Prepare to Drop Premium Theme

Get a free Xbox 360 Theme to celebrate ODST.

If you're a Xbox LIVE Gold subscriber, you can head into Marketplace right now and pick up a free premium theme to spruce up your 360.  Thanks for playing!  Love, Bungie.

"ODSTs aren’t the only ones getting their hands on upgraded gear to prepare for the upcoming Firefight. Available only for a limited time and free of charge for Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers, this expertly crafted Halo 3: ODST Premium Theme will get your Xbox 360 ready for a combat drop into the city of New Mombasa."

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Halo 3: ODST OST Rap

BaMunki writes:

The song about the songs of ODST.

This is awesome.

"Here's some new music for ODST, not from Marty! Thomas Productions has created a song about the new music from the ODST OST, so click the link to watch the music video!"

YouTube - ODST OST Rap

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Physics Evolved: Ep 1

Greenskull360 writes:

Physics can be fun!

Classic music.  Inventive use of physics.  There's a little bit of set up at the top, but let it play and they get to the good stuff soon enough.  Check it out.

"Greenskull is back! This time he teamed up with Mongerty to start a new series called Physics Evolved. They play around with the physics engine in Halo to see what cool and amazing stunts they can do. For their first feat, they manage to do a pretty epic double hijack. Go see it for yourself!"

YouTube - Physics Evolved: Episode 1

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'Warthog Memoirs' Halo 3 Machinima

CMNeir writes:

Even the drivers get emotional.

One part machinima, one part cinematic montage, CMNeir produced this short take on a crew and their Warthog.  It's beautifully shot in sweet HD.  You should check it out.

"Follow the memoirs of a warthog that has been through so much, even its drivers get emotional."

YouTube - Warthog Memoirs

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We're all set.  Are you?

Unless you've been living under a very large, very remote rock you're probably well aware that Halo 3: ODST is gonna be available in all stores everywhere on 09.22.09.  That's tomorrow technically, but most of you might consider it tonight since you'll be getting your hands on it soon after the sun goes down.

Either way you look at it, if you're wondering if your retailer is gonna have a midnight launch to celebrate, give them a ring.  We could drop a list on you, but it would contain thousands of stores and it would be all confusing and it would make your brain hurt.  The telephone is your best bet.

If you're not going to be preoccupied, at the Launch Party in Seattle (see invite below) or partaking in one your own home town, you should take a peek at our official Twitter.  Not only will we be filling it up with plenty of Twitpics from the launch event, but if you take the time to caption one or two with something that catches our attention (in a positive way), we might get in touch with you and send out some swag for your effort.

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The Evocative Music of Marty O'Donnell

Halo wouldn't be the same without it.

So says the Seattle Times in an article exploring Halo's signature sound.  If you want to do a deep dive with the man who make the music, jump in at the link below.

'Halo' wouldn't be the same without evocative music of Marty O'Donnell

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File Share Shorts: Hoggin!

The Complete Warthog Experience.

ObiWanStevobi made himself a montage using Bungie Pro Video.  Don't fault him for the soundtrack though.  YouTube didn't like The Doors cut he originally went with.  Anyway, that's some good Hoggin'.

YouTube - Fileshare Shorts: Hoggin!

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Tag and Release - lol

Express yourself.

This week we're checkin' out four screenshots that some of you found funny.  So much so, you tagged 'em with "lol."  lol

Tag: lol


Stick 'Em Up



If these didn't make you laugh at loud, you're probably dead on the inside.  Or maybe you just have a unique sense of humor.  Either way, if you have your own screenshots you find funny make sure you're using the tools our web team has so lovingly provided to add keywords to your work so other people can point and laugh.

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Our bad.






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Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame (Part Three)

master of xbox writes:

All good things...

Part three of Arby 'n' the Chief series finale. Things are heading downhill at the apartment. During a game of Halo 3, the Arbiter disovers he's falling to pieces and begins suffering from a mid-life crisis, and he along with Master Chief begin examining their lives. On top of that, Jon's failure to pay rent has forced him to rent out his spare room to another tenant, specifically Scott, a disgusting -blam!- with a giant black afro to match the blackness of his heart who, unbeknownst to Master Chief or The Arbiter at first, is wanted for hacking on online games in addition to smuggling cocaine between Canada and Russia for sixteen years, and is also being pursued by a Russian agent of the KGB determined to settle a personal score with him.

Mature audiences only.

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief: Endgame (Part Three)

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Best Buy Chat Transcript

Taking notes.

