing the EXP ladder at a quicker pace, you'll have the opportunity to get that Mongoose Mowdown you've been working on for fourty levels now.

Legendary Brawl runs from 11am PDT Thursday, May 29th until 2:00am Monday, June 2nd. As the name would imply, Legendary DLC is required.

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Looking at the Creation of Flood Environments

Bungie Publications, the section of devoted to formal papers on our technology, now boasts a look at the creation of Flood spaces by one of our Environment Artists, Vic DeLeon.

Over in the Publications section of, we just added a presentation given by Environment Artist Vic DeLeon examining the biology of the Flood and the iteration that took place in creating "Floodified" spaces in Halo 3. There are multiple files in the package, including bothPowerpoint version and PDF versions of his presentation, and additionally, a couple of short clips showcasing some of the environmental work done in the "Floodgate" and "Cortana" missions in Halo 3.

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Member Art Galleries Go Live at

mrsmiley writes:

Looking for a place to upload and display your best Halo artwork? now offers free, unlimited, personal art galleries for all members. Have your art rated, get feedback from peers, and maybe even get featured on the front page! is now offering free, unlimited, personal art galleries for all members. Check out the announcement here for full features and details.

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MLG Launches Halo 3 Get Better Site

Major League Gaming is proud to announce that is has launched its Halo 3 Get Better site. With tips on every aspect of Halo 3 from weapon control to how the spawn system works, this site is sure to help you improve your game.

Major League Gaming is all about helping you find out where you stand and how to get better. Over the past couple months you’ve seen an initial series of Get Better Fast articles and videos from our staff and pro players designed to help players of all skill levels take their game to the limit. Now, MLG is proud to announce the launch of our Get Better Fast site, which serves as a home for all of our Get Better Fast content and provides a Lesson Finder that will let you isolate and work on any aspect of your game.

Each week we’ll be rolling out new content from our staff and top pros targeted at players of varying skill and put them on the fast track to reaching the level of MLG’s top competitors. Also, in the coming months you will see the addition of new games and new ways to interact with the Get Better Fast universe. You can reach the MLG Get Better Site by clicking here

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Bungie Weekly Update: 5/23/08

Questions, answers, playlist updates and map chatter.

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo 3 5/23/2008 5:53 PM PDT

New Weekly Halo 3 Video Series on

Major League Gaming has just launched a brand new weekly video series along with Stride Gum. The Stride Championship Series will highlight some of the best players and the smack talk that goes on at MLG events. Check it out.

Each week, The Stride Championship Series will showcase a match featuring two of the 2008 MLG Pro Circuit's biggest, brightest, and most promising names. Check back every week for a taste of what to expect on the Pro Circuit, or to simply relive some of the action of event's past. Go check out the video here.

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Community Spotlight: Ascendant Justice

A brief glimpse at one of the most thoroughly investigative Halo sites outside of our internal documentation: Ascendant Justice.

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Living Dead Double EXP Weekend Returns Once Again!

Shishka writes:

They simply can not get enough of those tasty, tasty brains.

Starting this very moment (That's 11am PDT for you time travelers out there), Living Dead is back as the weekend Double EXP playlist. This time, some small tweaks have been made to the existing gametypes. Furthermore, an unprecedented two (count 'em!) gametypes have been added to the roster, and the Legendary Map Pack makes its presence known in some pretty peculiar ways. Eat up, kids; a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Living Dead weekend will last until Monday the 26th at 2am PDT. Legendary and Heroic map packs are required.

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