MLG Presents "Get Better Fast: Gameplay Analysis"

In this match on Construct, Lunchbox demonstrates a solid balance between slaying and playing the objective.

Understanding how to play King of the Hill is extremely important on the Pro Circuit due to its frequent appearance. Additionally, Team King is arguably one of the most tactical gametypes. Tactics and teamwork, rather than raw gun skill, take center stage. However, both are important in order to find success. Here is a video of a Construct King of the Hill match, taken from Winners Bracket Round 4, between Final Boss and Instinct. In this match, Lunchbox provides us a great
middle-ground between slaying and focusing on the objective.

Check it out here.

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Halo 3 Machinima Round-Up

Cleaning out a blog queue full of machinima with a handful of links inside.

The blog queue has been stuffed with machinima releases, so I nicked a bunch of them and stuffed them in a single post for your convenience. It's Friday, take a break and kill a little time.

Gray Team
A1OMC writes
: Mindless Distortion Productions brings you their take on the mysterious group of Spartans from the Halo Novels,  Gray Team. In machinima form.

The backstory of the Gray Team squad is unknown to anyone. Well, not unless you created the Halo Novels. A10M1C along with his crew Zelahn and TentativeChaos portray the tale in their own vision. The series has been getting better after each 10 minute episode's release. Each part of the tale is broken into "Transmissions" and each Transmission brings the viewer closer and closer to the fictional tale of the three Mark V Spartans.

So Far, Two episodes have been released. The Youtube Links are to follow. Transmission One's length had to be split for Youtube. Episode 2 Relegation was split into two parts but the third part will be Episode 3.

Transmission One: Pilot
Youtube Stream [Part 1 of 2]
Youtube Stream [Part 2 of 2]

Transmission Two: Relegation Part 1 of 2
Youtube Stream

The Classical Montage
Namenda writes:
Montage was edited by Chris Golden with I schw4nker I behind the helmet of gameplay. With a tribute to thehalogod's montage "Untouchable" we believe that's how montages should be.

Check it out here!

ZZ writes
: Maptrocity is the Halo 3 version of the original Maptacular video from insidi0us. It features some amazing transitions of Halo 3 maps. A lot of time and effort has been put to make this video by BigV. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Download the full version here.

Project Orion: Episode 4
Legend0922 writes:
Project ORION, Legend Zero's first machinima project, has been released without interruption for the last three weeks now, and that continues today. Episode 4, "Unexpected Help", brings our three heroes together to right Rouge's robotic army, and introduces a new Character into the storyline.

We have been working hard on this series, and we REALLY hope you enjoy everything ORION has to offer. This is not your typical Machinima, as the live action sections also have their major role in the storyline. Expect to see more of ORION in each of the coming weeks.

Our Youtube Channel:

ORION's Playlist:

Thanks everybody, be sure to let us know what you think!

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Community Spotlight: Halo Tracks

Who are Halo Tracks and what are they putting on Bungie Favorites? Read.

Read Full Top Story

CommunitySpotlightHalo 3 6/5/2008 3:45 PM PDT

Rockets Weekend Begins Now!


Starting immediately, the Rockets FFA playlist is available in Matchmaking. Unranked explosive frivolity ensues.

Rockets Double EXP weekend requires the Legendary map pack for participation. The Double EXP weekend lasts from 11am PDT June 5th until 2am PDT June 9th. Enjoy!

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Fanmade CG of 'Armor Testing'

YouTuber MajorDump made a CG Trailer for Halo Graphic Novel story "Armor Testing."

"Armor Testing" was one of the short stories featured in 2006's Halo Graphic Novel and YouTuber MajorDump has created CG trailer for that story. In addition to the above "Armor Testing" bit, MajorDump also did a CG remake of the first episode of Red vs. Blue (check that out here). I don't know if there's a way I can say "MajorDump" again -- so I should probably just move on.

Caught this via HBO (a variety of downloads in multiple sizes are there if you'd like to see at high non-YouTube res)

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Player Comparison Generator

FireStream writes:

Compare up to five players side-by-side with the HaloCharts Player Comparison Generator.  All major stats including social & ranked kills with each weapon are included.  Each stat will highlight the winner between the players compared. 

Compare up to five players side-by-side with the HaloCharts Player Comparison Generator.  All major stats including social & ranked kills with each weapon are included.  Each stat will highlight the winner between the players compared.

