'We Humans Are Capable of Greatness'

deathVANQUISHED writes:

What do you get when you cross Halo: Reach spoilers with Carl Sagan?

You get something great.

"As a fan of Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Halo, I put Carl Sagan's A Pale Blue Dot monologue about humanity being unified on the fringes of space with video from Halo: Reach."


YouTube - We Humans Are Capable of Greatness

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Arby 'n' the Chief: 'Digital Fruitcakes' (S04E09)

SquirrellyOtter writes:

There's nothing outside for you anyway.

Explicit lyrics, adult themes, and tons of camping.

"Jon CJG (formerly DigitalPh33r) proves he's still got it with this new episode of Arby 'n' the Chief, in which the Chief and his posse of fellow camp-and-spam noobs 'verse' the unimpressed Arbiter. Featuring an excellent opening sequence and hilarious combat scenes, the latest ANTC is truly a keeper."

YouTube - Arby 'n' the Chief: "Digital Fruitcakes" (S04E09)

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Halo: The Fails of Reach - Episode 2

CruelLEGACEY writes:

It's never enough!

Nope, this isn't the same Fails video you just watched. Yes, that is Stan Bush.

"The fails of Reach features my personal collection of funny fails, wins, and memorable moments from Halo Reach. Episode 2 features music by Stan Bush...old school Transformers fans should appreciate it!"

YouTube - Halo: The Fails of Reach - Episode 2 by CruelLEGACEY

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Top 10 Halo Reach Kills and Fails

KillaXIV writes:

Doubling down.

360Cinema blesses us with two offerings this morning. The first is a top ten kills feature. The second is full of fails.

"360Cinema brings you the first episode to our Top 10 Halo Reach Series; Top 10 Kills: Episode 1. We weren't asking for any particular type of clip so we were accepting practically anything! But of course we could only choose 10 out of hundreds of submissions."

YouTube - Halo: Reach Top 10 Kills: Episode 1 by 360Cinema

"360Cinema brings you some of the most degrading fails achieved by players from across the globe. You'll witness fails that give you no excuse to complain about your unfortunate matchmaking mishaps. So sit back, relax and learn the art of the fail."

YouTube - Halo: Reach Top 10 Fails: Episode 2 by 360Cinema

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The Dream Team Montage and Bart's Manor

Sikamikanico writes:

Four heroes unite and one Infection map rises.

The Dream Team put together a montage for your viewing pleasure.

The Dream Team Montage

But that's not all. They also raised the roof on "Bart's Manor," a spooky space crafted to facilitate tons of Infection fun.

"Bart's Manor is back, and it's better than ever! Once again survivors must band together to fight the  zombie horde, or die alone and join their ranks.The Manor now boasts a huge reception room and hallway, with two flights of stairs leading to the main landing. The double garage has more than enough room for a few cars, and the conservatory and gardens at the back of the house provides a beautiful view of the lake and beach. A cavernous attic provides plenty of storage for those sentimental types, but unlike the previous Manor, don't for one moment think you'll be safe hiding up there. You'll all need to work together to survive the horde on this one.

Remember...nowhere is safe."

YouTube - Bart's Manor

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The Flaming Ninja Challenge

petetheduck writes:

An obstacle course of epic proportions!

The Flaming Ninja Challenge is back, and it beckons! Time to earn those flames with your controller, not just your wallet! An obstacle course that spans the entire length of Forge World. Do you have what it takes?

Download the Map Variant

Download the Gametype

Read the HBO thread, which has pretty pictures previewing many of the obstacles

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Tag and Release - Shotgun


The hunt for great community screenshots continues. This week, we've bagged some rare assets and embedded them all below. Click on each image to check out the plumage in high resolution!

Tag: Shotgun

Golden Gun


Standing Guard

Fight or Flight

Make My Day

Love at First Sight


Double Down

Up Close and Personal

Big Bada Boom

Gotta Forge 'Em All!

Not sure how that last screenshot got lumped in with the Shotgun tag, but man, that's probably the most epic thing I've ever seen. If you have some astounding stuff of your own, make sure you're tagging it properly so other people can find it. For your viewing pleasure, we keep a public collection open at all times in our Halo: Reach File Search gallery.

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DuoGroup Trailer - 'Missing in Action'

Spartans never die...

