Reclaimer 105 - 'Limited Options'

Pushing the limits...

Episode 105 of the web comic Reclaimer has been uploaded for your perusal.  There's also a very large, very sweet Reclaimer desktop wallpaper to download.  Hit the links and check 'em out.

Thanks to HBO for the notification.

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Predatorial Forge Art

This artist utilizes an unusual palette.

Hawty McBloggy posted an interesting sit down with well known Forge artist, Predator5791.  Chances are you've already gawked at his amazing creations.  Click on to find out what motivates him, what inspires him, and just how much time he's investing in his craft.

Interview with Forge Artist Predator5791

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The Stupid Fun 'Tage

Groovemeister writes:

It's stupid...and fun.  It's stupid fun!

Over at Tied The Leader, a new video is up showcasing the silly side of Halo 3.

From the blog:

"After a long hiatus, resident machinima producer TTL Hoovaloov is back with a piece that he calls the Stupid Fun ‘Tage.  You may remember this gamer from such previous works as Beta Carotage or Lagtacular. His most recent offering is a parade of evidence of the replayability of Halo 3 via Xbox Live."

The Stupid Fun 'Tage at the TTL Blog

YouTube Version

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Get out your digital pumpkins and paring knives.

Halloween is fast approaching.  But before you head out for delicious, tooth decay inducing candy this Friday, why not spend a little time crafting some Holiday-themed goodies in Forge?  Who knows, if your ghoulish creation delights, you might earn a little disfigured face time in this week's Weekly Update.

We'll be looking for new content tagged with the word "Halloween."  No rehashing.  We know there are already some sweet gargoyles with Brute Shot wings perched upon Blackout's lonely spires out there, but we want to see what kind of tricks and treats you can pull off on short notice.

Here are a few existing examples Stosh already dumped into the bowl:

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Average Joe - Bryan Simon

Average is such a relative term.

We’re not using it here to belittle or besmirch, but rather to distinguish. The people we’ll be spotlighting in this series are plucked from the community for a variety of reasons, none of which have anything to do with mediocrity. Far from it. These folks are some of the platelets flowing through the community's lifeblood—people who aren’t making the games, but rather celebrating them. These are the montage makers, the song writers, the fanfic authors, and the discerning men and women who make the forums paginate. They’re also the store clerks, the people who pull our teeth, and the men and women who make the world an interesting place.

First up, Bryan Simon, maestro of the musical tribute.

Q. Explain yourself?

A. My name is Bryan Simon and I’m an IT guy at a family owned Lumber & Hardware center. I say IT guy, but it really is a lot more complex since I’m considered part of the family. I clean the owner’s pool during the summer time (and accidentally fall in to cool myself off). I do the on-hold messages. I design the company newsletter. I organize the annual contractor dinner. Like Ron Burgandy would say, “I’m kind of a big deal.”

My hobbies consist of surfing the Internets (mainly,, Halo.Bungie.Org, and, playing guitar, and trying to help Bungie take over the world.

Q. That's a 1337 gamertag, eh?

A. My gamertag is my actual name. Can you see it? b12y4n 51m0n. Some people can’t.  The 12 is an R. My actual name came from my mom. I love my mom. She’s a really sweet lady.

Q. What does your online schedule look like?

A. I am ALWAYS on I think I would win an award for amount of time logged onto the forums. If my boss knew how much I surfed during the day, I would probably be excommunicated from the family and I’d have to find another job. I love the main Halo 3 forum, but there is just so much chaos in there. I’m a member of the group Halo 3 In The Workplace (H3ITWP) on It’s an awesome group. Basically it consists of people who have jobs and families and balance their family life and their Halo life.

I’m a member of B5D, The General Public, and Mythbusters forums. I just recently joined and that’s a neat place as well. Lots of cool people to talk to. I just really enjoy talking to people. The Internet has given us such a huge opportunity to make friends with people and build relationships. Even though we may never physically meet the person on the other end, we can form bonds and speak into each other’s lives.

Q. What compels you to game? Do you game with friends and family? Co-workers?

A. I just love the satisfaction of seeing that 1st place standing. Nothing gives me more of a chubby (if I’m allowed to say that) than logging on to in the morning and seeing my game history full of 1st place finishes. I normally play with anyone who is willing to play Social Slayer or Skirmish. Those are my two favorite playlists. If you want to play them, I’ll play with you.

