'Cameras' - A Halo: Reach Montage

Take a picture.

Man on Dino Montage action!

"This is a Halo: Reach dualtage from Axilo and Allstar, edited by Axilo himself, entitled, 'Cameras.' The video's in HD, the song is fun and laid back, the editing is simple, and the gameplay is simply fantastic. The sniping is very clean throughout the video, and the gameplay is just packed full of great sniper multikills, including a sick killtrocity on Hemorrhage and Asylum. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Allstar + Axilo :: Cameras - A Halo: Reach Montage

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Tag and Release - Scary

Halloween might be over, but we've still got treats!

This week's Tag and Release screenshots won't fit inside your pillowcase, but they're still pretty tasty nonetheless. Scroll down to sink your teeth into our latest haul.

Tag: Scary

The Caves Have Eyes

Unidentified Forging Objects

When Good Cones Go Bad

Becomes the Hunted

Better to Eat you With!



Needs More Shower Curtain


Spray and Pray for Dear Life

We Finding

And that's not all you'll find if you stroll through the Bungie.net neighborhood. There's tons of sweet treats on offer (and plenty of exhausting analogies!). Search the full collection of assets using the File Search feature.

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Link Up with the B.net!

Free Credits!

Earn some easy money this morning by linking your Xbox LIVE gamertag to a Bungie.net profile. Click here to create a profile if you don't have one already, and use your current Xbox LIVE credentials to complete the hook up.

Once you're ready to go, click here, then jump into Halo: Reach matchmaking and play some games to earn an amazingly easy 3,000 Credits.

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The Tyrant Tackles Mythic

Don't try this at home!

The Tyrant messaged us over the weekend to inform us that his recent run through The Package on Mythic difficulty has been rendered. Insane. If you want to see how the most dedicated players make mincemeat out of the most difficult campaign missions, watch and learn.

Oh, and feel free to try it at home. Just don't say we didn't warn you. It's way harder than it looks.

Bungie.net - Quad Package

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One Life 'n' the Chief


Also found over at HBO, two more offerings from Jon CJG. Episode 12 of One Life Remaining and Episode 10 of Arby 'n' the Chief are now live. Go get 'em!

OLR, AntC Updates

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A Fistful of Arrows 10 - 12

One last hurdle.

Leviathan continued his campaign to create great webcomics over at HBO this weekend. Episodes ten through twelve are now live. And if you speak Spanish or French, looks like translations are coming in hot, too!

A Fistful of Arrows 10-12

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The FailTage

Purechaos996 writes:

I'm awesome!

MattsMachinima brings you some epic fails backed by an explicit soundtrack. Awesome!

YouTube - The FailTage

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The Headshot Heard 'Round the World!

Vote, suckers!

HBO's collected all the candidates. All you gotta do is make your voice heard. There's a Halo: Reach Xbox 360 on the line!

The Headshot Heard 'Round the World

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GGL Grifball Highlights - Week 3

puptastrophe writes:

Cool golf ball, bro.

Hammers! Balls!

"GrifballHub returns with the week three highlight reel from the GGL recreational grifball league. This week we learn that while it's a ton of fun to pummel your opponents to death with hammers, it's even more fun to blindside them with golf balls."

GGL Halo Reach Grifball Highlights - Week 3

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'Inception Trailer' - The Halo: Reach Version

Gear61 Owns writes:

We have to go deeper...

I feel like I'm dreaming!

"This is a Halo: Reach remake of the 3rd Inception trailer by McCallahanIndustries. It's incredibly epic and is one of the best videos I have seen in a while. A lot of work was clearly put into this, a lot of the shots are almost perfect mirrors of those from the original trailer. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Inception Trailer - The Halo: Reach Version

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The WorkPLace Map Pack 1

dmg04 writes:

3,814 characters of Forge gold. Formatting included.


"Brought to you by The WorkPLace (Formerly Halo 3 in the WorkPLace), these maps have been polished with the blood of our internal skirmishes, and soon will be stained by the blood of yours. For more info on the maps, check the file authors File Share for rendered videos and screenshots!

Black Kn1ght's "Renegade".
[Link to map] [YouTube Fly through]
Currently set up for Slayer, Assault, and Capture the Flag. Absolutely amazing map, utilizing Banshees and a Falcon for some super sweet dogfights. You will be fighting for your life on this map. 14-16 Players.

D34THP1MP72's "The Deuce". [Link to map]
From the man who brought us "Punishment" in Halo 3, we are punished again by another BTB map. Inspired by Standoff. Currently supports 3 plot, Capture the Flag, Assault, and Slayer. My suggestions; Grab the Hog. Grab the Banshee. Grab the Sniper. This will be one wild ride. 12-16 players.