The DuoGroup returns with a fresh take on Halo: Reach. If you haven't completed the campaign, there are some story spoilers in the footage. If you have, hit the link to get hyped.

Halo: Reach – Missing In Action

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'Sketch 2' - Halo 3 Community Montage

iPopboX writes:

Eight months in the making!

Popbox[3bit] says this montage took eight months to make. Well, it is Monday. You know what that means!

YouTube - Sketch 2 - Halo 3 Community Montage

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Halo: Reach Mythbusters: Episode Three

BjG93 writes:

Bustin' myths.

Myth: If you click on the video below, you will see defendthehouse's third installment of Halo: Reach Mythbusters.

"Continuing the tradition, defendthehouse has unveiled their third installment of their Halo Reach Mythbusters series. Will there be a Legendary ending? Watch and find out!

If you want to help out with a future episode, or just give a few myth suggestions, join defendthehouse.com and you (yes, YOU!) could be in a future episode.

Hope you enjoy!"

YouTube - Halo Reach Mythbusters: Episode Three

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Bust-A-Map contest: Pillar Punch

x MaxP0wer writes:

Make that piggy the star!

If you're gearing up for our Forgetacular contest, why not kill two birds with one stone?

"Well Forge fans, it's time to put your mapping skills to the test.

Forgemaps.com is pleased to announce our first Halo Reach: Forge World map contest. The map contests, called Bust-A-Map, will feature a different setting or theme every month. This month we are going to take it easy on you...but don't get used to that. They will only get tougher from here on out.

This month's setting is the Pillar, so we are calling it the 'Pillar Punch.' You just need to make a completely original map that is set on the Pillar. It has to play Slayer and Team Slayer, no other games modes required. See our website for the complete list of rules, guidelines, and judging details. Winner gets a prize!"

Forgemaps.com-Bust-A-Map Contest

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The Headshot Heard 'Round the World

Shoot stuff, win a console.

HBO and KontrolFreek have teamed up to give you the opportunity to trade your sweet Film Clips for amazing prizes!

"We're looking for films of the best headshot kills in Reach you can come up with. Multiplayer, Campaign, Firefight - doesn't matter, as long as it makes people say 'whoa.' Find your clip, save it in Reach, upload it to your fileshare. Send us a link."

Full details can be found at the link below.

The Headshot Heard 'Round the World

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Bungie Weekly Update: 10/15/2010

Now with more bullet points!

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Bungie Weekly UpdateHalo: Reach 10/15/2010 2:51 PM PDT

Reach Grifball Highlights - Week 1

puptastrophe writes:

Hammer time!

New Halo. Upgraded Grifball.

"Grifball is without a doubt a different game now. Armor abilities have given us a faster, more exciting game that now feels more like a sport than it ever did before. With one week of the first GrifballHub.com GGL season played in Reach completed and our second currently under way, we present highlights from the first week of league play."

GGL Halo Reach Grifball Highlights - Week 1

Halo: Reach 10/15/2010 9:40 AM PDT permalink

Grifball Supports Extra Life!

goosechecka85 writes:

Buy Reach swag to raise money for the Extra Life charity!

GrifballHub.com is auctioning off a limited edition Halo: Reach controller and a Halo: Reach poster, both signed by members of the Bungie staff. All proceeds go to benefit the Extra Life charity.

To bid on the Halo: Reach controller, click here.

To bid on the Halo: Reach poster, click here.

For more information or to view an interview with Doc from SarcasticGamer.com about the charity, click here.

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Snipers Are Wussies!

HaloReachFTWZ writes:

They hide like little girls.


"BrySi has re-written the popular Halo 3 tune 'Snipers Are Wussies' and included some great Reach Gameplay with lots of dirty sniping beastliness.  Check it out and see if you can remember all the words by this weekend. There will be a test!"

YouTube - Snipers are Wussies

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Zev's 1st Halo: Reach Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

This has got to be the good life.

A collection of game play clips set to music!

"This is Zev's 1st Halo: Reach montage, edited by himself and captured by Phosphate. The gameplay falters a bit in the end, but contains a lot of really good clips like an overkill extermination on Hemorrhage and a sniper killtrocity on Asylum to more than make up for that. In addition, the quality's great, the editing's laid back, and the video is set to one of my favorite songs. All in all, this is a solid video. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Zev's 1st Halo: Reach Montage

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Funny Halo Reach Fails and Laughs 2!