HBO's rounded up the transcript from the Best Buy Halo 3: ODST Q&A session from last week.  Brian and Joe fielded some questions.  Read their answers at the jump below.

HBO - Best Buy Transcript Online

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Bonus Round: Episode 308 - Part 3

Brian Jarrard and crew cap off the Bonus Round.

Part 3 of Bonus Round Episode 308 with our very own Brian Jarrard (and some other dudes) is up and online.  If you're interested in general gaming industry discussion, you should tune in and check it out.  Some good discussion.

GameTrailers Bonus Round Episode 308 - Part 3

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Reclaimer 218 - Redirection

Rav Raider writes:

Hiding ain't all it's cracked up to be.

In case you were worried that Reclaimer would cease to be amidst the glorious release of ODST tomorrow, you needn't be. Today's comic is up and on time. Check it out.

Reclaimer 218 - Redirection

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Halo 3: ODST OST Samples

It's not easy being cheesy. has some new sample tracks up from the delicious Halo 3: ODST soundtrack.  If you're a fan of Marty's work, you should have a listen.  Maybe even, you know, pick up the soundtrack. - Halo 3: ODST OST

Halo 3: ODSTSoundtrack and Music 9/21/2009 9:02 AM PDT permalink

Love and Marriage - Legendary Edition

The cake is real.

This couple tied the knot and then celebrated with an ultra Limited Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 console.  As far as we know, there's only one of these in existence.  Well, was.  They ate this delicious hardware.

Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 Wedding Cake

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IGN Montage: Headshots

Need a montage? captured some footage from ODST and slapped it together in what may be the first ever ODST montage.  This one features headshots.  Check it out.

IGN Montage: Headshots

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The Weapons of Halo 3: ODST

The tools of the trade.

Gamespot got their grubby hands on the two new weapons featured in ODST.  Read their field report at the link below.

Halo 3: ODST Preview - The Weapons of Halo 3: ODST

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Halo 3 ODST: Campaign Video Blowout

Team Xbox takes you on the guided tour.

Video style.  Again, if you don't want to see any campaign footage, don't click.  Beats some crappy Youtube vids of French players though, eh?

Halo 3 ODST: Campaign Video Blowout

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Gametrailers ODST Campaign Vids

Eyes on if you're looking for intel.

Those going into ODST fresh should steer clear.  Everyone esle, check out the latest ODST Campaign videos from Gametrailers. Halo 3: ODST Campaign Videos

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Halo In Five Minutes

Get up to speed on the Halo story.

If you've got five minutes, you've got ample time to take in this refresher course on the Halo story to date.  It's fast and it's funny.  Check it out. "Halo In Five Minutes"

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Sumthing Awesome

For your listening pleasure.

If reading about music isn't your thing, Sumthing Digital is hosting snippets of the Halo 3: ODST Soundtrack.  Get a listen by clicking on the link below.  Crank the volume.

Sumthing Digital Soundtrack Snippets

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Halo 3: ODST Soundtrack Review

Music for Repelling the Covenant.

G4 had a listen to the ODST soundtrack.  From their ears to your eyes, here's the early word.  Tune in.

Halo 3: ODST Soundtrack Review - Music for Repelling the Covenant

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9/21 ODST Tournament Update

The team roster for the ODST launch tournament is final.

Thank you to everyone who entered to compete in the ODST Firefight Tournament at the 9/21 launch event in Seattle. Unfortunately interest is always higher than real-world capacity allows so many of you won't be able to participate. We still hope to see you at the event though as there will be plenty of hands-on Firefight to enjoy, swag giveaways, panels and tons of Bungie people for you to meet and hang with.

The 12 teams who did make the cut have all been notified via email as of this morning.  Please check your inboxes! 

Again, our apologies to everyone who didn't quite make the cut. We hope to see you anyways and there will be more challenges and shenanigans in the weeks to come.

Speaking of the 9/21 launch party - if you are planning to attend, please be aware that we are expecting large crowds and once the venue is full, they will not allow anyone else to enter until people leave. So, if you want to come and have the best odds of getting inside, please plan to get there early.  Doors open at 6pm!

Halo 3: ODST 9/19/2009 11:16 AM PDT permalink

Launch Party Tourney - Admission Closed

The roster is full.

If you sent along an email to secure your spot in the Halo 3: ODST Launch Party Tournament, we're sorting the list now.  You should expect notification to be sent out via email no later then tomorrow afternoon.  We had more teams sign up then we have spots for in the bracket, so we'll be plucking out participants on a first come, first serve basis.  If you and your crew don't get selected, we'd still love to have you come out and celebrate.

See you there.

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