I tried to get my wife to play with me once. I showed her where the Needler was on Snowbound. I showed her how to pick it up and fire it. She killed me once and said, “This game is dumb. I’m going to go watch Friends on TV instead.” That was the end of her Halo gaming.

Q. What was the first Bungie title you played? How did you discover it? What was is specifically that sucked you in?

A. I played Halo CE for the PC a few months before Halo 3 came out. My buddy and I were in Wal-Mart and he told me to buy it because it was only $20 and it was awesome. I played it and really enjoyed it. Oddball on RatRace for the win!! I’ve always loved FPS games. Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Shadow Warrior, they were all my favorites back in the day. Halo just seemed to be the best FPS I ever played.

Anyways Halo 3 came out, I went to Wal-Mart that night and bought an Xbox and Halo 3. I’ve logged hundreds of hours ever since and am very glad I made that decision. It’s the only game I own. If Bungie’s future games are as exciting and contain the same multiplayer experience, I’ll buy every one of them.

Q. Are you surprised by your level of community involvement?

A. Not really. People who are passionate about something will always tell others because of that passion. I really enjoy playing Halo. I’m pretty passionate about music. I fused the two together and wrote some tribute songs. I’ve written 10 songs about Halo and Bungie so far and as of 10/24/08 have reached 50,000 views on YouTube.

The thought first came to me to write a Halo song when I saw a video someone recorded about Geometry Wars on I wrote “Thank You, Bungie” and it was pretty successful so I wrote another called “Teabag Me,” “I Bought My General,” “One Shot On My X,” and others. I’ve gotten a lot of positive response. I’ll probably write a few more cause there is always something to talk about. “I Just Can’t Kill That Banshee” will probably be one in the future.

Q. Are you involved with any other entertainment-related communities?

A. No. Not really. I used to play music at a church for a Saturday night service. You may be able to find the promo video on YouTube along with the songs if you search for my name! I had my first daughter and took a step down from certain commitments to spend more time with her. It’s been a while since I recorded tunes so I needed an outlet. Thus, the Halo 3/Bungie videos.

Q. Anything you would like to add? Wanna make a shout-out?

A. I just want to say that I really appreciate everything Bungie has done. I have no reason to suck up, really. I’ve been hooked up with the Mark VI MJOLNIR Armor /R variant, so that’s not why I’m thanking them publicly. They deal with a lot of crap from snotty nosed little kids about how their game sux0rz and how the BR is broken. Bungie really works hard to be involved in the Halo community and I think that they do a great job listening to everyone’s opinion and making things work for the best. Keep up the good work.

Shout’s out to H3ITWP on for helping me get the music into the public eye as well as Facility B5D. I appreciate everyone who has left me a comment on Youtube and everyone who sends me messages on and Xbox LIVE.

Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to become more positive and respectful on LIVE. There’s enough chaos and hate in the world. Getting online and gaming with each other should be like a vacation away from all that hate. Sure we get frustrated when headshots don’t land or maybe we’re teabagged, but let’s start a revolution to make online gameplay more enjoyable. KEEP IT CLEAN. Say good game. Pass it on.


Mad props to Bryan for taking time out to answer our questions.  Make sure you return the favor and subscribe to his video channel.  It's the least you can do.

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Expanding your Field of View

Size matters with these sweet panoramas

This collection of panoramic shots comes to us from Hfr JoHnnY Be GooD, by way of HBO.  Expand your mind and your field of view by checking out this pretty robust Flickr gallery.

JoHnnY Be GooD's Panoramic Halo 3 Collection

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Forecast the Series: Episode 7

'The Best Defense...'

Episode 7, eh?  You'll have to invest a small chunk of time (about ten minutes) if you want to ingest this episode, but the folks at  Young Street Productions have made sure it's worth your while by injecting it full of tasty goodness.

Forecast the Series: Episode 7 - "The Best Defense..."

"The guys are urged to set up the station's defense system should an unwanted visitor return to Weather Station Z 41. "

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Hard Justice: Episode 3

Naked except for an eyepatch and a sombrero.

DigitalPh33r's Hard Justice: Episode 3 went up a few days back, but was mysteriously yanked from YouTube's servers shortly thereafter.  Now It's back and ready for viewing.  It also contains strong language and perps playing loud music.  You've been warned.

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Mmm...That's Good LAZR

Over 18,000 Spartan Laser kills?  It's montage time!

