Tyrant's Halo 3: ODST Legendary Walkthrough - Kizingo Boulevard

Tyrant122312 writes:

The boulevard of broken dreams has a ZING to it!

As grim as things may look for New Mombasa, you won't be walking this broken boulevard alone.  Several squads of Marines will be backing you up and lending you a helping hand with heavy UNSC armor.  Use it bulldoze your way through the Covenant occupied streets and link up with Dutch down the road.

To help get you there, the Tyrant will be aiding you in battle with words of wisdom to go hand in hand with the video walkthrough.  Not only will he be guiding you through the flashback, but just like with the prior missions, he'll also be taking you through the rather lengthy Mombasa Streets segment leading up to the events of Kizingo.

So armor up for Tyrant's latest installment of the Halo 3: ODST Legendary Guide!

YouTube - Tyrant's Halo 3: ODST Legendary Guide - Kizingo Boulevard

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Ganbare Nippon Wristbands - Shipping Internationally!

Better late than never!

After speaking with what seemed like an army of Amazon.com support representatives, Christine's epic tenacity has finally paid off...three days before our charity drive for Japan Quake Relief officially ends. If you're one of our international fans who have been patiently waiting for your opportunity to wrap our band around your wrist, now is the time!

Hit the link below to add a wristband to you cart, and we'll send the proceeds to the Red Cross, earmarked for Japan.

Note: This is the only item in our store that you can ship internationally. If you add anything else to your cart, you'll be forced to remove it at check out.

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I'm Still Just Mad 2 - A Halo: Reach/Halo 3 Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

I wouldn't mind it if you were by my side.

This is a Halo 3/Halo: Reach mixtage from Just Mad, put together by himself, entitled, "I'm Still Just Mad 2". It features his leftover clips and is the sequel to the Halo: Reach Beta/Halo 3 mixtage he released a couple months ago, "I'm Still Just Mad." The gameplay's quite good for leftovers, featuring a nice collection of sweet clips from both Halo 3 and Reach. I'm a big fan of Keane so I loved the soundtrack, and the simple editing went along with it really, really well. Enjoy!

YouTube - I'm Still Just Mad 2 - A Halo: Reach/Halo 3 Montage

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4/14 - A Halo 3/Halo: Reach Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

I will break.

This is a Halo 3/Halo: Reach mixtage from Sandman, edited by SillyGoose entitled, "4/14", made to celebrate their birthdays. The gameplay consists of leftovers, but it's Sandman so they're still ridiculous. The editing is pretty good well, despite Sandman doing it at the last minute. The Sandman/SillyGoose duo has never disappointed me yet, and this montage certainly wasn't an exception. Enjoy!

YouTube - 4/14 - A Halo 3/Halo: Reach Montage

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Halo Reach: Top 10 Greatest Moments of Seasons 1 & 2

The best of the best!

Yo dog, I heard you like Top 10's. So, Anoj made a Top 10 out if his Top 10's, so you...you know what. I'm sorry. That's a pretty old meme and you deserve better. Please accept this video in apology.

YouTube - Halo Reach: Top 10 Greatest Moments of Seasons 1 & 2

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Melodores A Cappella - Halo Theme + Animal

Monks and some other stuff.

Claude personally sent me this video with a note attached that read, "wow, this -blam!- ROCKS." And he's right, it's a great rendition of Marty's monks, with a bonus track to boot. Check it out.

YouTube - Melodores - Halo Theme + Animal [Neon Trees A Cappella Cover]

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Greenskull's Forgefest 3

Greenskull RUL writes:

Hair gel not included.

The fun group at Ready Up Live is back for more custom games on the best Forge maps in the community! This time around, they test out the challenging and technical race map Mongoose Madness 2.0 and a brilliant variation of Infection called Cawk Blawkin' on Club Guido Juice.

There's a lot of fun to be had with both these maps, so go check them out then give them a download so you too can have a blast with your friends!

YouTube - Greenskull's Forgefest 3: Mongoose Madness and Club Guido Juice

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Forge Spotlight: Episode 5

Loktar OGar writes:

More community content.

With the recent success of the previous episode, Forge Spotlight is back with four more maps made by the community. Check them out. If you want to submit a map to me in future episodes, just follow the instructions at the end of every video.