Registered HaloCharts members can even create & save comparisons.  All players entered into the comparison generator will also be added to the site so that their stats will continue to track.  Players can track their progress over time for many different stats and watch how they improve at the game.

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Forge Hub's Caption Contest

Spartan A24 writes:

Come participate in Forge Hub's first screenshot caption contest, found here.

Take a peek over at to check out their first screenshot caption contest. Head on over and submit your caption for a chance to win. All entries must be submitted by June 11th, and the winner will be announced June 13th.

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How to Use Halo 3's Vehicles

Over at we have just published an article for all those who want to improve their vehicle usage.

You see lots and lots of less than stunning use of vehicles when playing Halo 3 on Live. Then now and then you also see totally awesome performances. You know the opposing team has a good pair of vehicle riders when your team starts to focus solely on taking that blam! hog out.

The article How to Use Vehicles Effectively by Kaizen Maven, gives great advice on that very topic. Go read!

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Podtacular's Summer Tournament Kickes Off!

ZnVvp OmiK writes:

The 2008 Podtacular Summer Tournament is set to kick off in just a couple weeks and we want YOU to be a part of it!

The Podtacular Tournament, voted best tournament in the Halo Commity is a couple weeks away from starting their next tourney! As of today, the sign-up sheet has been posted, and teams are pouring in! BUT, how can you become a part of it? - Simple. Are you a part of a Halo Community that could possibly get a team to play? We're looking for the biggest Halo Communities to participate in our 4v4 MLG Style Tournament this summer. Past Communities that have entered include SBG, The Cavegirls, Pretoria Guard, the C1nder Cland, and many more!

So, if you think it has what it takes to do battle with some of the Halo Community's finest, get a team, and sign up here.  Please provide info such as where you guys are from, and five team members (four regular players and a sub).

**NOTE** we are not interested in your MLG Team that you guys are super l33t with. We don't care that you know a guy who knows a guy that once visited HBO. We're looking for Community involvement, so please only get a team for this if you are part of a pretty well-known Halo Community (those who are, know who they are).

Anyways, we can't wait to see you in our tourney, REMEMBER - The Tournament starts Sunday June 29th, so get your team together ASAP!

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Hold RB to Create Amazing Montage

Lord Mongoose and his homies ride dirty in this, the Sun King of all montages.

Over at the MLG Gameroom (and above this text) is a montage that must be seen to believe. Bloodshotsole, Ciraxx and L0rd M0ng00se have put together a montage they've tagged "The Goostage." Brace yourself, for you are about to see things you never thought possible while riding Brokeback.

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Get in the 'Hog if You Want to Live!

x Foman123 x writes:

Over at, Halo 3's top Warthog drivers perfect their techniques for their kill-less, thankless, and absolutely vital role in large team games.

They sacrifice weapons, equipment, kill-to-death ratios,  bomb and flag scores, and MVP status in order to be the ultimate team players. At, user LouieBlack and many of Halo 3's very best Warthog drivers have raised the simple task of driving a Halo 3 vehicle to an art form.  Join them there to perfect your techniques, share videos and strategies, and discuss new-and-improved methods for driving the 'Hog. 

Editor's Note: Xerxdeej, this bud's for you - L.S.

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MLG Presents "Pro tips on Rats Nest" from Tsquared

MLG Pro Tsquared shows how to win fights, some sweet jumps and ambush spots on Rat's Nest.

Tsquared shows you how to become the big cheese on the Heroic Map Pack map Rats Nest. This footage originally aired on G4's X-Play.

Check it out here!

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Achievement Unlocked: 1000/1000

After endless mocking and messages and people asking me if I wanted "some help getting ur Overkill LOL" -- it finally happened.

I normally wouldn't write about something so self-aggrandizing as my personal quest for 1000/1000 gamerscore in Halo 3 (the only other game I have full gamerscore in is Pac-Man: CE), but for so long I've been getting mocked by users for not completing the lone achievement that eluded me - Overkill. Some samples range from aggressive, to oddly helpful:

"Luke, wtf how can u not have Overkill, you work at Bungie and sukk at Halo and can't get Overkill"

"You do know that if you keep shooting a player after you get a Triple Kill you might unlock that Achievement you're missing, right?"

"Hay, change your language settings and my friends and I will get you Overkill, but can we have Recon?"