A Ghuta's "Insalubrious".
[Link to map]
Many people have asked the question "Wtfx A Ghuta?". The answer? A dude who makes awesome maps. A little info from Mr. Ghuta; "This map is set up for Slayer, CTF, Stockpile, HH, Oddball, and KOTH.  RvB only, 10-16 players.  Custom Gametype, Insalubrious Stockpile, is a blast!  Map is a blast from the past, losely based on Colossus from H2."

Deaf and Dumb/Ibmeubu's Castle Greenskull. [Link to map]
Absolutely AMAZING for 1 Flag. Absolutely amazing. Meant for BTB games. That means 16 players. Can also be found in Rascal Cat's map spotlight [week two!]. For this map, you'll want to check out all of the routes to the defending base. Check corners. Don't fool yourself into thinking you're safe.

dmg04's "Redbar Delta". [Link to map]
Inspired by Halo. Period. Supports Slayer and 1 Flag CTF. This map is a remake of DMG's first 'super cereal' Halo 3 map. 8-16 players.

JoeSki73's "Exalted" [Link to map]
This absolutely beautiful piece of architecture isn't only easy on the eyes, it's amazing to kill people in! Set up for all Slayer / TS variants, CTF, Stockpile and Headhunter. Best with 8-12 players.

Butane123's "Rift Valley" [Link to map]
In this map, you'll definitely want to keep tabs on who's taking the high/low roads. Don't let your flag slip past your defenses! Set up for CTF, Assault, Stock pile, 3 Plot, Headhunter, and Slayer. 8-12 players.

Madman Redux's "Apex". [Link to map]
If this map seems familiar, you're feeling the right... feelings. The map is an updated version of Madman's H3 version of Apex, used in Bungie's 'Bungie V World' and 'Maption Sack' playlists. Currently supports Slayer, Multi-Flag, Neutral Flag, Assault, Neutral Assault, and Oddball. 8-16 players."

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Funny Halo: Reach Fails and Laughs 3!

Stewie2552 writes:

Now with more HD and more of your submissions!

It's Friday! Laugh a little.

"Here's the latest episode of Funny Halo Reach Fails and Laughs!  The clips in this video are completely from your submissions, we can't do it without you!  Hope you enjoy these clips from matchmaking to campaign and firefight to custom games!  Thanks for watching!  Halo is and forever will be teh awesome!"

YouTube - Funny Halo Reach Fails and Laughs 3!

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Triumvirate – See No Evil

Slightly Live writes:

Forward Unto Dawn tackles the story of the Datapads.

Yup. Spoilers.

"Forward Unto Dawn's Slightly Live takes a look at the story of the Datapads. The first article, in a new ongoing series, takes a look at the hidden story found scattered throughout the levels of Halo: Reach. A secret cabal of AI Minds have been operating in the background of the Halo universe – we take a look at this hidden history."

Triumvirate – See No Evil
 (Part One)

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Humpday Challenge: Naughty Dog

There's only one treasure buried deep within this Humpday...


Late last night, four grown ass men from the award-winning gaming studio Naughty Dog took some time away from crafting their next totally unannounced, super top secret project to square off with us in Halo: Reach. Would their stylishly half-tucked shirts be enough to finally topple our incredible Humpday winning streak? Read on to find out!

Team Bungie

Forming our foursome was nice and easy compared to previous weeks. We only needed four players and Naughty Dog had a hit list of employees that they’d personally requested. While Rob Adams was too engrossed in our DLC efforts to play, and while Chris Opdahl spent the evening plunging into some much needed restroom upgrades, David Aldridge and Lars Bakken accepted the challenge and immediately began preparing themselves for an epic showdown filled to the brim with death-defying one-handed catches.

Bolstering the dynamic duo was a supporting cast comprised of the illustrious Ben Wommack (of last week’s Humpday fame) and yours truly (that’s me).

Team Totally Not Working on Uncharted 3 Right Now

  • Justin Richmond
  • Rodney Reece
  • Matt Morgan
  • Troy Slough

Game 1 – Elite Slayer on Zealot
Wort! Wort! Wort!

I’m just gonna say it. Elite Slayer is hands down my favorite game type in Halo: Reach. There’s just something about the zaniness that unfolds when you shove eight bulky Dinos into a cramped space and turn them loose with Plasma and Blamite weapons. Add in Evade’s audio cues and there are more LARPing opportunities per second than in any other gametype, period. Pu Ritsu (or whatever)!

Our strategery for the night’s first outing was pretty simple. Team shoot from the perimeters. Don’t chase into space.

Dino Might!

At the outset it seemed that everything was going exactly as we’d planned… then Rodney got his mitts on the Plasma Sword, rammed it down our throats, and Naughty Dog pried the lead from our cold dead hands. From then on out, it was a nail-biting back and forth affair, and by the time the match concluded, my heart was nearly beating out of my chesticles.

Came from Behind!