Stewie2552 writes:

Can you handle it?

Needs more exclamation points!

"Episode 2 of our series Funny Halo Reach Fails and Laughs is here!  Clips range from campaign to firefight and customs to matchmaking!  Thanks for watching I hope you enjoy!  This video stands as proof that no other game has the experience Halo can provide!"

YouTube - Funny Halo Reach Fails and Laughs 2!

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Top 10 Halo Reach Snipes: Ep 4

Anoj writes:

Extermination in One Snipe? Impossible!

Hey everyone it's Anoj here and after reviewing over 2,000 submissions for Episode 4: Top 10 Halo Reach Snipes, it is clear that the Reach Community already has made some crazy snipes. Click the link below to see the best of the best snipes. Enjoy!

YouTube - Halo Reach: Top 10 Snipes: Episode 4 by Anoj

To submit your own clips, go to Top10Series.com and click on "Submit a Video." Episodes that are currently accepting submissions are Episode 6: Epic Fails, Episode 7: Sticks, and Episode 8: Exterminations.

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Humpday Challenge: HaloGAF

I won't belong to any organization that would have me as a member!

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

A very wizened man once uttered those words. I can almost hear them echoing in my ear, even now, as if he were still here with me today. And they may as well have been spoken about our opponents for this week’s Humpday Challenge.

Comprised of players from all walks of life, HaloGAF is a certified industry institution – one where you’d expect to find the members ensconced in the warm, restraining embrace of a straitjacket, their unbridled Bungie enthusiasm leaking from their slackened jaws like honey oozing from a hive.

And yesterday morning – as one of their longstanding figureheads astutely noted – I hauled off and plunged my foot cankle deep into their business, issuing our official challenge a mere 12 hours before kickoff to send them into a chaotic frenzy.


In the end my own wizened words, much like those of the aforementioned Old Ben, would prove to be prophetic.

The Teams

For this week’s Challenge we relied on the four members of Team Onyx to organize our fighting force. For a while, it seemed they wouldn’t pull it together and that Brian or I would have to jump in to provide poor substitutes for competitive seventh and eighth players. Fortunately for our team, we didn’t have to saddle up. Instead, Andrew Harrison swooped in and scooped up four additional players to help pad out the roster. (More on Andrew’s dirty swooping in just a moment).

Team Onyx

1. Andrew Harrison
2. Paul Lewellen
3. Jon Cable
4. Tomo
5. Ben Wommack
6. Jon Weisnewski
7. David Gasca
8. Javi


HaloGAF put together a massive roster of potentials, subdividing their ranks in haphazard fashion. The only clear organizational best practices they put to good use were those that already governed their established social cliques. Here’s how they ultimately broke it down:

Team Oonsk :3
It wouldn’t be completely accurate to label this squad NeedlerGAF, but with Dax on the team our guys knew that they’d be more than proficient wielding Halo: Reach’s more skill-based blamite weaponry.

  1. Dax01
  2. Total Sacrifice
  3. vhfive
  4. Merguson
  5. Sai Kun
  6. Shake Appeal
  7. teh Letters
  8. Slightly Live

Team Something Something Jesus Something
Formed out of the husk of our own TJ Scoot’s once mighty brotherhood of battle bros, Team 2 was beyond stacked. HaloGAF could have broken this team in twine and each half could have easily shifted the tide to their favor in either of the other two games. Alas.

  1. Thermight
  3. TJ Ram
  4. SpudxBud
  5. Oml3t
  6. TJ NutterB
  7. TJ Trasher
  8. TJ Capt Blood

Team Bad News Bladed
HaloGAF’s third squad seemed to have a little bit of trouble getting grouped together from the get-go. Chalk it up to late notice. Still, the talent pool at GAF is deep and we weren’t going to underestimate any one of their three teams.

  1. Laughtrey
  2. BladedExpert
  3. CrazedArabMan
  4. Hipster youth
  5. Hypertrooper
  6. godhandiscen
  7. Striker029
  8. Josef Redbeard

Rosters rendered, let’s review the Humpday Carnage.

Game 1 – Elite Slayer on Paradiso

Grief from Above

There’s really only one thing you need to know about the first match of the night. Andrew SF Harrison mounted his faithful purple people eating steed and rode hard, snagging himself the first ever Humpday Perfection. He flew like a bird, and as the kids at GAF say, “pooped on” the competition like a bloated, low flying albatross.