I hadn't unlocked an Achievement in Halo 3 since Oct. 31st of last year - thanks to the Halloween playlist for the Steppin' Razor achievement - the drought was long and filled with jokes about how bad I am. That said, on June 2nd, it finally happened in Shishka's glorious reappearance of Legendary Brawl. I was indisposed during the first Legendary Brawl way back when, so I wanted to mess around with it. I'll never forget taking the interior lift to Spartan Laser spawn on Avalanche and what havoc and hell I wrought upon landing. The destruction and my demise was followed up with the sweet, sweet pop-up text: Achievement Unlocked. The clip is in my File Share labeled: "finally," if you're into poetry in motion really average Halo play.

What was your last achievement in Halo 3? Did you get your achievements legit, or is your Marathon helmet stained with mistruth and treachery?
Did you save the file to keep for all time, like I did?

Tell me about it, Internet.

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Inside Halo: Episode 16

Halo 3 Machinima series "Inside Halo" just released Episode 16.

A popular machinima series called "Inside Halo" has just released Episode: 16, hosted by SODAGOD, and The Dead Pixel.

This series brings you information about Halo Web sites, videos and other machinima, all the while you laugh at these guys' jokes and random actions. You can also submit your screenshots to see if you made the top five! Note: Submit screenshots that fit the requirements described in the film.

Inside Halo: Episode 16

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PreGame Lobby: Episode 5: "Threesomes"

Grubish360 writes:

Machinima fans, Episode five of "PreGame Lobby" is now available.

In Episode 5 of "PreGame Lobby,"  Brandon tries to teach Commander Melander how to score with girls, Matt proves how good of a singer he is and Mike learns that there is no such thing as a good duck. Created by Harabek released Episode Five of PreGame Lobby. 
PreGame Lobby: Episode 5

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Grunts R Us Whips up Halo 3 Metagame Guide

ORI0L003 writes:

Grunts R Us has put together a complete guide to the Halo 3 Meta Game achievements - the point-scoring option for Campaign play in Halo 3.

Grunts R Us has put together a complete guide to the Halo 3 Meta Game - the point-scoring option for Campaign play. Swing by for point values (and multipliers) of every enemy and activity in the game! There's even advice about which skulls to use for getting to those meta achievements.

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Lost Cause 18 "Don't Drop the Soap"

In episode 18, the team is held in a Covenant prison, giving them time to figure out what's going on, and come up with an escape plan. (Lost Cause is a machinima series by Injured Knee Productions)

Injured Knee Productions has just released the newest episode in their machinima series, Lost Cause. In episode 18 "Don't Drop the Soap", the team is held in a covenant prison, giving them time to figure out what's going on, and come up with an escape plan.
This episode took a bit of forging in Foundry, but we're pretty happy with the results, so we're making the Lost Cause Prison available on my File Share if anyone wants to check it out.

You can download this and previous episodes from our site at

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Panel Discussion: TTL on Improving H3

Last week, Tied the Leader talked about what kept them playing Halo 3, this week they take a look at some things they'd like to see us improve on.

Tied the Leader continues their series of Panel Discussions with a roundtable chat about what they'd like to see changed in Halo 3. Their criticisms range from "More Gauss Hogs in Matchmaking," to thin the number of playlists in Matchmaking to raise the per Playlist population. Last week TTL looked at what kept them playing Halo 3 - and we kicked that thread over to readers. This week, we're mirroring that behavior and again kicking this thread over to you guys. What would you like to see changed in Halo 3?

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We're Hiring: User Experience Designer

We're looking for a User Experience Designer, head over to the Jobs Page to learn about what this position demands.

The listing was so full of requirements, expectations and job functions that Achronos had to retool the Jobs Page in order to make it look right. Go check it out.

Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction Episode 2

Dream053 writes:

The second chapter of Rooster Teeth's new Red vs. Blue seasonis now available.

The second chapter is available here in flash form, with downloads most likely being available later today. Fans will be happy to know that the comedy has not quite disappeared.

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June Matchmaking Changes Go Live Tomorrow

Head to Head and 3 Ball are just over the horizon.