We checked and it turns out Sanctious really does have over 18,000 kills with the Spartan Laser.  To commemorate, he stitched a tiny sampling of them together for a four minute and forty-five second montage.  There was a time when LAZR CAT demanded, "MAWR LAZR."  I think kitty's demands have been met.

Youtube - The Sanctious Splasertage Vol. 1

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Tag and Release - 'Annual'

You don't need a degree in Archeology to uncover the gems other players have left behind.

If you're not using the newly tweaked tag tools to dig up sweet content on, then you're doing it wrong.  But don't toss out your wool fedora just yet.  As we've already announced, the once daunting task of sifting and sorting content has been simplified.  From the All Tags link found under the Bungie Online heading, you can utilize the tools in your kit to conduct broad, category-wide searches, or to delicately dust off your artifacts with a supple brush and find the exact content you're looking for.

How do I drop-down?

You can fiddle with the various knobs and levers as much as you like.  Here's a somewhat refined assemblage of assets we discovered by searching for the Highest Rated files found under the tag "annual."

Achievement Boosting - Courtesy of the Covenant Ghost

And yeah, we know, you have way better screenshots in your fileshare. That's sweet because the same tools expounded on above allow you to tag your own awesome content. Do it properly and you won't have to rely on verbalization to sell your stuff - it'll automatically rise to the top as other player's start digging it up, rating it, and adding meaningful tags of their own.

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Reclaimer 104 - "Fight or Flight"

Outmanned and Outgunned

The newest episode of Reclaimer has been published.  Hopefully, it won't leave you feeling a little queasy.

Reclaimer 104 - "Fight or Flight"

Head on over and check it out.  Thanks to HBO for the notification.

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Fairfax ‘n’ the Chief

Follow the Rabbit.

Hawty McBloggy enlists the aid of the community to help spread awareness of Infantile Spasms:

"The Halo community has found themselves significantly moved by the plight of Marissa. Fairfax, her adorably sweet bunny who has been on an honorable mission to spread awareness of Infantile Spasms (the serious pediatric epileptic condition she suffers from), has touched us in a way only very special stuffed bunnies can. For Marissa, and for the amazing people whom love and care for her, we present the other fight that Fairfax has been waging, that which takes place in our favorite fictional Halo universe. Read up about Marissa’s story, then enjoy Fairfax’s Halo adventures."

Head on over, chuckle at the pics, and let Marissa and Fairfax tug at your heart strings.

Fairfax 'n' the Chief

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GiA "Lets Get Creative" Competition

Maimum FEAR writes:

Show off your creative side.  Help those in need.

"The Gamers in Action Lets Get Creative Competition [sic] gives you the chance to show off your creative skill.  Not only that but by taking part in the competition you'll be helping to raise money for Child's Play, a charity run by the guys from over at Penny Arcade that helps supply hospitals with toys and video games for ill children.

So head on over to the official competition page and learn how you can take part.  Halo fans have at least four categories they can send submissions into.  Whether you are musical, artistic or technical, there is something for you."

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Bungie Weekly Update: 10/24/08

The future is now and the past is tomorrow.

Read Full Top Story

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"Essence" - A Halo 3 Tribute Video

Zandax writes:

Tape open your eyeballs for this tribute video.

We had Phat Beats earlier.  Now it's time for Techno Treats.  Some pretty slick editing too.  The claim that this fast-twitch take contains "Anything and Everything HALO Represents" is a bit grandiose, but it does make for a fairly intense one minute and twenty-four seconds.

YouTube - Essence

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Phil - Day Seven: "Deja Vu"

Episode seven seems like a good place to start.

The players at Black Light Productions released the newest episode of "Phil" this week.  During Day Seven, Phil and friends run into a player who spits game in iambic pentameter.  O, what men dare do.

Teeny-boppers and workaholics tread lightly, this has some potty language in it.

If YouTube is more your speed, click here.

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Reclaimer 103 - Out of Time

urk writes:

'We have no more time for games.'

Episode 103 of the Online Graphic Novel Reclaimer is up for your consumption.  Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of the strip.  Head on over and check it out.

From the author:

"Yesterday marked one year since the inception of Reclaimer! It’s actually a little hard to believe that things are still going this strong a year later. When I started Reclaimer, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew that I wanted to write and produce a Halo-based comic, but I had no idea if I could something like that. It’s been a growing process, and it’s been a lot of fun so far. I have you all to thank for a lot of that. I would have enjoyed doing this, even if I’d been the only one to read it, but having an audience to play to makes this a thousand times more worthwhile to me – and you all have been immensely patient with me and gone through the growing pains with me. It’s been an awesome year, and I look forward to another fantastic year with all you wonderful people."