“Cable surprised everyone with his choice of Elite Slayer (including us!), but with Harrison's skilled Banshee play going big and our determined Dinos on the ground staying positive, we carried the game in style. Wort Wort Wort!”

“Give Harrison the Banshee=automatic win apparently. He ended up going 22-0. For the rest of us pedestrians on solid ground the game was a little closer. Though we had a pretty good lead throughout the game, so our (my) lack of coordination didn't hurt us much.”

“We forgot to set the time limit on the game to 15 minutes, so we didn't actually make it all the way to 100 kills, but the final score was 67-52 and we were keeping a decent lead the entire time. Blue team harassed us from the high ground for much of the game, but couldn't really dominate because of Harrison's expert Banshee tactics. He literally got into a Banshee at the beginning of the match and never left the skies.”

Jon W.:
“I think Cable was nervous when I got into the Wraith at the game start. During the warm up game I was on a Running Riot in the Wraith, but at the high(larious) cost of multiple betrayals against my team. I think I accidentally betrayed Cable three consecutive times that game. On the last one I heard "Really Jon? Really?" over the headset. Best part was I had no idea.

Luckily I was a bit more careful during Humpday and finished the match sans bro kill. Harrison in the Banshee was definitely the factor that granted us a comfortable lead and allowed for more reckless behavior.”

“Banshees! Fast and low!

You can tell from the film that I am playing ultra conservative. As long as we had air superiority, they didn't stand a chance. Only a couple times did I feel pressured. Getting shot at by needles feels like being tickled. The Plasma Launcher / Rifle were definitely causes for concern, but rarely made an appearance. I stuck on our side, took out all their vehicles, avoided boarding / Plasma Pistol takedown attempts and called it a Perfection.

P.S. Don't tell me there were no anti-vehicle weapons. It's called the Banshee. They went through three perfectly good ones en route to defeat...”

Final Score: Bungie Wins 67 – 52.

Game 2 - ???


Our online team is currently investigating why I can’t locate any evidence of the night’s second match. As soon as they provide me with some hard data, I’ll be sure to update this article with inline images and relevant statistics. In the meantime, we do have some fuzzy team recollections to offer to help set the stage for Game 2’s shenanigans.

“Not again. Well another match on Boardwalk, another loss.”

“Well, it started off close, but once we let our focus slip they took the lead and won it. Definitely not my best performance of the night, but an interesting time nonetheless. I do wish I'd remembered to save that film for a screenshot of my opening snipe.”

“I hate playing without radar, and therefore I hate Slayer Pro, but that doesn't excuse the ass-kicking their team gave us on Boardwalk. It was a slaughter, with every single one of us sporting a negative K/D by the end. I was constantly getting out DMRed and flanked; could barely kill anyone even with a group of teammates.

What's interesting is the group didn't even know they would be choosing the map and gametype before we all got in the party, but still managed to select our Achilles Heel to play. I can't decide if the group was a collection of ringers or if we all just sucked it up bad because of Slayer Pro and Boardwalk, or both.”

Jon W.:
“I'm pretty sure my grenades were shot out of the air and exploded in my face multiple times during this game. Everyone on our team went negative. Now I know what Vietnam was like.”

“I felt like I was playing with two left thumbs. Not on my best or anywhere close. All I can say about the second game is... At least I got some assists.” :(

“Seconded. 2 hits of 6 shots with a Sniper Rifle was not my finest hour. I should have given it to an adult.” ;)

Final Score: UNKNOWN

Game 3 – Invasion Slayer on Hemorrhage

Communications disruption can only mean one thing…Invasion.

Prior to the night’s challenge, GhaleonEB wished his HaloGAF compatriots luck and bestowed upon them the title, “Spartans.” And though ultimately his premonition of a Bungie victory was completely correct, it was our squad who would descend onto the tie-breaking battleground clad in Spartan’s armor. Lewellen put on a show with the Sniper Rifle on the way to a +19 performance and Andrew Harrison played selflessly, snagging a rare Broseidon for his generosity.

“When all else fails we play Invasion Slayer! We never got a Tank but still managed to win this thanks to well-timed Sniper and Spartan Laser drops to take out the Dino's Wraiths and Banshees.

P.S. Next time we should figure out our team and games before the day of.”