Barring any unexpected emergencies, the June changes for Matchmaking will go live tomorrow morning, roughly around 10:00am PDT. What follows is the final change list:


ADDED Head to Head (Ranked) 
  • 1 vs 1 hopper 
  • Relies primarily on Duels-style Slayer (indicator over the head of the person with the high score) 
  • Smaller maps customized in Forge 
  • Low weighted instances of Oddball and KotH
  • Map variants added 
  • Forge map “Amplified” added for Slayer and KotH 
  • Blackout replaces Guardian as Oddball map 
  • Legendary not required on this playlist.
  • ShWATguns variant added (Shotty starts No shields, 150% damage resistance)
  • SWATball variant added (SWAT style oddball 200 points to win)
  • SWAT 2 Flag variant added (SWAT style Capture the Flag On The Pit and Snowbound. Players can not return flags, returns after 15 seconds on its own. 3 Flags to win) 


UPDATED Team Slayer
  • Slightly decreased weighting on BR start gametypes
UPDATED Team Doubles
  • Mixed Party Skill Restrictions turned back on to thwart boosters
UPDATED Team Objective 
  • Increased weighting on symmetrical map/gametype combinations, Example: Multi Flag on The Pit 
  • Increased weighting on asymmetrical map/gametype combinations, Example: 1 Flag on High Ground

UPDATED Ranked Big Team 
  • Ranked Big Team will be worth double EXP for the month of June 
  • All restrictions are being removed. 
  • Fixed bug from May Mid-Month update that made the playlist require Legendary (The June playlist will only require Heroic) 
  • If Ranked Big Team does not perform well this month, it may be retired in July.


  • Reintegrated Heroic Maps
  • Objective Increased focus on asymmetrical games on Avalanche, symmetrical games on Ghost Town
  • Reintegrated Heroic maps

Double EXP Weekends

(In order of appearance)

ADDED Rockets
  • 8 Player FFA Insanity
UPDATED Grifball Spring League 
  • Bug fixes from the May version so that Carrier Damage Resistance is correct Bug fix so forced player color is correct when carrying the bomb.
UPDATED Team Snipers 
  • Score to Win requirements increased to 50 for slayer games
  • 4v4v4v4 Gametypes with 3 Oddballs

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Halo 3 Bloopers

Look at what you've done! A bunch of near-kills, kills gone wrong and sniper suicides are wrapped up in a pretty bow for you.

YouTube user SYNMiniWaz compiled and released a hilarious 8:33 second montage titled "Halo 3 Community Mishap Montage Part 1." The montage (pictured above) is a collection of sniper suicides, bizarre splatters and general Halo-related chicanery. Part 2 of the montage can be viewed offsite here.

Do you want to be in the next video? Go here and follow Waz's instructions.

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Gamasutra Looks at Bungie in 2008

Industry-focused Web site Gamasutra published a giant-sized interview with Artist Michael Zak, Engineer Chris Butcher and the man you know as Ske7ch.

In a lengthy piece titled "Bungie in 2008: Reflecting on Halo 3, Moving Beyond," Gamasutra chats with three Bungie staffers about their roles on Halo 3's development. In an interview conducted during the 2008 Game Developer Conference Gamasutra chats with  Michael Zak, Chris Butcher and Brian Jarrard walk through some of Halo 3's development, talk a bit about the separation from Microsoft and how things have changed (and stayed the same) at Bungie since we parted ways with Microsoft.

Forge Hub's Forge Retrospective

Over at Forge Hub, TrueDarkFusion takes a retrospective gaze on The Forge.

Part I of Forge Hub founder TrueDarkFusion's retrospective on Halo 3's Forge is available for your perusal over at FH. In his first look at the Forge, TDF looks at the role Last Resort played in the Forge's utlization within the community as well as how different "Forging Techniques" surfaced. He suggests that "Bungie was taking notice that players were not using their editor for what they had originally created it for," conjecturing that we had expected users to just make simple changes to the maps (weapons or spawn zones), and hadn't expected to see users creating wild variations and completely brand new maps -- on the contrary, that's precisely what we hoped people would do with the tool.

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Ascendant Justice Investigates Shield Worlds

czarmck writes:

Ascendant Justice takes  "a speculative look at the mysterious third element of the Forerunner equation…" - the Shield World, and Halo 3's Legendary Ending. Warning: Spoilers Ahoy!

Ascendant Justice has placed another great read on their front page. This one is  "A speculative look at the mysterious third element of the Forerunner equation…" The Shield Worlds.

Vociferous' thoroughly investigates Halo fiction -- both in-game and via other outlets from the Halo universe -- hypothesizing about what the game's Legendary ending actually means.

If you've finished Halo 3's campaign, you should check it out - if you haven't, go finish it first!

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