Thanks to HBO for the heads up.

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Foundry, Forge, and Phat Beats

Makin' it rain Love

IX ScArReD XI cobbled together this unusual mix of structure, plasma, mancannons, and soccer balls to show his love (or luv, rather) for Bungie.

Lyrics, not safe for work or younglings.

Unusual Halo 3 Tribute to Bungie: "Showing Our Luv"

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Fight Like a Girl - Update!

Now with more Bungie!

Looks like the Cavegirls found some new folks for you to play against in their Fight Like a Girl Tournament: Bungie employees!

"We're happy to announce that we've added a 2v2 challenge this weekend in addition to our FFA and 4v4 tournaments. The 2v2 challenge will be your team versus Bungie! That's right, various Bungie employees are ready to take on challengers this weekend to help raise money for our cause. All you have to do is go to the sign up page, and donate for 2v2 event. The amount you want to donate is up to YOU. Only one donation is needed for both players. Here are the details:

Saturday October 25th 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern ALL NIGHT LONG
Sunday October 26th 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern ALL NIGHT LONG

If you're already playing in FFA or 4v4, you can still sign up for the 2v2 event as well. Bungie will be on all night both days, so you will have time to do all events. The 2v2 will have open scheduling, you play when you can, and is mostly for bragging rights. You will play at least one game, maybe more.

So, head on over to the Sign Up page, and register for the 2v2!"

What are you waiting for?  Click on the link and get your charity on!

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Blowing It Up the Bungie Way

The Bungie Publications page now boasts Effects Arts Lead Steve Scott's presentation on making things go boom. Check it out!

Make sure you have Powerpoint and be prepared for a near-100 MB download full o' videos and information.
Go here to download it!

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3 Ball Weekend Begins!

Alas, poor Yorick. It's open season on your Achievement.

Starting today, 3 Ball returns as the Double Experience weekend. For those that haven't played 3 Ball before, four teams of three face off in multiple oddball gametypes with multiple oddballs. There's always one more team than there is oddball, so not everybody gets to have a skull to call their own. The 3 Ball playlist has four variants of 3 Ball, the only changes being the starting weapon lineup.

3 Ball Double XP Weekend is available from Thursday, October 23rd at 11am PDT until Monday the 27th, 2am. Heroic and Legendary map packs are required.

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Gaming For a Cause

Help the gaming community help those in need.

Cup of Robots wrote in to tell us about a charity tournament going on over at Love from the Game.

In his own words:
"We currently have a Halo 3 team doubles ladder up. We have partnered with The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit, Michigan to raise money for their Cancer Research Program.

The ladder runs now through November 30th and the top team will receive $1000 cash via Paypal. Second place will receive $500. We hope to run a tournament every couple of months to benefit different charities.

I know that the Halo community is one of the best out there. Any help getting the word out about the site would be greatly appreciated.

Word is out.  Are you game for a good cause?

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Flip Your Banshee (Halo 3 Music Video)

All you got to do is flip your banshee!

How many memes can one man mash into his Halo 3 music video?  Answer: all of them

"I think you guys might get a kick out of this music video. It's my first Halo 3 machinima and it's doing pretty well. Hope you enjoy!"

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SLASO? I hardly knew her!

Halo 3's unofficial achievement.

If you've already completed Halo 3's campaign on Legendary difficulty, you won't earn any additional gamerscore or achievements for slugging your way through a solo run with all skulls maniacally turned on, but you will earn mad street cred and a heightened sense of self worth.  If you just read that sentence and shuddered a bit at the prospect of such a daunting task, fear not, The Tyrant over at HBO is meticulously stitching together a level-by-level guide, offering his gentle words, and more recently, embedded videos to hold your hand throughout your attempt.  He's dubbed the run "Mythic" difficulty.

Halo 3 Mythic Walkthrough

CommunityHalo 3Halo Stats 10/23/2008 9:07 AM PDT permalink is a Technical Marvel

We didn't pen the title.  Step inside to find out who did.

Peter Ryan over at Gamasutra takes and in-depth look at how game developers are utilizing their web content to enhance their titles.  And wouldn't you know it, Bungie Studios is prominently featured in the article.

Building Social Communities For Your Game: A Primer

Thanks once again to HBO for scouring the web in search of Bungie news.

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