YouTube - Forge Spotlight Episode 5

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20 Questions for April 2011

Willy87 writes:

Want to know more?

Just in case you weren't already sick of JoeSki73, someone decided to do another interview with him. Yes, he talks about Forge. No, he doesn't apologize for Atom. Still interested? Hit the link below.

"Wow has it been that long, I sure have missed you Halo community. It’s your old pale Willy from CE United. I took off on a wild journey these past months… but enough of that I’M BACK and so are the 20 questions!

I got a chance to interview JoeSki73 the guy who made Atom and won 1st place in the Team Slayer category of the Forgetacular Contest for his map Treasury. Hope you enjoy the interview, because it has been a long time since I did an interview so I might be a bit rusty."


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Fire Team Zulu: Keyes To The Past

FyreWulff Rex writes:

Hand cannons are not canon for this challenge.

Your ship AI, Cortana, didn't quite lose the Covenant when you jumped from Reach. With the Elite-led fleet pounding the ship, you must escape and land on Installation 04.

Unfortunately for you, the volatile materials stored on board are set off by any shots from your M6D Pistol or Plasma Pistol. Ignore the captain's gesture of faith and go without either sidearm - you must complete this mission with everything else you can find. And once your done, take the Vidmaster oath and submit that you've completed the mission - and enter yourself in a drawing for a Defiant Map Pack code. (Sorry, no alternate prize on this one!) You'll also get a new Fire Team Zulu achievement, "Mack of the World 1999".

This challenge can be completed on any version of Halo 1 (Xbox, PC, Mac)

Fire Team Zulu: Keyes To The Past

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Forge Café Recap Video

undr zid writes:

Custom community content kicks ass.

Wrapping up another Friday night of high rise racing and aggressive celebratory dancing, 
Forge Café slapped together an aftermath video. Thank you to everyone who joined in, Enjoy!

YouTube - FCCGN Recap Video 3

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HaloCharts Gamertag Night!

Dirty Jokez writes:

Parties and prizes.

HaloCharts wants to schedule a very special play date with you. Hit the jump to sign up.

"Show your support for HaloCharts and the rest of the community by coming out and participating in the second HC GAMERTAG GROUP NIGHT!  We'll be playing some Halo Reach, so let's get some parties full of gamers supporting HaloCharts, and have a party! And who knows? There may be some prizes in there somewhere. 

If you'd like to join us here's the link: HC GamerTag Night 2.0"

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Green's Machines 4 - Final Frontier

Greenskull RUL writes:

In space, no one can hear you...golf.

There's no wind, but the back nine on Anchor 9 demands you make some difficult shots. Fortunately, RUL has some pro tips to help you navigate the course.

"Greenskull is back again with another overly sophisticated Forge creation. In Green's Machines, he creates complex Rube Goldberg machines for the sole purpose of your entertainment. This time, he uses a golf ball to create an epic chain reaction involving everything from explosions to soccer balls on Anchor 9.

Check out the video below and remember: in space no one can hear you golf...but they can still see what you did."

YouTube - Halo: Reach Green's Machines

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Endure 200 Times: Achievement Unlocked

SnakeDoctor214 writes:

A long-lasting legacy!

Keep on keepin' on. If you're in need of one of ODST's more trying achievements, you might want to call on the experts. They're prepared to help you dish out some punishment of your own.

"In an unimaginable feat of dedication and grunt popping insanity, oviate1 completed his 200th Endure run.

To put 200 runs in perspective, that's 12,000 waves of everything the Covenant could throw at him - but nothing has stopped him. That's about 16 days and 16 hours of Alpha Site, not even counting the runs that failed due to lag or some mom saying it was time for dinner and that one person had to go right then.  That is true dedication for nothing other than the satisfaction that comes from assisting others on their road to recon.  Well, that and point whoring with the other team members.

Oviate1 is captain of The Spartan I Project's Team Punishment.  The team consists of nine veteran players who are highly skilled and dedicated to helping players unlock the Vidmaster Challenge: Endure achievement in Halo 3: ODST. Collectively, the team has helped more than 777 players unlock the achievement, and they aren't stopping any time soon. If you are in need of the achievement, come join us. 

The door's open and the Grunt Birthday Party skull is on!"

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Bungie All Stars - Week 16

Score some face time!