“I thought we would have an overwhelming advantage because of the lucky two Elite Slayer matches we were served in matchmaking just before the Humpday began, but it turns out Naughty Dog knows how to roll and stick with the best. Somewhere after the halfway point we Bungie players lost our focus and the ND's solidified theirs, making me believe we'd lose the first game of the night in I don't know how long. But amid cries of ‘stick together!’ and a whole lot of team shooting, we somehow caught up and squeezed off the last kill with only 26 seconds left on the clock.”

The two teams exchanged thundering blows like Rocky and Apollo Creed with blood and spittle raining down all around us. In the end, we somehow managed to stay on our feet and walked out of Zealot swollen and bruised, but not yet beaten.

It's just a little prick!

“We had just played a game of Elite Slayer before forming up where I went +8 and came out in first place. Unfortunately, the ND guys know their Elite Slayer and it was a close game. There was a point where we were down, and I started getting worried. I switched out my standard Needle Rifle/Evade Loadout for Needler/Camo and got sneaky. I think the match turned when we finally took out the sword guy. I grabbed the sword, hunkered down in Camo and then waited to spring. My first action out of the gate netted a Double Kill, and that kicked us back into the game. It was super close, and my heart was pumping after the match ended.”

Final Score: 50 – 48. Bungie Wins.

Game 2 – Team Slayer on Reflection
Above you! Above you! Below you. Below you.

For game deuce, Naughty Dog selected classic Slayer on Reflection. Have we ever mentioned how big the cube map for Reflection is? It’s massive. The largest in the game, in fact. And while I myself might have put up big numbers in Game 1, the second outing of the night left me feeling small and inadequate. (Even more than usual.)

But while I was busy reflecting on my own personal failings, Lars was in the fight of his life. He called Rockets from the start and put them (and all our other wonderful toys) to good use en route to pulling off Team Bungie’s only positive performance.

The bigger they are...

Close Call

Lars Doubles Down

“They chose Reflection for the second game, which was just fine because I know that map really well. I started off by getting a Sword Spree (hmmm, is there a trend here?) and we were up 6 to 1 in the first few minutes. They scrambled back into the fight, however and really made us work for it. At one point we were tied at 40 with only one minute left, as I think they forgot to set the time limit. This would be their undoing. We got up by 1, and then I started yelling at everyone to NOT engage. As the time ran out we ran into them again, but it was too late. Once again, super close game.”

“Not my best performance this match; I recall missing with the rocket launcher and shotgun multiple times while constantly being flanked. The Naughty Dog crew definitely knows Reflection really well. Another super close game; time ran out with us in the lead and me surrounded by the other team while in Armor Lock. Watching the clock count down from 6 seconds holding down the AA button, over party chat I asked ‘how long does armor lock last again?’ Just enough apparently.”

“Most memorable moment was scampering away from Naughty Dog on Reflection as time ran out.”

That’s right. We ended up turtling for the last thirty seconds like chumps – cowardly hearts thumping out of our chests – ultimately squeaking out our second win of the night.

Final Score: 42 – 40. Bungie Wins.

Game 3 – Team Headhunter on Boardwalk
Fountains of burning skulls.

Just like last week, sitting on an insurmountable lead we decided to finish up with something fun.

“I don't care what anyone else says, Team Headhunter is awesome.”

On the Hunt

“Unfortunately, Lars forgot to set the match time to greater than 8 minutes, so this Headhunter game ended a bit early. The scores were pretty close in the beginning but we pulled ahead after playing tug-a-war with some power weapons. It's just fun seeing a sniped Jetpacker spout a fountain of burning skulls; I never get tired of seeing that.”

So Close!

“Wommack is a filthy liar. Yes, the time limit was set to 8 minutes, but we hit the score cap at around 7 minutes. We won fair and square by hitting 25 skulls (well 28) before they did. Ben was right about one thing, and that was nailing someone in midair and seeing skulls pop up and fly all over Boardwalk. Soooo good. I love Headhunter, so this was a great way to end the Humpday.”

Aerial Assault

Guys, there’s no need to fight. We won! Not just because we’re amazing Halo players, but because we are gracious and humble as well. Suck it down, Naughty Dog!


Final Score: 28 - 20. Bungie Wins!

“Their teamwork was astonishingly good. If they got better at the basic 1v1 combat cycle (especially knowing when to use headshot weapons), I think they would have beaten us handily.”

“Thanks again for playing, Naughty Dog. We're totally looking forward to whatever you guys put out next. :)”

Ben gets the last word:

“Post-match there was banter about how we should have a re-match in the future, though in Uncharted 2 multiplayer rather than Halo: Reach. These guys were super fun to play with, and I would go out and buy a PS3 just for that opportunity—though ironically I already own the game. A great Humpday indeed.”

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Halo: Reach - Top Ten Kill (10.27.10)

The best of the best multiplayer kills.