Can it be Sniper Timez, plz?

“Having never played Invasion Slayer on Hemorrhage before, I was surprised at how the teams essentially had to trade off drop zones since without any Mongeese there's no way to get to the other side of the map and steal one. The tier one play was pretty painful, with each side essentially holing up around the blue base cave or teleporter exit since those were the only areas with cover. Once the levels started progressing, we saw a lot of Banshees and a couple Wraiths start bearing down on our side of the map, but thankfully there always seemed to be a laser or rocket at the ready. Aside from controlling their vehicles though, it was the sniping and excellent DMRing from our top four which garnered all the kills.

I also learned how the Grenade Launcher loadout sucks on Hemorrhage. :P”

Cave Men
Jon W.:
“We went with last week's strategy of Invasion Slayer as the Spartan team, which ended up being a good move for us. Personally my game was a bit shoddy, but Huevos more than made up for our bottom half with Sniper control. For a while I was getting pretty nervous because it seemed like all the reinforcement drops were spawning on their side of the map. They were pumping out Wraiths and Banshees, which we were fortunately able to keep under control with a few Spartan Laser/Sniper/Rocket drops.”

Battle Bros to the End

“Happy days were here for myself, Tomo, and the rest of our riflemen. The Gaffers came back to take the lead at the beginning of Tier 3 while I was searching for more bullets, but it was smooth sailing after that. Relying on coordinated fire and power weapons to take out enemy vehicles worked out much better than I'd expected, but their wraiths still gave us some trouble. Fortunately, d1rtydr3w was there to seal the win again, this time with a clutch Broseidon.”

Shootin' and Lootin'

Bungie Wins 86 – 66.

Though the opening remarks were of the disparaging variety, we should note that it’s really all fun and games for us. Our guys had a blast. Had we given GAF more time to organize and prepare, we would be writing a very different story today. The last time we challenged GAF, they crushed us at our own game three to nothing.

Watch Your Step!

But not this time! Thanks for playing some games with us GAF. I take back every bad thing I ever said about you.

Lewellen gets the last word:
“That was one of our more disorganized Humpdays - we didn't even have a team selected until late afternoon, and we only had the full team together in time for two warm-up games before the first match. We also didn't decide on any maps or gametypes we wanted to play in advance, so we ended up picking them on the fly and learning them as we played. Luckily, everyone stepped up when it counted, and we got the job done.

It was a good time all around - those HaloGAF guys are always a classy bunch, win or lose.”

Next week, we’re sending out some of the old vanguard to take on 2old2play. Get out your Depends, veterans, we plan on forcing you to stay up way past your bedtime!

Note: Yup, we broke the trend of posting our victories as top news articles. Big DLC news today warranted a more subtle approach.

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Noble Map Pack - 11/30/2010

The Halo: Reach Warfront expands!

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Halo: Reach 10/14/2010 6:00 AM PDT

Bungie Reach Forgetacular Contest

Make an awesome Forge map, win a prize!

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Halo: Reach 10/14/2010 5:50 AM PDT

Forgotten Treasures 2

SHAD0W VIPER writes:

Relive your glory days!

ForgeHub.com is proud to present the Halo: Reach launch contest, like the original, this contest will focus on remaking maps from the previous Halo games. With all the buzz about bringing back classics, paired with the near endless capabilities of Forge World itself, this is the perfect competition to kick off the beginning of a new Forging age. So pop in the original trilogy, study some weapon layouts, and prepare to become a meticulous Forger once more.

Forgotten Treasures 2 - ForgeHub Forums

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Halo: Reach Achievement Guide

Mahdi writes:

Get them bleep bloops with the help from the professionals!

If you're looking for help snagging those last few achievements on the way to 1,000 gamerscore, SIP has you covered.

"The Spartan I Project has done it again by creating an achievement guide and they have assembled teams for your Halo Reach needs - check out the achievement guide HERE."

Halo: Reach 10/13/2010 9:58 AM PDT permalink

Galvin's 1st Halo: Reach Minitage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Today, nobody cares, but tomorrow...they will.

I care.


"This Galvin's 1st Halo: Reach minitage, edited by Stanley. I didn't really like the music, but the video has some solid footage, and the last clip is just ridiculous. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Galvin's 1st Halo: Reach Minitage

Halo: Reach 10/13/2010 9:56 AM PDT permalink