I'm taking inspiration from two separate sources this week. Stosh though it would be cool to ask you to fashion Spartan helmets out of cardboard, don them, and take a photograph of your work. Mcmit emailed me and suggested it could be cool to have the community submit drawings that showed off unique ideas for in game helmets. Let's do both!

  1. Take a screenshot or photograph that showcases a magnificent Spartan or Elite helmet (existing or fabricated from scratch). In-game screenshots will be judged independently of artwork and handcrafted helmets.
  2. You have from this very second until Thursday, April 28th at 11:59pm PT to submit your entry for consideration to contest@bungie.com.
  3. Use the subject line “Bungie All Star Week 16” without the quotation marks.
  4. The size limit for attachments is 10MB. Include a preview image and a link to the original in your file share, or an external host for artwork.
  5. One submission per person. Please include your Bungie.net profile and gamertag in your email.

If you plan on building your own helmet, you don't need to follow Stosh's advice and use cardboard only. Any non-toxic material will do. If you plan on working with dangerous tools or materials, make sure you follow the necessary safety guidelines. Since this week's rules have plenty of wrinkles, I'll attach a discussion thread and answer questions as needed.


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Halo Speed Painting

happybuzzsaw writes:

Fast and phenomenal.

We tweeted this sweet piece of speed art over the weekend, but it can't hurt to post it here, too. It's great. If you've already seen it, watch it a second time!

"Watch as this artist creates a diorama of a world getting glassed by a Covenant ship. This is reminiscent of the Deliver Hope Trailer, complete with two Falcons flying towards the ship."

YouTube - Halo Speed Painting

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Highlands Death Race

CruelLEGACEY writes:

Defy rubber.

The Highlands Death Race combines Halo all-terrain racing at its finest, and explosives. What could be better than that? Download the Highlands Death Race custom map and the "Death Race" custom game type here.

YouTube - Highlands Death Race

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Achievement Hunter: Top 10 Easter Eggs

StormFront writes:

This is it baby. Hold Me. (Spoilers!)

It's almost Easter! That means it's time for the eggs. Fortunately, you don't have to go get the baskets.  Geoff and Gavin have already found the eggs for you.

From Halo CE all the way to Reach, they've found the top ten best easter eggs. This may contain spoilers for those of you who haven't played any of the games.  Enjoy!


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Bungie Beta Tester Survey Relaunched

Back and better than ever!

If you’re interested in spilling your guts about your gameplay habits, the possibility of learning about our next game first, or even being recruited for bona fide beta testing, you should participate by clicking “Beta Tester Signup” from the Games menu above, or by clicking on the fancy new status bar in your Bungie.net profile.

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Tag...You’re It

It’s so meta!

Some of you have been playing with our Tag system. Naughty, naughty. While you made a mess, we made a list of names. If you’re on it, you abused your power and tagged someone else’s content with rude, inappropriate, or unnecessary tags. And they weren’t even funny.

Enjoy your ban. First offense earns removes your ability to rate and tag content for a limited time. More bad behavior will earn you another extended vacation, and may even culminate with the revocation your ability to upload and download content from your own File Share.

Have a great day.

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Funny Halo 3 Fails and Laughs 15!

Stewie2552 writes:

Making a return to a classic.

Stewie2552 decided it was time to take a break from Reach and go back to a great classic. In this fifteenth episode of "Funny Halo 3 Fails and Laughs," he reminds us of the memories we had in Halo 3.

Editor's Note: Memories? You can still play it! - Urk

YouTube - Halo 3 Fails and Laughs 15!

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Halotracker In-depth Stats

Supreme Lyrics writes:

Way too many stats! 

Stats and more!

Halotracker has added even more stats, Weapons by playlist, Negative K/D games and Highest Ranked played with and against. All these stats can be found under the the In-depth Stats on Reach player pages. We have also added a HTR Divisions Leaderboard which can be found here, this shows how many Divisions you have racked up in Matchmaking playlists and Firefight gametypes.

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Forge Cafe Recap Video

undr zid writes:

Forge World keep on turnin'.

Over at Forge Cafe, it is taught to us that building a map is only half the battle. The other half, requires a whole lot of friends, and even more bullets. Check out some of the cool maps that our members pumped out in our last custom game night. Enjoy!

YouTube - FCCGN Recap Video 2

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