IGN is still into it. Check out the Halo: Reach dirty work they've dug up this week.

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Halo: The Ballet

So you think you can stick it?

I missed this bit of odd Halo news posted over at HBO a few days ago, but Claude demands that I run it anyway. I'd give you a good explanation of what you are about to witness, but well...just read and watch.

Halo: The Ballet Gets Space Marines To Dance in a Church

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Another Halo: Reach Pumpkin!

Helveck writes:

Wearing Pumpkins on the battlefield is not advised.

Helveck steps up with his own Halloween creation. Seems like Emile is the target of plenty of pumpkin carvers this year. If you're carving your own Halo-themed pumpkin, make sure you submit it to HBO for a chance to win stuff!

"Well with all the Halo Halloween madness that has been going on between the HBO contest and the few showings of epic carvings here on Bungie.net, I thought I'd share my own creation.

Hope you like it, and Happy Halloween!"

Emile Helmet Pumpkin Carving

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Map Spotlight Week 2 - Castle Greenskull

a rascal cat writes:

ibe making cool maps, bro.

A rascal cat is back with more sweet map!

"Good day community! Today you will witness ibemeubu's map, Castle Greenskull which I have been anxiously awaiting to present to you. Now not only is this map colossal, but the aesthetics are stunningly designed. Search hard enough and you might just find yourself face to face with the 'Greenskull' himself.

Set up for 12-16 players, Castle Greenskull works wonderfully with the max amount. Castle Greenskull was built in the 'Alaska' part of Forge World, and is set up for '1 Flag', '1 Bomb', and Team Slayer Variants. The map is fairly open, so you shouldn't have to worry about moving around freely.

Castle Greenskull features ranged combat and vehicular action. Bridges, rock formations, and hidden pathways litter the open center spaces to accommodate ground troop rushes along side vehicular charges. The map has two opposing bases. The red (defending) base consists of a large walkway with interconnecting staircases and braces, with a sniper tower on the right, and a hidden entrance on the left. Note: Castle Greenskull is a non-symmetric map.

Blue base has a terrifically structured initial spawn area for which there is one warthog, two mongooses, and an upper platform containing a Machine Gun Turret. As you take the short walk up out of the blue base you will find yet another sneaky pathway to your left, and crowd of rocks a few meters to your right.

In the middle of the map you will find a short bridge connected with a few more...well...short bridges. Bridges on either side are connected to different rock structures. Getting from one side to the other shouldn't be a problem though. The map is built in the 'Alaska' part of Forge World as I mentioned earlier, so you are able to freely roam the grassy areas.

Now that you have the basic layout of the map, here's a rendered film fly through, and some snazzy snap shots of the map.

Overview One

Overview Two

Blue Base Overview

Sneaky Pathway (Blue Base)

Sneaky Pathway (Red Base)

Middle Overview

NOTE: Enjoy the map, have fun, and be sure to leave as much constructive criticism, and positive feedback as you deem necessary!

Map Link: Castle Greenskull

Map Creator: ibemeubu



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RvB PSA #4 'Upgrading'

Sarge and Church walk you through the upgrading process.

HBO picked up a transmission from Red vs. Blue this morning. You should tune in yourself. Especially if you're a tech enthusiast (or a futuristic warrior).

Red vs. Blue - PSA #4

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'Atomic' - A Halo 3 Trick Jumping Montage

Gear61 Owns writes:

Going where no man has gone before.

These guys like to jump and stuff.

"This is a Halo 3 trick jumping montage from the jumping clan, 'Project Clan,' entitled, 'Atomic,' captured and edited by Joshington. Some of the jumps are really creative, and the theater work is really smoothly done. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Atomic - A Halo 3 Trick Jumping Montage

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Axilo's 1st Halo: Reach Minitage

Gear61 Owns writes:

It's my sweet beginning.

It's Montage Mwendsday!

"This is Axilo's 1st Halo: Reach minitage, put together by himself. The gameplay is solid overall, showcasing an impressive killtrocity on Reflection and a nice 2 for 1 followed by an overkill extermination on The Cage. I absolutely loved the song choice, and the basic editing went really well with it. Make sure to keep on watching until the end because the last clip is a random as hell and pretty funny. Enjoy!"

YouTube - Axilo's 1st Halo: Reach Minitage

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Top 10 Epic Fails: Episode 6

10 in 2,500.

Anoj swam in the sea of fail and came away with a mouthful of clips. Now he wants to pass them on to you. Open wide!

YouTube - Top 10 Epic Fails: Episode 6

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It's Time to Bake this Cake!

SeriousCakes writes:

This butter-cream will make us brothers.

What do you do when you beat campaign on Legendary? You bake a cake, of course!

YouTube - Halo: Reach Ghost Cake

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Caught on Film - From On High

Keep your head on a swivel!

Bungie.net - Splattered by Drop Pod

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